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    Always the short fat funny one... married and one son... always a pet lover more than people ...hate mirrors and pictures .... love disney world and military men in uniform... scared of surgery but love my surgeon
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  1. themonk4u

    Why is this happening???

    Struggling to find things to eat at 10 weeks out from RNY. Chicken and beef make me so sick I just have horrible pain and throw up over and over. I am eating greek yogart, snow crab legs and some soups .. green pea and barley. I eat salad with diet dressing and peeled green apples. I snack on chick peas, soy beans and small pretzel sticks. If I try to drink protein drinks it makes me sick and I struggle drinking anything but herbal tea. Anyone know if it will change in the future? Are you able to ever drink and not sip water? Are you ever able to eat normal meat again? Wondering if it gets better .... is it that i don't chewy enough ?
  2. themonk4u

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I am also going Tuesday the 28 ... been postponed since March.... no one can even walk me in and I am a very nervous person but I am praying to be home the next day .... scary but I know I need to do it 😔
  3. Hi .... I have told people ... i am tired of being uncomfortable and my doctor recommended it for my breathing and sleep apena and high blood pressure. I didn't tell anyone for days what he suggested because I thought he was mean but honest... at first i thought it was crazy until i looked into it. When i went to the seminar for weight loss the first thing the doctor said is 90% of people that loss weight by dieting gain it back! That was it for me ... so tired of gaining and losing over the years and this surgery gives you a chance. When people ask me about it tell them about the percentage of people gaining weight back and it shuts them up. I want to live longer for my son and god willing this is my chance. II know it wont be easy but it will give me a chance to start over. Its a good thing!!! Tell them all it is a good thing .. a new start ... good luck !!!!!
  4. themonk4u

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Back at ya! Praying for easy recovery and lots of pounds lost ... and never found again !!!!
  5. themonk4u

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Got my new date after waiting since March .... my day is now July 28 .....praying the hospital continues to do the bypass..... any thoughts on how long people will be out of work? I am wondering if due to the virus doctors are keeping people home longer after surgery?
  6. Hello 😊it is all so disappointing and we will get past this bump in the road. My surgery was supposed to be April 13 ..... I am just hoping this virus moves on and we can get outside again ... stay safe and drink that water ! lori👍
  7. losing everything .. so lost now... job gone ... saved retirement gone,.... surgery cancelled ... not much now ... cant pay bills or see a way to catch up ... just want to fall asleep and never wake up ... what will become of us
  8. Yup from April now to June ... maybe 😢
  9. Thank you for sharing with me. I do worry about failing and having people judge me. I have lost a few pounds 22.5 getting ready for surgery and my doctor will have me on a two week liquid diet right before so I can have my liver get smaller. i cant image buying clothes i like rather than big fat clothes .... i am also hoping to get off so many medicines. I am hoping to zip up jeans someday !
  10. My coordinator said it was maybe because i was not a high risk patient? What does that even mean ?
  11. Hello ... I just got my date of April 13 for surgery. It was going to be done at a hospital ( Saint Francis in Delaware) but now the scheduled at a surgical center instead and I was told I can be there only 23 hours? I am concerned because all of the classes and doctor appointments had been about hospital stay ? Possibly staying one to two nights. Now that it is a surgical center i am only allowed to stay at max 23 hours. How if i am sleeping from pain meds do they know there is a problem ? Maybe i am wrong but i thought is was major surgery ? Anyone else had theirs done at American Surgery Center in Delaware with Dr.Peters ? How was your experience ? Also, I had my colonoscopy there and the prep nurses were not very nice and made me very nervous and uncomfortable ... at that time i told my husband that god the surgery wont be here ... ;-( Now i am feeling really upset.
  12. Thank you to all the wonderful beautiful people who answered me it has made me feel better about my choice ..... see you on the losers bench 😘😊👍❤️
  13. That gives my great hope .... thank you for reaching out to me 👍hearing from real people who are living it is much better than just wondering ..... I cannot wait to sit on the beach again 🏖
  14. Hello ... I am just finishing my 90 days of nutrition and doctor appts and getting very anxious. I have had for about 2 years now great difficulty with shortness of breath and high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea and now hit the diabetic number when my blood is tested. I like everyone has tried lots of diets but always failed. I had never even thought of this surgery until it was suggested in November by my pulmonologist. He said my lungs were being squished and my liver was fatty and I really needed to think about it. I thought he was just a "skinny" mean doctor who had just insulted me till I took a look online and realized it was a good idea. I am short ... just under 5 feet and carry my weight in my stomach and butt mostly. Also, I have no sense of smell and don't taste food much at all. When I eat it is to feel full ... I don't get enjoyment of smelling food .. i just look for what will fill me up and give me a "full feeling". So that being said will my need to have that "full feeling" go away after surgery? My reason for this surgery is to let me live a better life and feel better .. it was never thought of to make me pretty or thin ... I cant even look in a mirror and don't let photos of me be taken. I have over the last 90 days started to exercise ( yup i hate it.. hurts my fat ) and dieted and lost weight at each appointment and got all my tests done but i am now breathing better..... I now wonder if I should keep going ? I have always been the funny fat short smart foul mouth making jokes about my fat .... making people laugh is makes me feel like it can fit in. Do you think i will ever see myself as something different? The few people that know i am having this done seem to think the fat just falls right off after having surgery but just losing 20 pounds in 3 months was work. I am afraid of having it and it not working. People tell me how easy it is to gain all the weight back with this surgery ..as if telling me not to bother doing it .....people have told me they know someone who had it and was back to work in 2 weeks she felt fine ( like it is no big deal) and my boss does not think i am not "fat enough" for it? From what i have learned it is not easy, and you can be out for a few weeks, and there can be problems, it is not easy for everyone and I think people think i will be skinny and pretty after and I don't see that coming at all. If i lose any weight will i feel any better about myself ? I was re-married 4 years ago and never ordered my wedding photos because how horrible i looked .... i am afraid I will never be not ugly. I just feel sad when i get on the scale and it goes up and down everyday .... i am feeling unsure it will work for me ...is that normal ? Thanks for letting me cry on your site..... Lori