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  1. yashiramariex


    VSG, definitely will be calling tomorrow to see what they tell me thank you!!
  2. yashiramariex


    if thats the case, its a shame because its all I'm liking at the moment. no, but that does make sense. thank you!!! speaking of leaks showing up, I dont recall the symptoms... do you remember? as of late, yogurts and soups i used to like are sour to me as well. thats why i opted for just eggs because they were working just fine. until yesterday.
  3. yashiramariex


    So, I was just curious to know if anyone has had any experiences with leakage and any side affects you noticed before hand. Im on mushy foods at the moment. But yogurts and creamy soups arent doing it for me. So I've been eating eggs only and protein shakes. But lately my stomache feels bloated and lots of heartburn. I hope its not a sign of any leakage happening.
  4. yashiramariex

    February Surgery ?

    This story reminds me so much of me, except I didn't say I was going to walk out out-loud, I just screamed it in my head before the anesthesia kicked in! LOL. That whole 2 hrs of wait will really get you anxiously questioning your decisions! I tried my best to keep myself distracted the whole time if I could. But funny to read someone else had a similar story! lol
  5. yashiramariex

    February Surgery ?

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  6. yashiramariex

    February Surgery ?

    First day I was only able to take down about 1oz per hr and sometimes not even since I was sleeping most of the time. Thankful for the IV. Its been about 4 days and I force myself to take the 4oz's but I sip it slowly. Its hard to not want to gulp it down but my trick is just time intervals of 15minutes and sip the 1oz through each to make the 4oz's the doctor advised me. I feel like I have no life just waiting on the timer these past few days but its a good motivator.
  7. yashiramariex

    February Surgery ?

    Hello surgery twin!! Hope you are recovery well ❤️ Hydration is my biggest concern, I have timers set so I dont forget! lol Thanks!!! Taking it day by day, 2 weeks will come in no time right? LOL. Gas pain sucks but I have tried my best to walk. The biggest thing for me is getting out of bed when I wake up, it's kind of painful. But I'm glad to be here. I don't have much of a support system, except my kid. So glad to have a place I can research and figure out where I should be in my progress
  8. yashiramariex

    February Surgery ?

    Hey everyone! I just had my surgery February 20th and 3 days post-op and home feeling alllll the pain. Glad to have found this site and following this to see everyone's progress along with my own ❤️

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