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After my sister gave birth to her second baby (another girl) in February 2019 I grew more serious about my health. I was 389 pounds and my health was only declining with high blood pressure, tachycardia, I was borderline diabetic, etc. I finally said enough was enough and it was time to do something about my weight. I talked to my doctor and she referred me to a bariatric doctor where I had my first appointment at the end of May of 2019. I went to numerous classes and had monthly weigh-ins, I saw a nutritionist, and made the decision to start a pre-diet by eliminating the things that I couldn't eat after my surgery. The first month I started eating smaller portions with no second helpings. The second month I cut out soda. The third month I cut out rice. The fourth month I cut out pasta. The fifth month I cut out bread. The six month I cut out potatoes and beans. The last two months before my surgery (they were overscheduled and pushed me back) I just maintained that diet and on my surgery date I was 321 pounds, meaning I'd lost 68 pounds on my own. I'm very proud of myself for that. My surgery was January 23, 2020. I had the Loop Duodenal Switch surgery.

It's March 29th, and I'm a year out  and I currently weigh 191. Putting my overall weight loss at 198 pounds and my weight loss since surgery at 130 pounds. So I feel like I'm doing really good. When I had my nine month check up I had a potassium deficiency, but all my other levels were good except a slightly elevated Calcium and Iron, but the doctor complimented me saying most Loop DS patients have a TON of deficiencies and the fact that I didn't meant I was following my routine like I was supposed to. They just asked that I add some extra potassium rich fruits or veggies into my daily intake. Which I did. My 12 month labs were all normal levels in everything. Any advice people can give would be much appreciated! I have no issues with my food or protein or vitamin intake (other than my potassium), but my fluid intake is a whole other matter entirely. I still struggle with it but I have been getting better and get closer to 60 oz now a day. I also have been struggling with my hypothyrodism and trying to find the right level of meds! -_-" But other than that I'm good... 

I'm 33 btw. Things I like to do... I like to read. A lot lol. It's been an addiction since I was a teen. I read novels, fanfiction, webnovels/light novels, and manga/manhwa/webtoons.