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    I'm 64 and live in the beautiful state of Washington with my husband of 18 years and 2 cats. I love to bead jewelry, live way to far from my grandkids, wish this stupid Covid would get over so we could get on with our lives again!!!!
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    Bead Jewelry, Bake, Computer Games, Puzzles
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I am scheduled to have my RnY on 9/16.  I have been waiting for this for 3 years. If you think that going on the pre-op diet once is bad, try 3 times....LOL  This is my third time of being scheduled for my surgery. You can read details in my thread. I have numerous health issues like asthma, arthritis, CHF, Thyroid Disease, Kidney Disease, and the list goes on. I have 2 rare conditions. One is Arachnoiditis which prevents spinal fluid from flowing to my legs. I can't stand for more than 10 mins before my legs go to sleep and get numb. The doctors are hoping that this surgery will  give my nerve endings at the bottom of my spine more room and let them untwist to allow more spinal fluid to reach my legs. Then I will be able to do more walking and exercising.

I love to do puzzles on the computer and play battleship, spades, Bingo, and gin rummy on the computer. If anyone else does these I would love to play partners or just have a buddy to play. Most of the time I sit in my chair with my feet up all day just watching something on Amazon Prime Video and playing the computer by myself and I would love to have some company. I am a lonely person since my legs keep me home with them elevated all the time.  But don't think I am unhappy. I have a lot of fun on the computer, it just would be more fun if I had someone to play it with or talk to... Oh, I also do my Wii balance board daily for about 10 mins or as long as my legs will let me.