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  1. I think it totally depends on your program. My insurance is through Kaiser, and their only requirement is that you NOT gain any weight during the six month bariatric program. If you gain weight, they just won’t give you a surgery date... until you get down even 1lb below you’re starting weight.
  2. Do you guys portion out your food with measuring cups or do you weigh it? Depending on the food, 2oz by weight can be a lot more or less than 1/4 cup, so I’m just wondering how you do it. I just want to do whichever is best for my long term success!
  3. Hill_Billy

    800 calories

    I’m three weeks out from surgery and I continue to be amazed by the fact that I truly feel no hunger and have no cravings. At this point, I’m averaging 300-400 calories per day max and, although I know it’s hard to believe, I feel fantastic! As someone who has dieted on and off for the past 25 years, I know the misery that comes with starvation. What I’m experiencing now is NOTHING like what I’ve been through in the past. For example, I just ate just 2 oz of tuna mixed with Greek yogurt, and I’m full and feel totally satisfied! I don’t feel stuffed but I absolutely could not eat another bite. The gastric sleeve does all sorts of amazing things to all the hormones that cause the sensations we all fear, and for me has been a godsend.
  4. Hill_Billy

    Protein Water

    I like Premier Protein Clear. I can only find the peach flavor but it’s decent and it’s a million times easier for me to drink VS. the regular Premier Protein shakes right now.
  5. Hill_Billy

    Post-op Pain/Incisions

    I have five incisions, the largest is maybe an inch and a half right over my belly button. Other than a general feeling of soreness in my belly, like I did a million crunches, I’ve basically been pain-free! Even gas pain wasn’t bad, but I did walk a TON... I did 3-4 miles the day after surgery. I’m only 10 days out but the incisions are scabbed over. My surgeon seems to have used a glue on them, so no obvious stitches. But I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Hill_Billy


    I’m a week out from surgery, and although my biggest incision is above my belly button, I’m not in any pain... my belly is just sore. Other people can jump in with their experiences, but I think the pain you’re experiencing is unusual and probably worth a call to your surgeon. Good luck!
  7. I definitely preferred ready-to-drink Premier Protein shakes to any of the protein powders I had tried. I did all liquid for two weeks pre-op, and by the third or forth day I felt a lot better, probably because I had accepted that this was just the next step of the journey. And, like Hop_Scotch said, this is great practice for post-op life! Good luck!! And congrats on your surgery date!!
  8. I had the sleeve done on Wednesday, the 5th. I was given Tylenol with Codine at the hospital, plus a non-opioid, internal pain blocker called exparel. My pain level has been minimal so I haven't even needed to take the Tylenol with Codine that they sent me home with.
  9. Hill_Billy

    Anyone for August 2020

    I had the sleeve done on the 5th, stayed in the hospital over night. I was super sleepy the day of and the day after the surgery, but by the 7th, I was feeling much more like myself. Since I had already been on a two week pre-op liquid diet, my body didn't seem bothered by the continuation of liquid, even though I was consuming less. No hunger whatsoever. Also, no issues walking; I walked a total of about 3 miles the day after surgery (I have a dog). Like a lot of people have mentioned, the only real "pain" I feel can be best described as soreness, like I just did a ton of sit-ups. I can still do all the normal stuff at home; I'm only trying to be careful not to lift anything heavy. Haven't gotten on the scale yet, but I haven't consumed more than a few hundred calories since the night before surgery so I'm not worried about it.
  10. Hill_Billy

    Anyone for August 2020

    I just had surgery on Wednesday; spent one night in the hospital. Other than my cell phone, headphones, and a charger, I didn't need a thing! I brought so much crap that had been recommended on various forums/websites, like a pillow, slippers, loose clothing, etc, and I didn't use any of it. I slept so much, was so groggy, and generally felt so lousy that the last thing I was worried about was creature comforts from home. The hospital had everything I needed.
  11. Hill_Billy

    Anyone for August 2020

    I'm having the sleeve done on the 5th too! This may sound crazy but I'm actually not nervous at all. I've been actively working towards this for 11 months (6 month long insurance-mandated program and then COVID) so I'm just glad it's finally happening!
  12. Hill_Billy

    Day 7 of fast - physical hunger sensations

    I'm on Day 10 of the pre-op liquid diet, and I feel your pain! My only recommendation is to drink a shake whenever hunger pangs like that hit, even if it's right before bed. This is challenging enough... you shouldn't have to suffer unnecessarily!
  13. Hill_Billy

    Protein shakes

    I'm currently on the pre-op liquid diet and wanted to use vegan protein powder for all my shakes but ultimately couldn't stomach them, especially since they can't be mixed with fruit or veggies during this high protein phase. So I'm drinking Premier Protein shakes which are DELICIOUS. Cafe Latte is my favorite!
  14. I'm in Maryland, with Kaiser insurance; my surgery is scheduled for 4/1. I called my bariatric program case manager today, and she said I should still go to my anesthesiology evaluation tomorrow and get my pre-op labs done. She said that the surgeons are taking this day by day. I'm supposed to start liquids on Wednesday and she said to proceed as normal; they will call me as soon as they know if the surgery will be postponed. This really is a miserable situation, but I've waited this long for the surgery, I can handle a couple more months if necessary.
  15. Hill_Billy

    April 2020

    I'm in Maryland! I'm also nervous/excited, and tbh the fact that this was sprung on me so unexpectedly is probably a good thing... my next appt, which wasn't supposed to be for another month, is now on Tuesday, so I can't do any "last meals" or crazy binges on all my favorite junk, like pizza, ice cream, etc. Am I the only one mourning the loss of crap food?