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    How long was everyone's 1st meeting/op with surgeon? I am scheduled for 7 hrs and told to fast the night before...what should I expect
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    This should be a good thread Mine was 20 Min and we were scheduled a week later, Have no clue what you are going to do for 7 hours
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    Appointment twins 🥰
    I have totally completed everything insurance required, I had originally went thru another hospital but doubled back to my original location. I hope the length of time is to complete everything needed to proceed.

    If you remember, come back after your appointment and tell me how it went
  4. Congrats!
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    I am having my first appointment on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. From the paperwork they sent me to fill out and bring to the appointment, it looks like it should take 2-3 hours.
    After reading the Pre-Auth form my insurance requires, it looks like it might be a fairly uneventful approval process. My BMI is over 40.
    I am happy I found this forum and especially this thread, since some people have similar stories.

    Nice to meet you all,

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