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  1. I just tried the Fairlife core Shakes and WOW it sooo much better than premier protein shakes! Going to try the Fairlife nutrition shakes later. Anyone else prefer these? I believe these are going to be a life saver with the pre-op diet!!
  2. One month till I travel to Las vegas for my surgery and two weeks until I start my pre-op diet. Anyone else anxious?
  3. Pansypicker

    Coronavirus / COVID - 19

    Just a little bit of funny if someone needs a laugh.
  4. How are all the March sleevers doing so far? Had Mine 3/6. Since Last Wednesday, I have lost a total of 12 pounds.... It's all kind of crazy. I believe I got the emotional hormonal thing going on right now. I've been a bit grumpy the last two days. Can't believe how fast the date came.
  5. Wow! That's exciting! My day is coming 3/6 and I am too excited!! Theres A New you coming SOON!
  6. Pansypicker


  7. Pansypicker

    Surgery date .

    Oh it comes faster than you think.
  8. Good luck with your surgery. Please keep us updated.
  9. Pansypicker

    Philly Let's Talk!

    I'm near Allentown. Scheduled for VSG in Las Vegas (self pay) on 3/6, close to your date as well. I was to start my diet tomorrow, but i got a head start and started Monday. Lost 2.5 lbs already from dieting. Fairlife core or fairlife nutrition shakes are the bomb if you are having a hard time with the protein shakes. Anyways, we should reach out to each other and become sleeve buddies.
  10. Pansypicker

    March Surgery Dates

    My sleevesurgery is 3/6. I am traveling to Las Vegas as a self pay. My insurance does not cover WLS. I am starting the pre-op diet tomorrow. So its starting to get real for me. It's honestly all I think about. Hard to concentrate at work. Super excited though!!
  11. Pansypicker

    Fairlife is awesome!

    Update!! I tried the Fairlife Nutrition Shakes, Delish!! Fairlife Core is just as delish!! But I can only find them at BJ's and amazon. Amazon is pricey for it. Its only $16.99/12 pk at Bj's. Now I feel like I could get through the pre-op diet stage drinking these. I could see me drinking these for rest of my life! I honestly can not believe this is a protein drink!! They taste just like regular chocolate milk!! The fairlife vanilla core tastes like melted icecream!!
  12. Pansypicker

    Three Months now! w/pics

  13. Pansypicker

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Good Luck today!!
  14. Pansypicker

    Fast track gastric sleeve

    I’m scheduled there for my surgery on 3/6. I have insurance (excludes WLS) and I am paying 10k out of pocket. I’m hoping this is the best money I ever spent.
  15. I have mine scheduled there on 3/6! Super excited.
  16. You got this! Have a little faith and lean on us if you need to. I know I plan to! I
  17. Good Luck Today! Make sure to give us updates.
  18. Mine is the same day! We should be surgery buddies! We need to get each others info!!
  19. Geez.... I can’t wait to throw away these granny panties!!
  20. Pansypicker

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    Dam girl. I hope I can be as disciplined and look as good. Surgery next month.
  21. Does anyone have a “list” of items us pre-op people might be able to use as guide? Because I’m starting to prep my home and trying out Protein Drinks now to see which ones I can tolerate. Was thinking of stalking up on baby food. Any ideas would greatly appreciate.
  22. Four days apart!! My surgery is scheduled for the 6th.
  23. Pansypicker

    March 11 sleeve date

    They have this fast track program. All the tests and classes are done there. It's a five day stay.
  24. Pansypicker

    March 11 sleeve date

    Its costing me about 10K. Includes everything including hotel and testing prior to surgery. I pay for airfare though. They will even transport you to and from the airport and to appointments. Its Blossom Bariatrics. They will submit to my insurance and see if they will pay anything out of network.... Labs, other tests, etc. Was going to try Mexico for surgery but my husband forbid it....

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