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  1. TheLdywMoxie

    Waiting on approval bcbstx

    I am finally to the point where I am just waiting for the approval from my insurance. I have bcbstx and the request was just sent in yesterday so I'm sure I'm in for a little bit of a wait. I am beyond excited. I hope this is a smooth and quick process. If all goes well my surgery date will be July 27th. Wish me luck!
  2. TheLdywMoxie

    Waiting on approval bcbstx

    I'm sorry to hear that your insurance won't cover bariatric surgery. I hope you are able to figure out an alternative. Good Luck
  3. TheLdywMoxie


    OMG Yes! Getting in a decent amount of water seems to be such a struggle. Some days I do better than others. I never was any good at drinking just plain water anyway though.
  4. TheLdywMoxie

    So done with this stall

    Thank you so much everyone. I watched those videos and I've seen a few of his other videos before he has some solid advice.
  5. I honestly had no idea about this 3 week stall until I started reading peoples posts. Can I be among the many to say it is for the birds. I am on week 5 and my scale hasn't moved in a while. I had to put my scale in closet time out until we could be friends again. I'm just going to keep sticking to my diet and try and get in more exercise for a while. Alright I'm done just needed to get that off my chest.
  6. TheLdywMoxie

    Choosing between surgeries

    I chose the bypass because of the dumping felt like I might need that reminder of I shouldn't be eating that. Haven't had any dumping episodes yet and I'm trying my hardest to avoid any helps that I'm still on pureed foods figure it will get harder as I move to the next stage. My mom had the sleeve she hasn't had any problems so far and it's been a few months.
  7. TheLdywMoxie

    I’ve always wanted??!! What are yours?

    I've always wanted : To go horseback riding To not worry about weight limits To eat in public without feeling like I'm being judged To shop in any store for clothes To fit comfortably in a booth
  8. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I'm officially post op. The first two days were rough so I ended up staying an extra day at the hospital. Third day and I'm feeling much better. Working on my water intake and lots of naps.
  9. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Well surgery day has finally arrived and I have to be at the hospital at 630 am. I however thought it would be a good idea to work until 430 am. #cuttingitclose I'm hungry, thirsty and tired I probably should have taken the day off. #hindsight20/20 That being said I can't wait for 630 to arrive. 😆 Wish me luck! And good luck to everyone else having surgery today!
  10. My surgeon never gave me a goal weight. I was curious though so I asked my nutritionist what weight I should be in a year and she told me about 178 but that it depends. I think I just needed that goal in mind and hope i surpass it honestly.
  11. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Pre op diet day 1! Woot!
  12. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Good Luck!
  13. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Yay same day as me! Yes me too, I'm so worried about that happening.
  14. I had an appointment with the nutritionist yesterday who let me know that the hospital would no longer be prescribing pain medication after surgeries and that I am responsible for getting liquid Tylenol. I don't know how much pain I'll have after my surgery but Tylenol just doesn't seem like it would do much. I'm kind of worried but at the same time I'm just like I'll worry about it when I get there. Anyone else told they would not be prescribed pain medication after their surgery?
  15. TheLdywMoxie

    Pain Medication

    I recently had gallbladder surgery in early March and I was never in any extreme pain so I'm hoping its something like that. I used some of the pain meds they gave me after that surgery but never finished them.
  16. TheLdywMoxie


  17. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Yay! Am I the only one who wishes it was sooner? I feel like the longer I have to wait the more nervous I get.
  18. TheLdywMoxie

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I work out with Leslie Sansone too, she is great and there are so many videos. There are some good ones on youtube as well. Hello Everyone my surgery is scheduled for July 27th. I hope everyone's procedure goes well!
  19. TheLdywMoxie

    3 months versus 6 months????

    When I had Anthem they required 6 months. My job switched insurances to bcbstx they didn't require a medically supervised diet but my company required me to complete 10 weeks of Naturally Slim.
  20. TheLdywMoxie

    Waiting on approval bcbstx

    I checked the website on Friday and saw that I was approved. I'm so excited!
  21. TheLdywMoxie

    Waiting on approval bcbstx

    Four days! Wow that would be awesome. Will do, Thanks
  22. TheLdywMoxie

    Just saying hello

    Ahh I know I'm late but thank you everyone for the support!
  23. Hello All I'm new here but been reading a lot of the advice people have to give and the support and it's great. I Decided to have wls last year but honestly my previous pcp has been recommending it for years I just didn't want to hear it. I just knew I could do it on my own without any surgery. I tried a few times and was successful maybe once but gained all my weight back plus a few pounds over the years. Now I'm over 30 and thinking to myself why did I wait so long to make this decision? I guess I just wasn't ready. I'm officially near the end of my pre op requirements and I can say this is a long process that I'm positive will be well worth the wait. That being said I am nervous and excited at the same time. Is that normal? Like I'm sure I can do this but what if I mess up? What if the surgeon messes up? What if I never get to my goal weight? What if I go below my goal weight and I don't know what to do with myself? What if I change as a person will it be for the better or worse? What will people think? Do I care what people think? I know I'm a little bit of a mess and I'm trying to get my head in the right space for this life change and I'm working on it. I also know I can't stand the wait but great things will come after. Thanks for listening

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