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    Fiddles reacted to MarvelGirl25 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Today’s lunch 🍴 I ended up finishing it all 20 minutes laters.

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    Fiddles reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    One week after surgery! This has been one LOOONG week. It seems much longer ago I was checking into the hospital. But I am pain-free, and so much stronger than I expected to be! One day at a time.
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    Fiddles reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    I've been freezing about a cup of Protein Shake and having that as "ice cream". The Premier caramel is really, really sweet so I can only tolerate about a cup; I have also frozen Iconic chocolate Truffle, and Premier Bananas and Cream. Also, I've been heating the Chocolate Truffle as hot chocolate, and to get a bit more Protein added 2 oz of the Premier Caramel. It's no Snickers bar, but it is definitely sweet!
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    Fiddles reacted to ResaRoo in February Surgery ?   
    I’m 6 days out of my mgb and food has been playing mind games with me. I don’t really feel hungry, but making meals for my family (I have 4 kids and a hubby) and not being able to even taste it to check the seasoning, etc. is hard. My head is screaming at me for food, but my stomach says “no ma’am”. I don’t really feel hungry, but at the same time my body feels starved for nutrition, despite getting in enough fluids and all my Vitamins.< br />
    On a positive note, I ate my first real “food” this morning - some heavily watered down Greek yogurt with a half scoop of unflavoured Protein Powder. It was about 1/2 cup and took an hour to eat, but I got it down alright. I have noticed, however, that I’m not getting that full stomach feeling until it’s over full. This is probably because it’s still swollen and healing.

    How is everyone else doing?
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    Fiddles got a reaction from lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Hi everyone. I had the surgery yesterday it was about an hour and a half. And my surgeon did a liver biopsy while in there which I didn’t know he was going to do. The pain and discomfort was a bit rough they gave me pain med via iv that helped a lot and I was able to sleep for about an hour at a time. The IV made me pee a lot so I was up and down. Today I was just really tired. Had an X-ray in the am and the Fluid I had to drink was nasty! But luckily I didn’t throw up. When I feel a little queasy I walk around and try to make myself fall asleep. Overall I’m happy to be back home and start the rest of this journey. I also was prescribed Percocet which idk about since there isn’t any food in my system. Good luck to the rest of you. Seems like all the February ppl are having successful surgeries
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    Fiddles got a reaction from divag822 in February Surgery ?   
    Thanks so much divag glad u are staying positive and focused. Wishing you much success.
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    Yes ma'am I haven't had any issues; the neatest idea are these littls 2Tbsp cups; 4 of them per hour. They are sending me home with cups as well.
    They also provided me wlth a bottle of Crystal Lite lemon an it has no sugar or dyes. I filll up 2 Water 2 crystals lites. I'll do this still Friday then can begin to add Proteins asked as well as the 64oz of water.

    .i can see this will work for me successfully and I am so pleased
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    Fiddles reacted to divag822 in February Surgery ?   
    Congratulations on all the February surgeries. Mine was Feb and successful the biggest issue I have for the las few days has been gas in my tummy. My biggest incision is really sore too. Otherwise, I'm very grateful for this 2nd chance at life to care for my health and body much better than I did before. Not only am I on a new journey. I'm on a mission for Positive change ❤️👌
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    Fiddles reacted to kdgarcia in February Surgery ?   
    Hello, I just want to give a little update since my surgery 2/4/20 cuz I know I was always wondering how everyone was after their surgery. My first day was rough! I had a lot of pain and I thought something was wrong since the person that was in the same room I was in was in no where as bad as I was!!! But the doctor told me she was a rare case! I was a normal case! Not that it made me happier but it eased my mind It lasted basically 8 hrs of pain that wouldn’t go away. I did everything to try to make it go away, I walked. Sat up, laid down, hot pads and etc to make it go away and it finally did in the middle of the night. The morning after I was told in order to leave I need to drink 3 cups of clear liquids. That was my other struggle. I would take a small sip and I just couldn’t hold it down. I tried for 3 hrs to drink Water or crystal light. Then the nurse came and offered me chicken broth and let me tell you it made a big difference. My stomach was not okay with anything cold but once I tried the broth I was able to take sips often and home I went. It has not been that bad ever since. I can only take little sips of room temperature water, crystal light just so I can have a taste once in a while and chicken broth. I tried to drink Protein Shake on the third day and it did not feel good at all so I didn’t try until the day after and finally I was okay to take small sips of Protein Shakes. I was okay also with starting the Vitamins but I had to take them a few min apart to let it go down with out it feeling like it’s too much. I told my doctor I was having trouble with the Protein Drinks and she said as long I am hydrated and take my vitamins and take the most sips I can of the Protein shake and I feel good then I am doing it right. Everyone body is different just to try to get more and more in as the days come. Sorry for my story but I wanted to share my post op Incase in can help someone else. Especially the part with having a hard time with cold drinks. My stomach was more happier with warm drinks.
  10. Congrats!
    Fiddles reacted to JettK in February Surgery ?   
    I'm doing really good, drinking my liquids well and slowly taking in cream Soups (1/8 of a cup is all I can get down) but it's oh so good!
    Slowly I believe I am learning to know when my stomach is full; I do not want to over eat and get sick!
    Drinking anything 30min before and after food, that's different because I would always drink with my food; change is good though
  11. Congrats!
    Fiddles reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    So great to hear, Aqua! Speaking for me, these updates from folks are very calming as I wait in line for Monday to come for me. Keep posting, and healing!
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    Fiddles got a reaction from lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Im on a countdown now...wishing you all the best with every aspect of this new life change. And hoping all who did it this week are recovering wonderfully.

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