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  1. Hi YummieT I just spoke to a nurse at the hospital today as I have the same delimina. She recomended betadine and change the dressings everyday( waterproof or aqua skin ones). Plus if its sore its possibly infected to place a pen mark on yourself and watch & ring your doc as well. Cheers Jo
  2. Hi LauraB I am in the hotel for 9 days and then I will fly home after my appointments with the surgeon & dietician on Friday next week. I live approx., as the crow flies, about 1400km from Perth in Outback Western Australia. My little girl is missing me terribly. How are you going? I'm not good, as I think I over did it by walking into the city square & did a little shopping. Who would believe that shopping would make you feel weary & sore. How's the coz? Dont feel bad that she reacted differently to the surgery as even my glorious hubby quoted" it was a piece of cake" when he had his gallbladder out. YEP! I'm a BIG GIRLS BLOUSE. Cheers Jo
  3. I am an engineer in a very male dominated industry, however I don't wear suits to work but Hard Yakka and Steel Caps like everyone else. The problem that I have faced, with my weight increasing over the last 10 years, has been the assumption that my intelligence has decreased like a sliding scale. I have had male collegues comment about my weight in the same conversation as my competency to be the responsible person on a site. This has increased over the years as I end up in positions of responsibility. But on the other hand I have had female collegues flaunt their sexuality/great bods as well. Regardless to whether it is male or female no one has the right to comment about your personal appearance & especially in relation to work competency. Yes it is degrading, demoralising and underminds you confidence in yourself to actually do your job however I have seen marked changes in the way companies do their business to retain a more diverse workplace over the last 10 years and life at work is slowly changing. I have only told 3 people at work about my new direction in my health and they are supportive. I have urged them to be quiet as there is that stigma that I am taking the easy way out mostly with women. But I will complete a small study on whether I get more recognition for my work once I am on the lighter side or again is that related to an increase in confidence. In regards to work functions, conferences, courses and the odd departmental meeting most places/caterers will cater for special needs with food discreetly if given warning just like vegies/vegans. Or if all else fails eat at your desk before you go and explain about that awful hernia op or even better just to shut up most men ....womens problems. cheers jo
  4. Thanks Jachut. I need some Aussie products as I having a hard time on the Fluid diet in day 4. Miso Soup is really not that nourishing as I am feleing a little weak & tired. So I am going out tomorrow to by WEETBIX NOT wheatabix please all say it right as George Greagan may have a fit (Sorry to all who dont know the Aussie ad). Some heinz baby food will be good. And to all about Vegimite well my description would probably be the taste of a liquid Guiness. Full of lovely Vitamins.:hungry: Cheers Jo
  5. OutbackJo

    Anyone Interested in a Virtual Walk

    Hamster What I fab idea! I got banded on Monday the 30th July and walking like this would be great. I need some like minded friends. Do we need to get hold of step counter? Cheers Jo
  6. OutbackJo

    How sore should we be?

    Hi Carlasue4 I was informed by my dietician and surgeon that I will feel uncomfortable in the first 2 weeks especially sitting down. That is why I have to have 2 weeks off work. The port and the swelling from the band do take some getting used to as I have been told. Also after reading other threads this seems to be pretty normal. Maybe every hour do a block around the office just to stretch. Cheers Jo
  7. Hi All I find it wonderful to talk/write to people who are in the same 'land of the lap band'. Especially people across the miles. I feel like maybe I need to download a map to see where you are all from. Isn't it funny how people react differently to surgery? I had a c section when I had my daughter and this is comparitively easier. I was absolutely surprised that I was moving around really well (walking helped) the next day but I admit don't reject the drugs..... why suffer for pride. I still need the pain killers as I realise that I am a really 'Big Girls Blouse' when it comes to pain. I have 4 wounds and funny bruises in places I don't expect. The surgeons thought they where going to have a problem with me until they got inside quote "pushed the liver aside and found the stomach". Heres a bonus, my scales at home, which are electronic, are off by 5 kilos which I found out at admissions, I must calibrate them when I get home. So the pre-op diet of optislim does work. I have Water proof dressings with surgical strips on the wounds and the stiches are inside and dissolvable. The one that hurts the most is the large one which is in the middle of my chest where your bra goes. This is where the port is as well. It is annoying when I bend and sitting reclined or very upright is more comfortable. I am not sure sometimes if I am full when I drink or its the swelling around the band. On Day One, I had pain when I was swallowing and they sent me to x-ray to swallow some Oozo... gross...(liquorise flavour)...yuk stuff to see if the band had slipped. That actually was pretty cool to watch Fluid go into your stomach. Now I know exactly where it is and that it is not a figment of my imagination. I must admit I do have a lot of bloating just like after my C-Section but the beloved prune juice is helping. I dont think I am actually hungry itself but craving comfort food such as Pasta, scrambled eggs & mashed spud. I must admit being in an apartment hotel with no other distractions like my kitchen/fridge is very useful but lonely. So I will chat later and thank you again for your well wishes and encouragement I hope to make many friends with you all. :hungry: Cheers Jo
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    What Triggered You?

    I have been overweight all my life but I have been thinking about this for 5 years. Many doctors were very negative, one even said I was lazy, about it until I found one who was supportive and gave me a referral that was when I started on this path. In Australia this is not yet a very common procedure. The last straw was that I was heavier than when I was pregnant (@130kgs) so I actually used the referral. I had a servere pre-clampsia during pregnancy and I still have the blood pressure. I feel extremely unfit and unable to play properly with my little girl and do my job properly. So my op is next week & I am scared as well as very nervous. I cant wait to wear my wedding rings again and be below 80kgs( my target then is to put the boobs back were god intended them to be not heading to Antaratica).
  9. Thanks for your comments I actually forgot about the old Hiatus Hernia trick. My job 75% involves sitting in front of a computer but the rest is out in the field via 4WD. I'll rethink the course & discusss with my boss. Being from Sydney you will understand my trepidation of an RFDS flight. I think the worst thing at the moment is having to stay in Perth without my family for nearly 2 weeks but as you said it is the best thing for my health, family & work. I'll be soon eradicating that inner child physically. Cheers Jo
  10. Hello All I am booked to have surgery on the 30th July in Perth-Dr Sue Taylor (who is very nice) and I'm having massive reservations. Major issues for me are how will I cope at work, can I cope with my young daughter, can I still fulfill my job role without really informing the whole building therefore town of my surgery? I have only 2 weeks off work post surgery and my boss is expecting me to be fully on board when I get back. Just a brief download, I work in a very male orientated job in a very remote town in Western Australia (~2000 people, av. age =9). Heaven help if I can get protein shakes up here. I even have to fly to Perth to see surgeon/dieticians etc. The dietician that Dr Taylor has, happened to be an old friend of mine which is good as communication with her is easier. Ok I am stressing. I have a very supportive husband and 2 great friends who live 1000km away but I am a little nervous if something goes wrong as that is an RFDS(Royal Flying Doctor Service) flight out of town. Also 4 weeks after the surgery I have a work related course to do in Perth and I am unsure whether I should go as I am frightened that my body will embarass me after surgery. So basically I was just wondering if any one else had those Doubting Thomas thoughts as I am having now but heh I am looking forward to chatting with you all. :confused:Cheers Jo
  11. I am glad to find someone who feels the same as me. I am booked for the 30th July but I am not actually scared of the surgery (as nothing yet will top a C Section) but more of the after factors. Will I have complications? Should I tell my work collegues? Should I tell my friends & family. The medical staff have been ab fab & I know I am going to look & feel great in a few years. My health most of all will be the winner & that is the BONUS. Less blood pressure, less asthma, more sleep, more sport. This will be a good 40th Birthday present for me. But the nagging feelings are still there. I have been thinking about this for 5 years and the medical process has taken 2 years due to the distance I live from Perth. But for you like me keep reading this forum & take others advice & stay away from the complication thread, check out the recipes. I am current 133kg and my goal is to be under 80 kgs so that is 50 kg to go. Just think of the funny side in a couple of years we'll have lost our inner child. Cheers Jo