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  1. Martzia Ely

    Insurance info for Gastric Sleeve

    Yeah I do have a BCBS insurance but it's a plan called MyFloridaBlue, which will not cover it. But I will reach out to them and see what info they could give to me on plans that may cover it. Thank you so much for the info!!
  2. Martzia Ely

    Insurance info for Gastric Sleeve

    Thank you again! I will look into these options as well
  3. Martzia Ely

    Insurance info for Gastric Sleeve

    Thank you so much. I've thought about that as well, I will call their office in the morning and see what they say. Financing for me would be a big struggle, but not as much of a struggle the weight is so if it comes down to my only option, well, then that's my option lol.
  4. Martzia Ely

    Insurance info for Gastric Sleeve

    Yes I would figure as much, that's why I was wondering maybe what kind of insurance other people have had success with so I could consider switching. Every insurance company I've looked into says they just don't cover it, regardless of being medically necessary. I'm in the very beginning stages of this whole thing, but I'm sure that is obvious lol.
  5. Hello, Just when I thought I had all my ducks in a row before calling my surgeon and getting the process started for gastric sleeve surgery, I was gutted to find out that my insurance doesn't cover the surgery even if deemed medically necessary. All over my providers site it says they do cover weight loss surgeries. But of course when I call my health care provider directly, they say they don't cover any kinds of surgery. I was devastated. I won't go into the long diatribes of my struggles because I'm sure everyone else here has either gone through the same thing that brought them to looking into the surgery if not similar things like constant yo-yo diets, losing weight and gaining it back, sleep and mobility issues, etc etc. Nevertheless, I refuse to just give up hope just because my current insurance wont cover it. Have any of you had luck finding healthcare coverage that will cover it if deemed medically necessary? Or is self pay/financing truly the only way? ANY and ALL help is so greatly appreciated, M