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  1. MariaC6

    Finally in Onederland!! 🎉

    10 months post op and I’m fluctuating between 165-167. I’ve been exercising regularly and thankfully have toned a lot of my lose skin. I still have a lot on my upper thighs and stomach but I’m ok with that. At this point I want to lose about 5-7 more pounds - initially I thought more but I’m almost to where I want to be. I’m so thankful for this surgery.
  2. Going to the beach and finally removing my coverup/moo moo/ 3XL tee shirt and just wearing a bathing suit like everyone else!
  3. MariaC6

    Finally in Onederland!! 🎉

    Officially 9 months post op and I weigh 169lbs at 5’8 1/2. HW 252lbs (January 2020) Pre-op diet starting weight (236lbs on August 14, 2020) SW: 228 (August 27, 2020) CW: 169 Goal Weight (158-163 range) My BMI is currently 24.99 so I’ve finally crossed into what “they” call the normal range! Ha I feel great. I’ve had zero complications. I have not had any alcohol since pre surgery and don’t plan on trying any until at least 1 year post op. (I’ve never been a big drinker but would enjoy the occasional margarita or glass of wine). My surgeon asks his patients to wait a year and I told him I would. I do exercise at least 5 times a week incorporating cardio and strength (arms to try and tighten the loose skin- at age 44 things down bounce back like the used to). I’ve done this since I was 6 weeks post op. I haven’t cut out any foods. I don’t tolerate spicy foods like I used too so I don’t eat a lot of those. I don’t eat a lot of pasta or rice either - I’ll try a bite or put a small servings (think tablespoon) on my plate but I’m still focusing on protein and still aim for 80 grams of protein a day and drink one premier protein shake on most days). Yes I eat carbs and will have mashed potatoes, cookie or piece of cake (everything in moderation right?) Some days I get in 64-72 ounces of water other days I’m lucky if I get 45. For all of those in the fence (I was too), just know you can do it - it’s never too late to get yourself healthy.
  4. MariaC6


    I caved (need to poop) and drank regular black coffee (with my famotadine) and just increased my water to 70+ ounces that day to compensate for the diuretic effect of coffee. I’m 7 months post op with no issues. I drink 1.5 cups of black coffee a day.
  5. MariaC6

    I "snuck" having WLS

    @chiquitatummy like you, I had WLS and told very very few people (husband, my sisters - my mother the next day only because she’s a complete worrywart and that’s pretty much it). And yes I agree that COVID and social distancing has enabled me to pull this off “on the down low”. My surgery was in August. I’m still working from home and I haven’t seen any of my coworkers except via zoom. About a month after surgery I got on an exercise kick (for the first time in my life) and would occasionally post photos on my Instagram story of my workouts (not necessarily images of me but images of the machines I was using). Anyway I have posted a few random photos on Facebook and Instagram that do show that I have lost weight but honestly most people think it’s because I started working out! They’ve even commented things like wow your exercise is paying off! I think posting those photos of the gym equipment that I was using has got most people thinking that I did this all by working out and honestly that’s fine with me because in large part my weight loss is none of their damn business.
  6. MariaC6

    Caloric intake

    I’m a little over 6 mos post op VSG. I’m now 5’8 and 173. I exercise with at least 40 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of strength 6 times a week. My surgeon and Nutritionist calculated my BMR last week during my virtual appointment and told me that I should be consuming 1500 calories a week due to my activity level. If i didn’t exercise or had low exercise then my calorie intake would be 1100. Protein goal is still 90 grams a day and my water is 65+ ounces a day.
  7. I had VSG on 8/27/20. My sister is a PACU nurse and warned me not to get the bypass or similar surgery because she has seen too many bariatric patients lose the weight but develop severe medical related to malabsorption that the bypass produces. She even told me that having the bypass shortens ones lifespan by 7-10 years! I have NO clue where she got this information but she scared me into having the sleeve rather than the bypass. So far I am doing great with the sleeve but again, I’m only 6 months out.
  8. I’m almost 6 months post op VSG. At surgery my BMI was 35.
  9. Have you been tested for COVID or COVID antibodies? Someone I know who is not a bariatric patient is experiencing symptoms eerily similar to yours. As others have said have all your vitamins and other metabolic blood panes tested.
  10. MariaC6

    Finally in Onederland!! 🎉

    Just an update. I’m almost 6 months post op (on Feb. 27th it will be 6 months) and I weighed in this morning at 177.2 so that’s a 51 pound weight loss since surgery and a total weight loss of 75 lbs since I started this journey in January of 2020. I’m about 5’9 and my goal weight is 155ish. I say “ish” because it may be more or less....I’ve been working out since I was 6 weeks post op (Peloton bike) and at this point my goal is more fitness/strength/endurance so if I continue to increase muscle mass my goal weight might be higher. Regardless I’m very happy with my progress so far. For those that are curious, I would say my weight loss since December has slowed immensely and I’m losing about 5lbs a month now. (Pre-op my BMI was just over 35)
  11. MariaC6

    Calorie Deficit question

    As hard as it will be for me (mentally- this is all a huge mind f*ck) to back off from the exercise I think I’m going to give it a try like you said.
  12. I am 5 months post VSG. For the past three weeks have been at a stall. I track my food religiously (including samples if try while cooking) and usually eat about 1150-1350 calories a day, eat at least 80 grams of protein and drink 60 + ounces of water. I also take my Bariatric vitamins. At least 6 days a week I exercise for about an hour on my Peloton and burn about 500-600 calories. Is it possible that due to my exercise, I am eating too few calories? I don’t think so but I’m trying to figure out a way to break my stall.
  13. MariaC6

    Finally in Onederland!! 🎉

    @s11rony303 I make sure to have a premier protein shake every morning for breakfast. I also make sure to have at least 60 ounces of water a day and between 60-80 grams of protein. My calorie range (now) is about 1000-1300 a day. The only foods I do not eat are rice and pasta and that’s because I’m far out enough from surgery to eat them. I eat “bread type carbs” occasionally but most of my carbs come from potatoes or vegetables. But I don’t limit carbs or fast or do any of those sort of things. I DO exercise every morning for at least 45 minutes! I bought a peloton bike at 6 weeks post op to help me get by but in gear during the pandemic. I never used to exercise but I made a commitment to myself when I decided to have surgery to also make a commitment to fitness! (I am 44 years old). As far as specifics I eat eggs (scrambled, fried, deviled) all breakfast meats, nuts, avocado, most veggies including potatoes, all types of meats and fish/seafood, low carb tortillas work best for my stomach, occasionally I’ll have a slice of wheat bread or French bread, some potato chips or a Reese cup 😅 I haven’t limited what I eat but am focusing on protein first, my protein goal and getting in my water.
  14. I had mine in August of 2020. Surgeon warned me to quarantine for one month post op for the same reasons, that our bodies just went under so much stress that Covid would be a bad outcome. If you are able to quarantine (and have those in your household follow the rules and mask when they work etc.) you should be ok. Here’s the deal- being morbidly obese and getting COVID is a bad thing. You need to improve your chances and losing weight will greatly improve your health. Pre-op I was a 36 -37 BMI. My weight in January of 2020 was 252. My preop weight was 236 and I’m now 180 and feel amazing! I would definitely do it again
  15. MariaC6


    I’m almost 5 months out and occasionally will have a few grapes or a couple pieces of diced apple. No issues at all

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