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    I'm a Southern girl living in an Indiana world & I wouldn't have it any other way!
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    IndyCar enthusiast & Space Hipster. I love reading, camping, hiking, animals, and my awesome family.
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  1. RainbowBrite57

    Flappy tummy

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I still have Spanx from my wedding that I have packed up somewhere. I'll give those a go before dropping money on more just in case they still fit! And thanks for the encouragement! 😀
  2. RainbowBrite57

    Flappy tummy

    I’m 7 months out from my sleeve surgery. My lower tummy is really loose & has started flapping against my body any time I walk fast, jump, dance (like in my kitchen to my favorite music, not anything strenuous), etc. I’m getting really embarrassed at the slapping sound that’s happening now. I was looking into shape wear like Spanx but I didn’t know if that would help my situation. Can I get some advice? Thanks ladies! 😊
  3. RainbowBrite57

    Failing miserably

  4. RainbowBrite57

    Failing miserably

    Great way to look at it
  5. RainbowBrite57

    Failing miserably

  6. RainbowBrite57

    Failing miserably

  7. RainbowBrite57

    Failing miserably

  8. RainbowBrite57

    Failing miserably

    Hello everyone! It's been a hot minute since I've posted or even visited this page. I need to rant about myself & I know this is a safe, non-judgemental place to do so. I had my surgery on 9/13/20. When I got home from the hospital after a 2 night stay, I was SO HUNGRY. I told myself I wouldn't be a casualty of going off the rails, especially right away but that's what happened. I hold myself fully accountable. I've most definitely stretched out my stomach although I know it's no where near what it was. My surgeon made my follow-ups for a month out then six months out. The surgeon's office had just switched from doing a month, three months, then six month follow-ups, although I've been told I can make an appointment anytime I want to, free of charge for the rest of my life. I wish I would've made an appointment right away for guidance, instead I listened to the lies my mind was telling me. Now I'm almost 7 months out. I'm down 40 pounds which I'm very happy about but I don't feel like I've "earned" that loss at all. I know all the things I should be doing. I read & read & read before surgery- on this forum, books, other online resources, etc. I felt so ready. Silly me. I know I can get back on track right this minute & stop any more harm to my health and to my stomach size. I have a book sitting at home that I know will be fantastic at helping me. I ordered an adult tricycle that should be getting put together today or tomorrow. I even bought a $1,400 elliptical trainer I've used maybe 5 times. I'm just so very disappointed in myself. I'm hoping this confession to y'all will relieve me of some of this guilt I'm carrying around. I feel like crying & if I could kick my own booty. Thanks for listening y'all.
  9. RainbowBrite57

    Thanksgiving win

    I had resigned myself to a very plain Thanksgiving meal this year when I decided to see if there were any good low carb chicken & dressing recipes online. I found one for “Southern chicken & dressing” and it was a huge success! (https://www.mytableofthree.com/low-carb-southern-dressing/) My mom had laughed & said I’d probably be eating that on my own when I told her it involved almond flour as the main cornbread ingredient. It’s not low fat because it’s made with almond flour, coconut oil, & heavy cream but we aren’t exactly eating much right now. I even decided to sub low fat buttermilk for the heavy cream/vinegar combo it suggested & it was still fantastic. I couldn’t find oat fiber so I just added the amount called for in more almond flour. I’m not supposed to have onions yet but I used a plain white onion & I didn’t end up with any gastrointestinal distress. I cooked my chicken breasts in the Instant Pot so they wouldn’t dry out. The dressing was so moist & delicious, y’all!!! I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine was!
  10. RainbowBrite57

    Remembering foods you can’t eat now

    I think my only "never again" food is going to be spaghetti with regular noodles & sausage. I will definitely be trying spaghetti squash & I'm hoping that'll fill the spaghetti void! I might even add a little bit of sausage to that from time to time. I will have to stay away from the carb-filled noodles though, they are a trigger food for me, big time. Pizza is also a trigger food but I now make a flatbread alternative that I love!
  11. Congrats & best wishes for a successful and exciting journey! You'll go far!
  12. RainbowBrite57

    Egg Question

    Thanks y'all! It'll be so much easier to put a whole scrambled egg on my plate & eat until I'm full instead of trying to divide it out. 😀
  13. I was in horrible pain when I woke up too. At the very beginning the gas pain was overriding my surgical pain. That quickly changed. They kept wanting me to take pills for the pain which I knew wouldn't kick in for a while. I'm also already on a low-dose narcotic for back pain so I knew my tolerance to pain medicine was built up. I finally made sure my nurse knew that & begged for my next few doses of pain medication be delivered through my IV. She was able to do that & it helped so much. If you haven't asked for something stronger or told them the amount of pain you are in, please do. I hope things get better for you!
  14. RainbowBrite57

    Egg Question

    Right now I'm allowed 2oz of a protein per meal. When y'all were at the 2oz phase, did y'all eat a whole egg? I'm getting some conflicting info so I wanted to ask y'all. Thanks!
  15. RainbowBrite57

    I'm Doing It!

    Congratulations & I hope you are feeling better! I, like you, spent so many hours on this site & on the internet as a whole. I made myself a binder with different categories that I refer too often. Best of luck to you!!!