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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. calicotrixie

    Hernia removal

    Where did you have it done? My surgeon repaired mine too while doing my sleeve. Someone said it’s common.. I guess it is! Wow!
  2. calicotrixie


    Yeah .. popsicles helped with my thirst big time .. I know exactly how you are feeling! I’m day 23 and trust me, it gets better and easier :). The clear liquid part is so hard and is so frustrating!
  3. calicotrixie

    Stomach feels sickly

    I’m 23 days post op today and when I eat or drink my stomach makes horrible gurgling noises. I think it must be normal .. I call my stomach the predator because it sounds like the predator lol. I hope it doesn’t last forever for both of us!
  4. calicotrixie


    Well, I had my sleeve 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I must say, no regrets! Im alive, and no acid reflux. The most painful part was my stomach contracting for a couple of the days after the surgery. I think it was my stomach growling which was painful due to the surgery I imagine. It seemed to improve a bit once I had the leak test.. the fluid they have you drink probably helped my empty tiny little banana stomach lol.
  5. calicotrixie

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    I know what you mean about head hunger! That’s the worst! I’m 5 days post op and am counting the days to purée .. I would give my left kidney for a mozza stick! I won’t because it will hurt too much.
  6. calicotrixie

    Surgery date 2/4

    Oh, I forgot to say.. you are more than welcome to email me and we exchange ideas and progress:)
  7. calicotrixie

    Surgery date 2/4

    I just had mine on feb 4th as well. I am having a hard time eating and I feel so weak and tired. It’s nice being on the all liquid portion because I am liking strained cream of mushroom soup. I am waiting for day 7 to have sugar free pudding cause it feels like it will be too thick for my tiny stomach. I feel so thirsty and all I want to do is pound back an entire bottle of water. I was so thirsty yesterday that I paid 8 dollars for a bottle of water .. insane, right? I also find drinking water makes me burp where cream of mushroom soup seems easier to get down. I think it’s because I keep trying to drink more than my stomach will allow. Oddly, I’m sipping so it’s not like I’m guzzling. I can’t wait until puréed stage! I haven’t weighed myself since August so I don’t know how I’m doing in that regard. I had my surgeon write it down and seal it in an envelope so I can open March 1st. Maybe do that? It might help :). We can do this .. we really don’t have a choice which is awesome! I can’t wait to be skinny!!!! Advice .. or ideas more suiting as I’m in the exact same spot as you .. I might try warming my protein shake to make it a hot chocolate . I have no idea if it will work :). I’m so glad the surgery is done and now it’s all uphill :)
  8. calicotrixie


    Oh wow! Did you have the sleeve done local or did you go medical destination? I’m glad things worked out in the end for you though!
  9. calicotrixie


    Thanks!!! I got goosebumps reading all your responses.. I’m having the sleeve done in 7 days. I really needed these comments!
  10. calicotrixie

    Surgery In Mexico

    I’m having mine done in Mexico too next week .. in puerto Vallarta.. I have exactly the same feelings you are having :)
  11. calicotrixie


    Has anyone on here regretted their decision to have the sleeve?
  12. Weird? Hmm.. I’m looking forward to a lot of things ... Weirdly enough, I want to jump in my husbands arms and be able to wrap my legs around his waist .. sounds silly but when he picks me up, my legs just dangle. That’s not sexy!
  13. calicotrixie

    Need a good LIE

    I plan to tell my coworkers I fell and hurt my shoulder.. that way they will not ask why I need help lifting anything that is too heavy for awhile.
  14. calicotrixie

    My 1 year sleeveversary!!!

    Woohoo! Way to go! I can’t wait until I can post the same!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. calicotrixie

    Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?

    I’ve only told my husband and 1 close fried who has joined me on ALL of my weightloss attempts .. we did Bernstein, keto and weight watchers together .. we we both successful (short term obviously) as we are both heavier than ever before and out of pocket thousands of dollars. In my opinion, it’s nobody’s business. I know how judgy people can be. I figure, I got my husbands support of my trusted friend and everyone on this forum that I can talk to. Everyone else can just be proud of me! All they need to know is I will have lost the weight by eating less and healthier :). My date hasn’t come yet. I’m scheduled for the sleeve on feb 4 :)

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