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  1. Al Iskafi

    30 min no drinking rule

    There was a very very interestinbg post of why we should nopt drink and eat. very informative very informative https://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/34402-why-we-dont-drink-with-meals/
  2. Al Iskafi

    Post op hungers

    I tried today. I suppose if nothing feels wrong that means things are ok
  3. Al Iskafi

    Here I go

    i did it on the same day dec 16
  4. Al Iskafi

    Full Feeling Sign

    13 days. dont know yet what FULL mean or is
  5. Al Iskafi

    Post op hungers

    at 14 days ricotta cheese is ok?
  6. Al Iskafi

    9 day post op

    9 days and ricotta cheese is ok? the variety of doctors and diets and procedures is overwhelming.
  7. Al Iskafi

    Gastric Bypass complications

    13 days all good
  8. Al Iskafi

    4 days post op

    this is really unique. every person experience differently. Second day evening i was back in office working. My sister did it she took almosta month to recover.
  9. Al Iskafi

    Can drink too much liquid?

    i am 13 days in the op and now dont sip any more just drink. is that a problem at all dont feel any discomfort
  10. Al Iskafi


    So how come some doc says coffe ok others no??? does that make sense? If coffe is ok why not for all and/or vice versa