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  1. I would say do it during the spring break. You need time to recuperate. Some folks may have it easy but sometimes you may need more time and you don't want the extra stress of school at the same time. I was in school and my term was hectic, a semester of work squeezed in 2.5 months. So I had postponed my surgery by 2 months and got it done during the break between terms. And I was so glad I did that. First week more or less you're knocked out and don't have the energy to do anything (I was on 1 week clear fluids diet post-Op). After that full fluids for 3 weeks. Fatigue and lack of energy persisted at least for 2 to 3 weeks. So I was grateful for the break time. I would recommend if you can, do it during your break time and you'll thank yourself. It a huge change for your body and also your eating and drinking habits. It takes time to gradually move over. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. DaisyAndSunshine

    When did you start eating fruits? (Carbs content)

    Congrats on the weight loss 👏🏼 My program sounds quite similar to yours - As in we can have almost anything we can tolerate including rice, pasta, bread etc. I just don't eat them much right now. May incorporate them later on. We just don't have much focus on calories. Focus is more on serving sizes and protein/fluid intake. Don't have any numbers for carbs or fat intake either. Only thing is how did you manage to eat 1200 calories post week 4? I am almost week 9 but I still can't manage to eat more than 750-850 calorie range. Either that or I need to figure out how to incorporate foods high in calories 😂 Only calorie rich food group in my diet would be cheeses I suppose. But I also don't wanna overshoot fat intake. How was your fat intake first few months?
  3. DaisyAndSunshine

    When did you start eating fruits? (Carbs content)

    I usually can have some fruits per day. And fruits and veggies are great with fiber, helps relieve constipation. So no issue there. I was just curious how everyone did their thing. And yeh I am aware of your ultra low carb intake, we had this discussion on another thread. Just not sure how you did it 😂 I mean how did you manage to get your protein in 400 to 500 calories? Mostly protein shakes? I can't do Keto. I remember trying it few years before surgery, but I ahve hard time limiting carbs. As in I can't eliminate fruits completely from my diet for a true blue Keto diet (under 20 grams). I don't find Keto as sustainable for me personally. Hence I opted for surgery since it doesn't ask you to restrict any food group per se!
  4. DaisyAndSunshine

    When did you start eating fruits? (Carbs content)

    Dairy isn't as minimal in carbs when you add all together 😂 I get most of my protein from dairy - ofc most are light, skim and less than 20%MF, but it still contributes. Veggies also have carbs and so do fruits. So they all add up. But ofc, these carbs are simple carbs per se and have loaded fiber and nutrients. So they healthy enough. I was just curious about others' carb intake because I don't think I wanna restrict fruits completely.
  5. DaisyAndSunshine

    When did you start eating fruits? (Carbs content)

    Hmmm your numbers are almost double than mine lol. Though I am just finishing my month 2. I ahve tried upping my calories, but I usually fall between 750 to 850. I can't go beyond that. Plus with bypass pouch is little smaller than sleeve, so that kinda makes a difference in the quantity. My carbs are usually similar in number to protein. So between 70 to 80 gram (net would be 50 to 60 usually)!
  6. So, my program has me on fruits and veggies and even grain if one can tolerate right from month 2. I don't do much grain (may be once a week) since I don't like eating it much. Though based on our outlined eating schedule, we should take 3 to 4 servings of fruits (depending how we tolerate ofc). I don't have any issue with tolerating any ofthe fruits (I don't dump). But ofc if I do that my carbs shoot quite high especially cuz I am vegetarian and I get my protein mostly from dairy (yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and other cheese), which again has significant carbs. My average net carbs are between 60 to 70 grams. Anyhow, so I was wondering how did y'all carry your carbs during the weight loss phase? And when did you introduce fruits and veggies in your diet?
  7. Hello, I am also 1 month post-Op and average around about similar numbers. Between 750 to 850ish. I do get about 75 to 80ish protein (60 to 80 is my program requirement). So I am good on that front. If you run short of protein try skyr (or ice landing) yogurt. 2/3rd cup has about 20 grams of protein. That and may be protein powder (if you're allowed) I am sure it's easy peash to get enough protein in. If no protein powder, do 1 cup of skyr daily (split) and you'll have 30 grams right there and then.
  8. DaisyAndSunshine

    Clothes shopping weirdness...can you relate?

    I am not there yet but just realized you and I have almost same stats in terms of height and starting weight. 😆 I can't wait to get your current weight and BMI. Hopefully soon. I wanna reach the goal weight one day soon enough Ilso I can shop all I want till I am exhausted 😂😂😂 Have been waiting for the day FOREVER. Hoping to see it happen soon with both of us 🥳
  9. DaisyAndSunshine

    Chickpea "Pasta"

    I haven't tried chickpeas pasta, but I did try "Yellow Lentil Pasta". You should try it. It tastes a lot like regular pasta. I have also purchased "red lentil pasta", which I have yet to try. I am still in month 2 so pasta doesn't sit as well and feel heavy. So I tried it once but I'll try them more may be after month 3. I purchased "Vita Sana organic" brand. Do give yellow lentil pasta a shot. They may taste even better.
  10. DaisyAndSunshine

    An Ode To Cauliflower

    Hahahaha, I love cauliflower too. I am Indian so I love making cauliflower curry and it's heaven 😂 Though at this stage, it still feels a little heavy, so I can only do about 1/4 to 1/3rd of a cup. I also have cauliflower rice in the freezer, though I have yet to try it. I may try making fried rice or may be even a Vegetable Biryani from it lol.
  11. DaisyAndSunshine

    Cheated on my pre op

    Yeh you should be fine as long as you don't go crazy with cheating. Make sure you're 90% on the plan, some slip ups are expected. And you still got 2 more weeks. So you should be fine. I was on 2 weeks of pre-Op and I had cheated a few times and I had gastric bypass. But since you're told to do 3 weeks, your BMI may be on the higher side. So for your own surgery and it's safety, try your best to stick to your pre-Op diet. Good Luck and don't beat yourself up. Just pick up from now and make sure you give your best. 😊
  12. I am usually hungry right after I wake up lol. It's been same before and even now post Surgery. I am back to my hunger signals. So yeh, I have to have something within an hour of getting up since I am most hungry at this time of the day. So breakfast definitely is important for my body. As others have mentioned, whatever works for ya.
  13. 20grams does seem low. That's Keto number right there. Wouldn't know how to do that when you're consuming fruits and vegetables. And even dairy in my case. Did your program needed you to consume the fruits and veggies along with protein?
  14. Were you ultra low carb throughout the weight loss phase? What's ultra low carb for you? Do you remember the grams? And how did the calories look like during those months? If you it recorded or remember?
  15. DaisyAndSunshine

    Wth have I done to myself panic…

    Actually I am glad to have had this surgery. I think during pre-Op diet and even during the post-Op clear/full liquid phases, I was obsessed with watching YT videos of yummy Indian food. Buy now 6 weeks post-Op, those thoughts have died down and so have the yummy food videos. It gets better. Trust me, it will. Also like @ShoppGirlmentioned, when it gets overwhelming have a spoonful kf your favorite food. As soon as I was able to allow soft/regular diet, I had some of the restaurant Indian curries. Ofc didn't go crazy. But I had a spoonful of it. Also had little of cake, chocolate, chips etc. Again make sure not to go overboard. Anyhow, once I tasted those foods, it kinda worked to make me realize, I'll eventually feel normal and would be able to tolerate some of my favorites in small quantities ofc. I used to be obessed with the mentality *one more day of binge eating and then I'll diet* That went on for a decade. Binge, diet, binge, diet. It was a vicious cycle. While post-Op is a new journey all together. I don't get those tendencies anymore. I feel satisfied having little bit of everything I can tolerate than restrict myself or deprive myself. I think deprivation leads to disastrous results. Reason why most diets never worked for me. Keto, avoiding carbs etc etc wasn't me. I wanted something that can break the vicious cycle and surgery did it for me. Yes first month or even 2 or even 3 may be worse, but it gets better. Anyhow, sorry about the ramble lol. But I hope you get the gist of what I was trying to say. Day at a time, stick to the program and your thoughts too will rewire. I think many out here will agree with it. Good Luck with your journey 😊

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