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  1. mary77450

    Breakup Because I Had WLS

    Wow. Good riddance I say. My husband lost 70 lbs taking a weekly injectible for diabetes before I had my surgery. I know he wanted me to lose weight too. I had the sleeve in Dec 2019, and lost 104 lbs in 12 months and am maintaining that weight eating and drinking what I want but in tiny portions. I eat healthier than I used to, but I definitely still eat things on occasion that I did not eat in the first year at all, and I had no alcohol for the first 12 months. I am lucky like that, he was very supportive and even did the shake diet with me in the beginning. He's a great cook and it was my love of his good cooking and my liking to eat that got me to 304 lbs in the first place. I ate it all willingly, but he cooks healthier for me now. After 30 years I can't imagine my life with out him. That guy wasn't the right one for you, be glad he helped you see that before he broke your heart or it cost you money.
  2. mary77450

    Protein from Food.

    Wow. That's a shame. I have been really lucky, I have yet to find anything I cannot tolerate. And the Isopures, I prefer cold, but I can drink them room temp and it doesn't bother me at all. You are doing really great on your weight loss tho! I have only lost 84 lbs, but I have a bad hip so walking is out of the question. I limp around the house from spot to spot and move about as little a possible for the most part. They told me they won't fix my hip unless I lost weight first so here I am.
  3. mary77450

    Protein from Food.

    I am going to give those a try, I tried some other things I bought at walmart and they were gross.
  4. mary77450

    Protein from Food.

    If you don't like the milky shakes, try isopure zero carb. They taste like fruit juice and have forty grams of protein per bottle, no carbs, no sugar and no fat. I don't care for the thick shakes either, except the premier protein cafe latte flavor. It tastes like a starbucks latte but has 30 grams of protein. I live on those, beef, shrimp, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, cheese and eggs pretty much. Surgery was 12/18 and I am down 80 lbs
  5. mary77450

    Never could have done this PRE OP

    This is so true. There were fun things I was missing out on because I couldn't walk without being in pain in one hip. I limped around as little as possible and was missing all kinds of fun things I couldn't do due to my weight. I am not done losing yet, only 5 mos post op, but at 71 lbs lighter, I physically feel better and can do more and my hip hurts only occasionally instead of constantly. I am glad you too are enjoying your new found freedom to do fun things you couldn't before. Have a safe holiday weekend and enjoy!
  6. I had a lot of super thick long hair. It started falling out at an alarming rate in month four post op. Like handfuls when I washed it, and them more in the brush. I was sure I was going to be bald if that kept up. I went and bought all kinds of extra vitamins (a hair skin and nails formula with biotin in it) b12, collagen, & D. I started taking those after three weeks of increasing scary hair loss, and it's been a month now I have been taking them. I confess I stopped taking the bariatric vitamin in month three because it was so foul smelling every time I open the bottle I just wanted to hurl. As soon as my hair started falling out I started taking them again, religiously every day along with all the other vitamins I bought. My hair is no longer falling out by the handful, and seems to have tapered off, but my ponytail holder now wraps around three times instead of two. No bald or obviously thinning spots, but I had super thick hair before which is good because it was seriously falling out at an alarming rate. Not sure if the extra vitamins helped but I will keep taking them just in case and I will take the foul smelling bariatric vitamin every day no matter what because I don't want to be bald.
  7. mary77450

    Low Blood Pressure

    I felt dehydrated last night as I was going to bed. Woke still feeling dehydrated, had a little coffee and a protein shake. Got up to go meet a friend for lunch and felt a little light headed as I was leaving. Grabbed a bottle of water for the drive to the restaurant and ate, caught up with her and had some kind of crazy overheated like hot flash during lunch for no apparent reason, felt a little nauseous but thought maybe I was just full since I drank all that water and ate food, which I normally never do anymore. As I was leaving, stood up and felt again a little light headed but thought I was fine. Walked to the front door of the restaurant through. the interior lobby door and then through the outer door. As soon as the 95 degree blast hit me outside as the second door closed behind me I knew I needed to go back inside and sit down. Before I could turn around and open the door I was on the ground hit my head on the door or the stone wall not sure which. Took about five seconds to shake it off and stand back up and five more to be sure I was steady and made for my car and some air conditioning until my husband could come get me. Am a little bruised and scraped and then realized my head was bleeding under my hair. Drank three more bottles of water since I got home and no longer feel like I am going to fall down every time I stand up. Took my BP when I got home, husband said it was low but I don't remember what he said it was. My heart rate was only 36 BPM which for me was normal when I was younger and thinner. The day I checked in for my surgery it was all the way up to 50 BPM because I was so overweight. I am going to have to be way more careful about staying hydrated. Learn from my mistake
  8. mary77450

    help during Covid 19 stay home

    I am working from home and playing FV2 to pass the time. Still living on cottage cheese, greek yogurt, shrimp cocktail, protein shakes and filet mignon and asparagus. If I want a snack, that's cashews or raw veggis with my zero cal/carb ranch dressing. Really boring as far as diet goes, but I have lost 58 lbs without any exercising since the week before Thanksgiving, just modified my dietary habits radically, gave up carbs which used to be my favorite food group and any alcohol. I didn't go out much before other than to work, since I had my surgery, I couldn't eat in restaurants anyway so I wasn't going anywhere anyway so this stay home thing doesn't represent that much of a change for me other than no longer leaving to go to work.
  9. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Good to know Dreashall! I struggle to drink enough water to stay hydrated and not have constipation with all this protein. This is just one more great reason to stay on top of our water intake if lack thereof stalls our losing! Thanks for the tip Congrats on losing 23lbs!
  10. mary77450

    Happening so fast

    It was really easy and quick. They knocked me out and I don't remember a thing. I woke up and my throat was a little scratchy for a day or two but otherwise I would have never noticed any difference
  11. mary77450

    Happening so fast

    I had my first appt in very early Dec and got my psych eval done, endoscopy, cardiac clearance, and surgery on the 18th of the same month. My insurance approved in less than 24 hours.
  12. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Hi everyone! I had my follow up appt today, I have lost 23 lbs since the 8th of Dec when I went on my shake diet. Only 77 more to go ;o
  13. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Welcome Nikki! I was two days behind you on the 18th. I was glad to find this specialized support forum, a few days before my surgery.
  14. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I grabbed some isopure unflavored protein yesterday and put it in my favorite soup (italian vegetable with meatballs) and pureed it with an immersion blender. It tasted funky and thickened it up. I think it was pureeing the meatballs that did it. I am going to make some sugar free banana puddng with protein tomorrow. I had cottage cheese today, first solid food in a month and it never tasted so good! Glad you are doing well!
  15. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Happy New Year to you! I have my post op follow up on the 8th and I can't wait to see how much I have lost. I hope I have lost. I am sure following this dreadful liquid diet faithfully!
  16. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I am feeling much better, getting more water down every day. My favorite protein drinks are the Isopure Zero Carbs. Love those, they taste like punch, koolaid lemonaid anything but a protein shake. Clear liquid, not that milky protein drink task. The premier protein drinks, I can handle the chocolate and the peaches and cream. Normally I don't like peaches as much as other fruits but that flavor drink is good. My favorite is their new cafe latte flavor. It's kind of like a starbucks brownie frappacino without the whipped cream and chocolate. How are you doing?
  17. mary77450

    Hi I'm new

    Hi Shyree! I am pretty new here too, I had my first consultation in early Dec and went straight to surgery about a week ago. I had a bad case of nerves 48 hours before surgery and almost chickened out. Everything has gone really smoothly for me so far, except some crazy itching today. Good luck to you!
  18. mary77450

    Itching at incision sites

    OMG day 8 and I woke up with redness all around my incisions, I had trouble getting to sleep last night because of the insane itching. My Dr's nurse advised me to take benadryl and try cortisone cream and that they did not believe it was an infection at this time. The benadry knocked me out cold but did stop the itching but didn't make the redness go away. So when the Benadryl wore off I tried the cortisone cream. I can hardly stand this itching. The Benadryl works but knocks me out cold. I hope this passes soon!
  19. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I had my surgery 12/18 also. I drank water and some chicken broth the day of and the day after, but know I totally failed to get my protein in those two days the gas was bad and pouring liquid down just made that worse for me. The following day at home I drank water but probably not quite enough but as much as I could. The fourth day, yesterday I drank more water and got two and one half protein shakes in without incident. Today I am determined to get all three in and plenty of water. I also like the ISOPURE zero carb drinks, those have 40 grams of protein, are 20 ozs each and only have 90 calories. They are more like punch or koolaid, slightly thicker but very little and I like them because they are clear and not so sweet. They have an alpine punch, a lemonade and a passion fruit flavor I really like. No sugar no carbs and no artificial sweeteners. The protein drinks, my favorite is the peaches and cream (and normally peaches would not be my fave) the chocolate and they have a coffee bean flavor is my second fave. The rest of them are too sweet for me. My husband is doing the shake diet with me just to be supportive, so I have not yet had to face food really. Tuesday night we will go over to a friends for Christmas eve where there will surely be lots of real food but I think I will be OK with a shake, I know my stomach wouldn't be able to handle it and I have no desire to try and put real food down only to find myself chucking it back up. It hurts to sneeze, cough or laugh hard and I can't imagine vomiting would be be any better. I haven't had any appetite either. I had nothing but water and meds on day three and was fine with that.
  20. mary77450

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Hi everyone. I had my sleeve surgery on the 18th at 7am. Been fighting dehydration, but feeling much better today than I did on the day and two days after, which I mostly slept through which is my normal MO when I feel crappy. Don't seem to have any issues, other than gas and dehydration. Not sure how I am going to get three of these shakes down and the proper amount of water a day but I am trying. Glad everyone else is doing well!
  21. mary77450

    I can gulp

    OK so I need the right doctor. And I need to lose weight but not necessarily in that order. Thanks Billy. Good to know. My bariatric surgeon recommended an ortho after I told him my story yesterday. I will call the one he recommended and ask some questions, perhaps there is hope. I was really put off by the one I saw who told me there was no hope of a hip replacement unless I lost all this weight. I had already decided, that I would not be seeing him again about my hip even if I did lose all the weight, I'll find a more caring Dr. The one I saw didn't seem to have an ounce of empathy for what it's like to be in pain with very step you take. Like somehow I would have been more worthy of not being in pain if I weren't overweight, as if in the case of a thin person who blew out their knee running or a football player who was injured playing. Thank you!
  22. mary77450

    I can gulp

    Billy do you mind if I ask if that is because your Dr. was willing to go to bat for you or do you attribute the pass to something else? (and if so can you share your secret?) I have not really ever tried to lose weight, and part of me feels like I should really make an honest effort to at least try before resorting to permanently modifying my stomach surgically. I have lost ten pounds in 8 days on this shake diet, but I wouldn't think I would be able to keep this up and exercising with this hip isn't happening because walking is an issue.
  23. mary77450

    I can gulp

    Perhaps I need a second opinion then Billy. I assumed the orthopedic I saw knew what he was talking about after then leaving his office and finding many stories online about obese patients being denied hip and knew surgeries. I thought it was odd my insurance co approved a bariatric surgery in less than 24 hours if obese patients were too high risk for elective surgery.
  24. mary77450

    I can gulp

    Very funny Sid! I am sure my office mates would love that. I actually have dysplasia (a structural abnormality in my hip) which has caused significant tearing in the labrum in my right hip, unfortunately the only thing that is going to make it not hurt for me to walk is a hip replacement and my Dr told me insurance companies don't wan to be responsible for costs associated with surgical complications of patients who are obese related to elective procedures. So if I wan't my hip fixed I need to lose a significant amount of weight. Losing excess weight will make me healthier and change my life, but without a replacement hip I am going to be in pain with every step regardless.
  25. mary77450

    Stomach leaks

    Hi Cathy, I am in Texas too, but haven;t yet had my surgery yet. It's scheduled for next week and I have a bad case of cold feet setting in. So sorry you are having this complication. Did they tell you how long it will be before they fix your leak and how they are going to do that, success rate etc?

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