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  1. Hi, Im post-op sleeve around 15 days. I want to set up the My Fitness Pal nutrition settings. My Goal is 800 Cals a day. Does anyone know what percentages Proteins vs Fat vs Carbs to put into the app for our specific kind of diet? Best Kevin
  2. SupRNurse

    How often do you weigh?

    I work 3 days a week as an ED nurse and my schedule is all over the place. I use the scale in our triage after arriving for work about once every week and try not to ever weigh anywhere else.
  3. Day 5 Post Op and all is well. Getting pretty bored with the full liquid diet and wondering what the thoughts were on spicing things up a bit. Seems like Cream of Chicken would convert easily to Cream of Chicken TACO. Just wondering has anyones surgeon mentioned how spice might not be good for the staple line? Best Kevin
  4. SupRNurse

    Full Liquids and Spice

    Thanks. Good point and I guess what you cant cure you must endure. While doing my Creme of Tomato this am I did dab a bit of Tabasco (Chipotle flavor) directly on the tongue. It seemed to be a bit of a lift and made the bland soup a bit more palatable. I read a few articles how some peppers may irritate the new pouch and inhibit healing a bit so I guess Ill nix the plans for the creme of creole chicken recipe I was developing for tonight! Thanks for the input.
  5. Anybody else in the Atlanta & Marrietta area using Wellstar Comprehensive Bariatrics Services? I've just finished my initial consultation with Dr Jean- Pierre and am now working on my clearances and presurgical requirements. Looks like it will be a busy few months! Best Kevin
  6. We certainly can't compel them to give us clearance and in my experience the more you try and pressure a doctor to do something they're not thrilled with the more entrenched they become. Make sure your program knows that Doctor No is against WLS in principle so they can refer future pts elsewhere. Heard of a PCP once told a 400+ guy that was considering WLS "You don't need surgery you just need to exercise more and eat less." The struggle is real.
  7. So far so good. My primary's clearance was contingent on my cardiologist which I have just received after Echo and Stress Test (I have previous cardiac issues). The lab work was extensive and the pulmonary routine. The GI study and Gall Bladder were accomplished the same day. Its a very busy process but Im now down the psychological clearance. No kidding WellStar's clearance program is extensive but Im sure that means less complications later. Best
  8. SupRNurse


    With the general gastric problems associated with NSAIDS I've often wondered if a suppository formulation was available?

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