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    Tall & solid and was told am pretty..I'm married with a good sense of humor. Hard of hearing, reads lips well.
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    Beach, sun, walking, dancing, crafts, friends & family, candles, weekend getaways.
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    Glen Burnie
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  1. Happy 51st Birthday Bandette08!

  2. Happy 50th Birthday Bandette08!

  3. Bandette08

    Hard time eating

    I do well drinking "EAS Edge" protein shakes twice a day and a meal in evening or lunch. That's the best for me. But, I have been eating 'anything' past almost 2 months. Time to stop eating sweets and junk food. I NEVER went back on sodas & anything carbonated, which is great. Whenever I don't feel like drinking protein shakes, I be sure I eat protein food like hamburger pieces, chickenn, bacon, etc. I was told not to worry about calories..It's the protien I have to be sure I consumer daily. I have not excercised yet, but I do walk a lot at work back & forth fast and lift...I need to start working out, which I hope to do over the late summer. The more weight you have to lose, the faster you will lose weight firstlady Taylor. Hang in there.
  4. Bandette08

    Hard time eating

    After my 4th fill 3 weeks ago, I am having trouble with bread on & off. It would get stuck. I kept telling myself I won't do it again, but this is my 4th time. It hurts and I"m in fact going through it right now waiting for it to pass or come up. I had to induce it a few times 2 weeks ago. I need to make better food choices..
  5. Bandette08

    Pre-op pics before Oct. 6,2009....

    Here are pictures of me in the past year or so before I will get banded on Oct. 6th, 2008. I am 46 with a BMI of 44.3, but now I'm sure it's lower since I've lost 10lbs this week on a 2 weeks pre-op liquid diet. One more week to go and I'm getting soo exited.
  6. I can eat 2 cups before a fill....I have eaten 2 sandwiches before a fill after 3 fills...On my way for a 4th fill this Friday I hope...
  7. Bandette08

    candybars!!! You can eat' em

    High Protein shakes are good, icy and cold. Try them in a freezer until slushy on hot days...I never touched the Protein Bars. Anyways, I eat anything. LOL Just as long as I have my EAS Edge protein every morning and/or night, I"m okay!!
  8. Bandette08

    Why You Shouldn't Eat Salad

    I have no problem eating salad. I would include hard boiled egg and/or red beans. Whatever I find on salad bar. I usually try to eat solid food first, before mushy/bland food to feel fuller.
  9. it's a new year and i wanted to wish you well, how are things going so far for you?

  10. Va Beach is a good place. But Baltimore, MD Convention may be better and cheaper as well. Plenty of places to stay in Baltimore, MD And plenty of things to see. Also there is a HUGE Arundel Mills Malls to hang out in for meals, shopping, games and a movie theater with awesome comfortable seats like a lazy boy.. D
  11. Bandette08

    Add me 2

    MySpace.com - Sweet Gothic - 46 - Female - GLEN BURNIE & TANEYTOWN,MD, Maryland - www.myspace.com/dustbuddies
  12. Bandette08

    ?ctober ?dyssey 2008

    Congrats Bridgette!! Take your time getting to solid food. When I started to eat real food, my mind started to crave for more food. One reason why I am still drinking Protein drinks for Breakfast and lunch. I can eat anything, but I won't allow myself to touch sweets at all..I know I will be sorry..Look at food does not bother me at all.. I try to drink more Water...It's hard..
  13. Bandette08

    ?ctober ?dyssey 2008

    Congrats on October bandsters for getting their first fill.. I hope I will get my first fill Tues during my second follow up appt with surgeon. I have been craving more lately. I do eat honey roasted peanuts when I feel hungry and surprisingly it helped me to lose weight! Protein is the reason I'll eat some of it..Just chew until it's soft and moist..hehehe Well, I hope the October bandsters are doing well and getting the support they need. And hopefully not giving it up. I take Vitamin b-12 and b-6, multi-vita, and calcium 600-D Plus.
  14. I would love for you to try & find a venue in the Baltimmore, MD area. I sure will go closer to home. I would choose NJ over NYC. :thumbup: Doo