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    Jack Wood is an experienced consultant who works on behalf of their clients locally and globally.
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    Body building, all type of diet,
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  1. Hello, @AJ Tylo Thanks for your concern and yes you are right.
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Jack Wood, I'm currently 25 Years Old and Weigh 247lbs/17st 9lbs. I would like to reduce it near 150lbs/10st 10lbs, however, depending on how I feel throughout losing weight I may decide that I don't want to go down that low. I've been overweight for years so I don't know what to expect at a lower weight. I've been trying to lose weight for years now and I have always thought about using this forum, I struggle with a lot of things when it comes to losing weight, I've listed them below, If there's any advice you can give me, it will be greatly appreciated, thank you. Things I struggle with: 1. Eating late at night I generally eat late at night while watching a movie, which in most nights I don't feel fully relaxed unless I watch a movie before going to sleep. I generally eat a lot of food during this time as I like to eat throughout most of the movie, this is a habit I need to break. 2. I have No Motivation I'd like to lose weight, however, I feel as if I don't have a big enough reason to lose weight, yes there are reasons like I'll be healthier, etc, but I don't feel as if it's a big reason enough. 3. No Hobbies/Food is exciting I don't really have anything that interests me, hobby-wise, etc. Some days, the only enjoyable thing I do all day is to eat a takeaway, mainly pizza, which is very high in calories (3000+) 4. Constantly thinking about food Unless I'm full I'm constantly thinking about food, but I can't keep eating as I'll put on even more weight. Feel free to leave any advice you have for me, I just don't know what to do anymore. Even while I'm writing this I am having a pizza that I ordered last night.