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  1. Anyone here suffer from complications related to Gastric Bypass? I am getting it this spring and trying to mentally prepare. Thanks!
  2. boymom860

    Gastric Bypass complications

    Honestly I don’t think I could psyche myself out right now if I could do it tomorrow I would I’m just counting down the days until April 6. I more just wanted to know mentally what I should be prepared for
  3. Hi, I am a teacher and ideally I want to get surgery a week before our april vacation and then I will have almost 2 weeks to recover before going back to work. I want it so bad I just cant wait but at the same time am a nervous wreck especially if I am getting the bypass. I could also wait until the summer when I am out of school but I really dont want to wait that long. Advice? Ideas?
  4. Anyone have GERD and get the sleeve and it improved? I am really hesitant to get the bypass because it is more invasive but want my gerd to get better not worse.
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    What does Restriction mean and how does it feel?
  6. Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses! I love this forum. Im just wondering if the bypass takes longer to heal. My husband got the sleeve and after 2 weeks he was def ready but I am nervous if I get the bypass what if I am not ready. at the same time I want to give myself a head start before summer!
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    but how come people keep on talking about restriction starting after liquids. Cant you only drink certain amounts too?
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    I hope you dont mind i have a few questions as I am trying to decide on GB or GS...Did you regret getting bypass in the beginning? ALso, how long did it take you to recover? is one week too soon to go back to work? What about two? How bad is dumping and does it happen a lot? Thanks!
  9. boymom860

    heartburn is back

    did your gerd get worse after surgery?
  10. boymom860

    Gastric bypass or sleeve

    did you have gerd BEFORE the sleeve too?
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    OMG how inspiring! I am worried about recovery time. I have a baby and a 2 yr old and would only be able to take 1 1/2 weeks off of work. but I want it soooo bad and cant wait. You think that is feasible?
  12. boymom860

    Gastric bypass or sleeve

    What is DS and what is RNY?
  13. How hard is the recovery with bypass? How is the "dumping" ? Do you find you are sick a lot?
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    I have always had GERD and am getting the surgery in the spring. I would rather get the sleeve but now I am rethinging it based on this thread. Any advice??