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    Thanksgiving plate pictures

    I made a turkey bowl and it was delicious! Mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, turkey and gravy. I ate half! Not pictured - the tiny slice of shoo fly pie I ate last night ☺️
  2. Hey y’all. 5 weeks post op tomorrow and had my 1 month follow up Monday, they were really happy with my progress. During the appointment the doctor told me she wants me to try to hit 80 grams protein & 30 grams fiber a day. I’m able to get in the 60-80 gram range for protein if I drink one of my shakes a day, but the fiber goal feels really high! Even the Benefiber supplements i bought are >10 grams a day. Not sure how I can get there. Any tips? Suggestions?
  3. SassyCassie


    I take a regular women’s One A Day multi (giant pill but only once a day), plus D3 and Biotin. I started regular capsules as soon as my doctor advised I could start taking vitamins.
  4. I’m 11 days post op, still on liquids, and have had pretty bad acid reflux the last two nights. I’m waking up with sore throat and burning in my esophagus - I started on Omeprazole a few weeks prior to surgery and am taking it every morning. Does anyone have any recommendations for preventing it while I sleep?
  5. SassyCassie

    Reflux 11 Days Post Op

    No, only when I was pregnant! But when I had my endoscopy my gastro noticed my stomach lining was a little irritated which is why I started the Omeprazole prior to surgery.
  6. SassyCassie

    Reflux 11 Days Post Op

    I haven’t had reflux during the day, just while sleeping. I’m going to try not eating a few hours before bed and will ask my doctor about other meds next week.
  7. SassyCassie

    Reflux 11 Days Post Op

    Thanks! I had the sleeve on 10/23.
  8. SassyCassie

    Is a protein shake a meal or snack?

    This was actually on my list of approved foods under full liquids, as long as it’s thinned out!
  9. SassyCassie

    Fkn up Already - 1 week post op

    Girl you’re going to hurt yourself. You need to focus on sticking to your surgeon’s plan for slowly moving through liquids, purées, etc. A whole breadstick one week post op is crazy. Did your doctor clear the elliptical? You have a ton of internal work that you may not feel but it’s there and your body is healing. Don’t go too hard right now, walking is great. Why are you pushing your boundaries? You literally have done nearly all the things they told you not to do within your first week! ETA - you said you didn’t have nausea or vomiting as if you were expecting it. Not everyone does have it, you can’t bank on that deterring you from overeating.