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  1. lovinglv

    April 2020

    Surgery twins now that I have a New Surgery Date!! 🙏🏼😀 Well I went to my follow 2 week Post Op today..it was suppose to be a revision but could only remove the Lapband due to scar tissue... I walked in the office today and the Surgeon says he was “so sorry he couldn’t do both surgeries at same time.” “How does April 7th sound for your gastric bypass?” YES! Hell YES! Let’s get this done already😂
  2. lovinglv

    Lap Band Removal

    Happy New Year I just had my lapband removed 2days post op. glad to see that nightmare gone! (banded in 08) I was supposed to get a revision to gastric bypass but too much scar tissue said the surgeon... now I must wait patiently for the 3-5 month for the bypass...ugh! I was so prepared and bought so many items I would need..well guess I’ll heed it sometime in the not so far future...
  3. I’m 2008 I had a lapband installed. I have had many problems from that over the few years. they can revise that to a different surgery, to Gastric bypass or sleeve. I choose gastric bypass. they were unable to do that at this time and just removed my lapband. hope that helps..
  4. No, a revision from lapband to gastric bypass...
  5. Hi! Happy New Year! I was banded in 08. I have had problems with throwing up and slight slippage that showed in a upper Gi. The other test was an Endoscopy that showed mild esophaguses... so insurance approved a revision to gastric bypass. I just got home from the hospital and so bummed that the surgeon decided it would be best to do the bypass in 3 months....😩 I feel great, no problems with removal..
  6. lovinglv

    NYE 2019 surgery date twin?

    Glad to hear that....💜 I’m pretty sad..I had the lapband removed this morning. Surgeon said the gastric bypass surgery was not able to be done due to scar tissue...I’ll have to wait 3-6 months for that..🤨😢😢😢😢😢 Grateful for his decision....It sounds like that could of been too complicated and I want no complications obviously..keep us posted on your journey....🙏🏼❤️ Happy New Year!
  7. lovinglv

    NYE 2019 surgery date twin?

    Happy New Year to us! Im going in for band revision/gastric bypass tomorrow morning too . In La Jolla, CA *feeling pretty damn nervous.lol