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  1. Happy 53rd Birthday GramaLisa!

  2. GramaLisa

    ONLY RNYer at LBT??

    Hi Nanook, Sorry to take so long in answering your question about the ulcers. When I was only four weeks out of surgery I began throwing up for no reason, even Water. The surgeon suspected a stricture so I was sent to a doctor for endoscopy. I was given something called "twilight sleep," which was actually pretty good stuff. I remember almost nothing from the procedure and it wore off quickly with no side affects. Anyway, they doped me up and put a scope down my throat and found the stricture, two ulcers, and something called "nodularities" which I later found out were caused by the ulcers. The "nods" were biopsied and found to be benign. I think I know why without the doctor telling me how I got the ulcers. I used to smoke and I used a lot of ibuprofen prior to surgery, despite the fact my PCP kept telling me not to use either one. I quit smoking before surgery and I don't use NSAIDS anymore. I have been taking something called Aciphex for the ulcers. Before surgery I had a lot of GERD as well. I found out just recently that I had a hiatal hernia repair when I had the RNY. I don't know why I wasn't told when I was in the hospital about the second surgery! I found out last week when the final doctor bill came. I see my surgeon Thursday and believe me, I am going to ask him about that hiatal hernia bit! Happy Mother's Day! Lisa
  3. GramaLisa

    ONLY RNYer at LBT??

    Hi, I subscribe to LBT but I had RNY. Last year I started my weight loss journey with The Lap Band in mind. My surgeon said I would do better with RNY since I used to eat too much sugar. I had RNY January 8, 2009. There is a great RNY forum called ThinnerTimes if you would rather use it instead of LBT. I have had my share of post-surgical problems. A month out I started throwing up for no good reason. That turned out to be a stricture that had to be blown open. The doctor found two ulcers when he did the endoscopy and had to biopsy those. They turned out to be benign so that's a good thing. I will be taking an ulcer drug for a couple of months. My tastes have changed, eggs make me sick to my stomach, and there are times that I don't know what will make me sick and what won't. On the plus side I have lost a lot of weight and given away nearly all of my "fat girl" clothing. It's fun shopping for new clothes. The compliments are great. The sleep apnea is gone! My husband no longer wakes me to tell me to stop snoring!!! Very soon I will be able to go off of my meds for high cholesterol and high triglycerides. My back problems will never go away completely but I have far less back pain. Lisa
  4. GramaLisa

    Constant nausea

    Hi, Has anyone else who has had gastric bypass surgery have daily nausea? I am just about three months post-op and I have nausea at least once a day. My surgeon is not concerned because I am not throwing up but I am tired of being nauseated. Any suggestions? Thanks! Grama Lisa
  5. GramaLisa

    who's had gastric bypass ?

    Hi, I had my LAP RNY two weeks ago and I am feeling great! Today is the best day I have had since before surgery. I finally feel active and hungry! I have had two short walks on the treadmill today and I did some light yardwork. Nothing much, I just took out some dead flowers and put in a few bulbs. It felt great to be outside. :thumbup: I originally wanted the Lap Band but my surgeon said I would do better with RNY. The surgeon's opinion was based on my eating habits. Anyway, I have been losing about one pound a day. I have heard that the more overweight you are, the more pounds you lose daily. My BMI was lower when I started, at 37.2, with several co-morbidities. My back is feeling better already. It's cloudy out and I don't feel the usual back pain from the moisture. The GERD is gone! YAY!!!!The surgeon is pleased with my progress. The RN was impressed with my initial weight loss. They said I was doing better than expected. :biggrin: I can't wait to buy a few new clothes!!!!!! :smile: Lisa
  6. Hi Everyone, I got my surgery date, January 8, 2009, for RNY. Now I am so nervous, with the holidays coming on, my 49th birthday next week, and then surgery next month. I can't hardly eat! I am losing weight quickly, which would normally be a good thing, but at this rate my BMI will be too low to qualify for surgery! Has anyone else been so nervous that they can't hardly eat??? I thought I would be having the "Last Supper Syndrome" by now and gobbling up food like crazy. Probably by the time I have to go on the restricted two weeks diet I will be hungry as a horse and going nutso every time I pass a fast food joint! LOL!!!! Lisa
  7. GramaLisa

    Why did you choose RNY?

    I got my surgery date! I am scheduled to have my surgery on January 8, 2009. It kind of sucks for me because that's right before I am due to go back to work after our Winter Break. I work as a transportation Aide for an autistic girl. I begged and pleaded for an earlier date but no go! I don't know what I am more afraid of, asking my boss for the time off, or how my "autie" is going to react to my being gone for two weeks or more. Do you think I can get by with only taking two weeks off? I work 4 and a half hours per day, a split shift, and I am mostly just sitting on a bus. A bus driver who had GB in June seems to think that I will be ready to go back to work in only two weeks, if there are no complications. I wanted to ask about your post-op diet. After the initial healing period and pureed food stages are over the nurse at the meeting said we are only allowed to eat meat, cheese, eggs, and cottage cheese! She said we cannot have anything else until we lose 75% of our excess weight. This seems a bit limited to me. Not even a salad or veggie until we lose that weight. Personally, I like a nice green salad with dinner. That pre-op diet doesn't sound like one a person could stay on long to me. Is your diet that boring? Thanks! Grama Lisa
  8. GramaLisa

    Why did you choose RNY?

    Hi Everyone, I got approved for GB last week! I have a half-day class tomorrow for pre-op. The class is supposed to help us know what to expect and get prepared for surgery. I don't know how long until my surgery is though :thumbup:. Lisa
  9. GramaLisa

    MGB Mini Gastric Bypass

    Hi! I was just wondering, what is the difference between RNY and the mini Gastric Bypass. Thanks! Lisa
  10. I saw the nutritionist this week. That is the LAST thing I had to do before the paperwork is submitted to BCBS. The nutritionist said at a BMI of 37.2, I am not fat enough! I said I was too fat for my comfort. LOL!!!
  11. GramaLisa

    Why did you choose RNY?

    I am getting nervous, excited, apprehensive, and scared! I see the nutritionist Thursday. That is the last (I hope) thing on my check list before the paperwork goes to the insurance company!:thumbup: I don't have to do the 6 months diet with my insurance company. Does anyone know how long it generally takes to get approval/disapproval after the surgeon's office submits the paperwork? I know each ins. company is different but I am hoping it doesn't take too long. I would like to have my surgery done when our school district is on Fall Break 9-29-10-13. The surgeon thinks it's possible but I don't know how long the insurance company is going to take and how long it actually takes to set up a surgery date. :cry_smile: My doctor requires a minimum two week preparation diet before he will do the surgery. High Protein and all that. Lisa
  12. GramaLisa

    Why did you choose RNY?

    Hi Charlene, When I saw the surgeon I was given a packet at check out. Attached to the packet is a page about the Emmi program. Emmi is a program that you view online about your surgery. I go to www.my-emmi.com, then type in an access code the doctor gave me, my date of birth, and click begin. It's a short video that explains a lot about the surgery and it pauses in places and gives me an opportunity to type in any questions about the procedure at the time. I can print out the questions at the end of the video and have them ready for when I see the doctor. The video is in a cartoon format, which I liked because I can get grossed out seeing the real thing as far as the surgery goes. Lisa
  13. GramaLisa

    Why did you choose RNY?

    Thanks BabyNicole and Nanook! :Banane37: I am going to order that book and join ThinnnerTimes today. I am also going to watch a program called Emmi that was recommended by the surgeon. Thanks again!!!! Lisa
  14. GramaLisa

    Why did you choose RNY?

    Hi Everyone, I started my journey to a slimmer, healthier me three months ago. The first surgeon was an idiot and did nothing to get me started. I went to another seminar much closer to home with a great doctor. I was convinced the lap band was for me and researched it thoroughly. I even bought two books and read them cover to cover. I read just about every post I found interesting on this website. I had my first surgeon's appointment this morning. He thinks the RNY would be better for me because I am a terrible sweets eater. It didn't help any with my DH sitting there telling the doctor about my Dr. Pepper habit. So now I am having the RNY instead of lap band. Can anyone recommend any books on RNY and some websites that are good? My surgery will most likely be the beginning of October and I want to read up on everything. Thanks for any and all help! Lisa :crying:
  15. Hi, I have my first appointment Tuesday with the surgeon's PA. Does anyone have any ideas on what questions I should ask her? Thanks! Lisa

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