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    I like Heavy Metal and going to the movies and buying DVDs I have around 2000 probably
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  1. Bill Sperry


    I used to use xylimelts at new but I was going through about 6or 8 a night.Think I might get them again as long asi don’t end up swallowing one
  2. Bill Sperry


    I was just thinking about the water part.The mints sound good to have during the day as long as you do swallow them though
  3. Bill Sperry


    I have the same problem.Before surgery I had dry mouth but now after surgery my mouth is really dry especially in the morning when I brush my teeth and take my meds I almost vomit.Also I get really weak when I first get up and now for about 3 or 4 days I’ve got diarrhea and I can’t stand it
  4. Bill Sperry

    Sugar/Sweet Cravings

    I think you can have sugar free sweets like Atkins . They have sugar free m&ms and peanut butter cups.Most stores have sugar free pastries.And there is also protein bars just read the sugar content
  5. Bill Sperry

    november sleeve

    I had gastric bypass surgery on November 25 .I too am having problems with protein shakes the solid Premiere shakes . The regular Clear drinks I have no problem with but I get full after just one. How nay pan I Got is the surgery itself.Hope your feelings my better
  6. Bill Sperry

    november sleeve

    Hi nice to meet you too ! Glad you’re doing well As for me last night was the worst after my last protein shake my stomach started to hurt really bad and I kept burping and vomit 3 times .was up all night . Feeling better today but not that thirsty even though it’s know I need to get protein
  7. Bill Sperry

    5 days post op

    Yeah I might be drinking too fast or something just like right now I’m bloated after having my last protein shake
  8. Bill Sperry

    5 days post op

    Thanks that’s what I hear
  9. Bill Sperry

    5 days post op

    Well Its been 5 days since my gastric bypass surgery and hiatal hernia repair and I suddenly got out of breath weak and felt like I was gonna pass out .Also pain in the neck and shoulders. This is no fun
  10. Bill Sperry

    november sleeve

    Thanks hope you can finish the liquid diet
  11. Bill Sperry

    november sleeve

    I’m finishing my liquid diet today tomorrow is Gastric Bypass Surgery I had 2weeks liquid diet .It was easy
  12. Bill Sperry

    Loose skin and sex

    Man I guess m going to have to live with that too after surgery when I lose weight. Don’t know if i’ll Be able to afford plastic surgery
  13. Bill Sperry

    november sleeve

    Doing good only 2days left on my Liquid diet then it’s off to the hospital on Monday for my gastric bypass surgery.A little nervous
  14. Bill Sperry

    november sleeve

    Good luck tomorrow!
  15. Bill Sperry


    Ok thanks I’ll do that