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  1. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    I started on eggs; but I have also really enjoyed a turkey sausage link with steamed cauliflower rice and spinach with some Cajun spice; I made Shelly's Ricotta Bake tonight and added some spinach (yum!); I've had baked salmon, tilapia, tuna salad and rotisserie chicken. Can't eat much, 2 oz fills me up if it is meat, but it feels great to eat something with some texture. I just wish I had room for a little more vegetables!
  2. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    I actually gained weight around 3 weeks; but the scale has moved downward again. I feel like eating soft food has helped a bit. What are folks enjoying eating as they move to soft foods?
  3. lisafrommassachusetts

    Almost one year post op UPDATE

    Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment. It is so uplifting to hear these kinds of success stories. Unconscious (and probably conscious) bias against fat people is very, very real. Takes a little of the glow off losing all the weight, I would think, but you should revel in the work you did for yourself and your health! Way to go!
  4. lisafrommassachusetts

    I screwed up

    @Celeste kimberly, just climb right back on the wagon! Quitting smoking is HARD! I quit so many times before it finally stuck, and I thank the universe every day that I don't have that burden anymore. You are balancing a lot of life changes right now; one slip is not the end of the world. But think about you this time next year, healthy, thin and smoke free! You got this!
  5. lisafrommassachusetts

    Coronavirus / COVID - 19

    I'm in Western Massachusetts, and we don't have any cases here, yet, but there has been one in Worcester. I have basically had a cold with congestion and now a cough for a couple of weeks; I only had my surgery on Feb. 10, and it had been delayed for a week because I had the flu (regular flu, high fever with body aches, sinus congestion). I am also 61, so between my immune system being taxed and my age I am feeling pretty vulnerable. I am certainly not panicking, but I am working from home when I can (like today), and scheduling as many phone conferences as I can instead of in person meetings. I have both disinfectant wipes and cleanser at work, and I cleaned every surface in my office. Similarly I have cleaned our house pretty thoroughly with disinfectant cleaners, and my housekeeper is coming Monday and will do a deeper clean. We have at least 2 weeks of food in the house; I just started eating soft foods, so I have several dozen eggs, some well, Yes! soups, pre-made turkey meatballs, turkey sausage, ground turkey, chicken breasts and chicken wings in the freezer. I have several low fat cheeses, canned tomatoes, frozen spinach and kale. Of course I also have protein powder and some dry high protein soups, that aren't all that tasty but got me through "smooth" food stage. Won't be fancy, but we can certainly make it a couple of weeks. My adult son is temporarily staying with us for a couple of months, and I have pasta, hamburger, bread, and rice for him and my husband. All of our prescriptions are filled. We got a double order on "Chewy" this month so we have plenty of pet food. Having said all that, I cannot avoid being in public, my job requires it sometimes. (I am an attorney, and a litigator, so I have to go to Court, do depositions, etc.) The Courts by and large have not announced any changes, although that may be coming. I would welcome phone conferences when and if we can. I carry hand sanitizer, and I wash my hands all the time. I've become one of those people who uses a paper towel to open the bathroom door after I wash my hands! Everyone I know in the medical field thinks this is going to get worse before it gets better. I've done what I can; I will continue to follow the advice of the professionals because I know I don't know more than them. We are continuing on with our lives, we go to the supermarket frequently for fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, we went to a show last week-end. We did change plans for this week-end, we are having friends come here instead of going out, but that was really about me not wanting to go to a restaurant/pub yet. It's hard to find the balance between being responsibly prepared and overreacting to all the hype. To me, once the entire country of Italy shut down I figured maybe I should take this a little more seriously. I guess we can add "wash your hands" to watch your protein and liquids!
  6. lisafrommassachusetts

    Went from greatest NSV to crushing blow in 1 hour

    Thank goodness!! Your husband sounds like a keeper. Now you need I'm walking across Spain clothes!!
  7. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    I found it so much easier to meet the protein goals once I could eat some actual food!
  8. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    Wow! Great weight loss! A month on the liquid diet is loooong. I got to eat smooth foods after 10 days, and soft after 20. Good luck!
  9. lisafrommassachusetts

    Went from greatest NSV to crushing blow in 1 hour

    Good luck today. What a tough week-end this must have been for you. I'm hoping you are walking across Spain in 3 months!
  10. Headphones. I could not sleep the night after surgery, and I listened to music and sort of dozed. It drowned out the hospital sounds and was calming.
  11. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    4 weeks out today! I am down about 13 pounds since the day of surgery, plus the 10 I lost during the 3 week pre-op. I have lost 10% of my body weight from my high of 260 last October. On the upside: I am getting all my protein in; I'm not hungry; I seem to be getting in to more of a rhythm with this. I have had no pain to speak of. Downside: I keep getting colds, sore throats, etc. I think my immune system is just really low; I had the flu before surgery, then the surgery, and have not really gotten my strength back. I am hopeful I won't get that coronavirus! I'm still struggling with the liquids; I can get to 50, but getting to 64 is a stretch. I have not been able to significantly increase my exercise (which is just walking). Also, although I was not a heavy drinker, I did enjoy a glass of wine or a beer, and I have to learn how to meet up with friends now that I am not drinking. Seems odd to meet for a glass of water I'm looking forward to getting healthy, not feeling so run down, increasing my walking especially as the weather gets nicer, and being released to full foods so I can experiment with some different meals that I can share with my family. How are other February surgery folks doing as we move through the post op phases?
  12. lisafrommassachusetts


    @pssk: See if there is a "Dress for Success" near you. They are a great way to donate to women in need; and they are always grateful for larger sizes. There is often one for men, too. It helps people who are re-entering the work force with professional clothes for interviews and starts them off with a couple of professional outfits for work. I am one of those people who pretty rigorously purges my closets; I live in a 100 year old house and storage is limited. I have donated to Dress for Success on my way up...It will be nice to do it on the way down (I hope!) Younger ladies, if you have formal wear that you are ready to part with, see if there is a place to donate for foster kids to wear to prom. We did a drive at work for an organization that does that, it was amazing. I'm well past the age where my stuff is what they want for prom, but I did donate barely worn dress shoes and I had a rather ridiculous number of fancy clutch purses that went!,,
  13. lisafrommassachusetts


    Wow 90 grams is a lot! Can you stand having the Premier flavored drinks? They are 30 G each. Also, I drink Bone Broth, Swanson, and that has protein and counts toward your clear liquids. I have been making a little omelet for breakfast; 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of egg beaters and 1 tbl. shredded low fat cheddar; 23 G. Also, I am amazed, and jealous, that you get to have coffee! Good luck!
  14. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @ResaRoo, it is nice to know I am not alone! All we can do is keep to the plan. I expected to be a "slow loser"; part pessimism, part my age, part my thyroid issues, part that I don't exercise robustly. But gaining seems just rude!
  15. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    How far out are you from surgery? I hope you start to feel better!
  16. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    My surgery was 2/10, and this week I GAINED A POUND AND A HALF!!!! I am trying not to overreact; I have been weighing and/or measuring everything; I have met my protein goals every day, my liquids have been between 48 and 60, I am walking every day, slowly trying to gain some stamina. I have bad arthritis in both knees, and I walk several times a day for 10 to 15 minutes, and get up every hour and walk a bit. I went back to work this week, which seemed to make it easier to fall into a rhythm. I track everything on My Fitness Pal, including my vitamins. My calories have ranged from a low of 480 to a high of 632. I am on soft foods, and am eating things like 2 oz. of rotisserie chicken, 2 slices of deli turkey breast with 1 tbsp. of low fat cheddar cheese rolled up in the slices. I have to just keep the faith, but boy is this frustrating!!!!
  17. lisafrommassachusetts

    7 days Post Op and scared

    You are fine. Our heads play games with us. Enjoy the soup, it is a nice break from the protein drink and the water.
  18. lisafrommassachusetts

    Went from greatest NSV to crushing blow in 1 hour

    What scary news. It is a bit of a blessing and a curse I guess to be medically so astute! However you sound like you have pretty amazing medical providers, which will undoubtedly help going through this. I hope you are in the 15%, of course. But if it is cancer, you know that it is a world away from the old days where treatment was so limited. I wish you, and your family, strength and hope as you walk this path.
  19. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    Wow, that does seem like a long time on clear liquids; I had protein shakes starting the next morning, although I could not get it down. Good luck! Can you tolerate broth? That might give you a little break.
  20. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    We have the same surgery date! It looks like you've lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks; that is way better than I'm doing; 12 pounds in 3 weeks. I was getting on the scale every day, I'm now going to just weigh on Mondays.
  21. lisafrommassachusetts

    Before and after 95# wt loss pics

    Wow! You look terrific! Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. lisafrommassachusetts

    Fairlife is awesome!

    Confusing. The smaller one has 26g of sugar, but the biggest one only has 5!
  23. lisafrommassachusetts

    Fairlife is awesome!

    @MarvelGirl25; Some of the Fairlife Shakes have very high carbs; some have lower, but then you end up with less protein. Here is a label from one of their chocolate shakes: you'll see it has 11 g of Sugar and 17g total carb. Some are even higher! If the above one is for a shake, I'd love to try it, because the milk is really tasty.
  24. lisafrommassachusetts

    Fairlife is awesome!

    Is this the nutritional information for the shakes, or for the milk?
  25. lisafrommassachusetts

    Does it get easier?

    Hello! I am 3 weeks out. I am actually eating soft foods now, and I am still struggling with the fluid. One thing that made it easier is I was not counting the water I was using in my protein shakes, and now I am, so that helped. I found it easier to drink crystal light with about 50% more water than recommended. I also am lucky because I really like chicken bone broth, and that gives me fluids and some protein. I also have bought a variety of herbal teas; I like mint, ginger and a licorice tea. I add a little Stevia, and it is nice break from plain water or the sweet, sweet taste of the protein shakes or the crystal light. The first couple of weeks I was eating a lot of frozen popsicles, sugar free. They are 2 oz of fluids per small pop, so not a great bang for your buck. Good luck, it does get easier, but I am still really conscious of making myself drink all day. On the upside, you do have to get up from your desk a lot to go to the bathroom!