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  1. lisafrommassachusetts

    April 29th 2019 Surgiversary

    Congratulations on your weight loss; I am so sorry you are having so many other health related issues. It must be very hard during this pandemic to have to wait to confer with your doctors. Good luck, I hope you get some answers and some relief!
  2. lisafrommassachusetts

    Hit my surgeon's goal weight!

    You look great... healthy and happy Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. lisafrommassachusetts

    What are you BINGEING????

    Great shows you have all listed! Here are a couple of others that we really liked: comedies : Derry Girls; Super Store; Key and Peele; Dramas: Dublin Murders; Broad Church; Sharp Objects; Big Little Lies; Sci-Fi: Picard (now free on CBS all access); Black Mirror (think modern and freakier Twilight Zone...you may want to skip the 1st one);
  4. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    Hey all! Hoping everyone is doing well during this anxious time. I am not sure I would have chosen to have this surgery done right before this pandemic...All my friends are stress eating and having virtual happy hours and I am counting proteins and sipping water! lol. I'm (mostly) kidding; at least when this is FINALLY over I won't have an additional umptydump number of pounds to lose. I do miss wine..... I just hit 25 pounds since the day of surgery; about 2.5 pounds per week, which is steady and fine by me, although not the really staggering numbers some folks have! But I'm 61, I have hypothyroidism, and a bum knee, so I know it is not going to fall off me, although frankly I am grateful for this loss! I am walking, walking, walking and I am hitting 10,000 steps almost every day, which I am thrilled with. I have half heartedly started some arm exercises, which I hope to step up. I am using MyFitnessPal to track everything and just found out they have a recipe converter! Game changer. I am playing around with new recipes, which I am really enjoying. Tonight I am making a pesto/spaghetti squash casserole with turkey meatballs. I'd love to know what folks are eating/enjoying. My current biggest challenges: I need to get serious with some strength training(!); My water intake is a daily struggle (I forget to sip, and then the number is daunting!) and I am really struggling to NOT "snack" at night. I cannot be trusted around mixed nuts or peanut butter....One day at a time. Re: vitamins. The chewable multivitamin was making me gag and it kept getting worse; Finally I checked in with my team (regular visit) and they said I could use capsules but I need to open it and put it in applesauce. Happily done! I just ordered some new calcium chews. I ordered some swallowable calcium but they are horse pills! even chopping them in 2 I could not get them down. These are scary times, and I hope you all are able to share this "lock down" time with supportive family and friends and that you and those you love are staying safe and well. However the world looks when we come out of this, at least we have this opportunity to continue this journey towards healthier versions of us!
  5. lisafrommassachusetts


    Hey Grace! Sorry things are going so slowly for you! I have been a slow loser without the surgery, as well as pretty slow since; sounds like you were able to lose weight more rapidly before. I also feel like time is moving SOOOOO slowly during this pandemic that it makes it even worse! I am sorry you feel so hungry. Have you tried eating your desired amount (say 2 oz. of protein plus some veggies;) waiting 10 minutes and if you still feel hungry slowly eating some more protein? If you fee "sated" that may make you less hungry for longer. Might be worth a try. For what it is worth, I am not filled up by the protein drinks, although i know some folks are. I also use a different kind of protein drink that does not use artificial sugars, so that may be why. As a result, I use the drink as an after dinner "snack"; if I feel particularly hungry I mix it with Fairlife milk (1/2 cup). Big protein hit, and stops me (usually) from other mindless snacking. Late night eating is my Achilles heel! My latest item I need to keep the heck out of my house is mixed nuts....I will try to "eat a handful" and before I know it I've blown 200 calories! Hang in there Grace; I hope the scale starts to move, the weather gets better, the pandemic ends, and all of our spirits start to lift!
  6. lisafrommassachusetts


    @iamgrace I am so sorry you are struggling! What a terrible 6 weeks you've had, and now the whole dahm world has turned inside out. I have been adding fiber to my first glass of water every day...2 tsp... that has helped me get more regular. Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. lisafrommassachusetts


    I guess I am the exception, but I was not told to not eat bacon or sausage; I pretty regularly have 1 turkey sausage link with my breakfast. It only has 4 grams of protein, but 4 grams for 35 calories is a pretty big protein hit. I try for about 15 grams (or more) of protein per meal/snack. You could try a link or 2 of turkey sausage and some cream of wheat with some plain protein powder added to get a higher protein breakfast. By the way, I also make various dishes using Italian style turkey sausages; turkey chili, Cajun style sausage and beans with cauliflower rice, or a tomato and sausage crumble over spaghetti squash with some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. I am 2 months post sleeve. I have lost 23 pounds since surgery, and 33 pounds including the 3 weeks of pre surgery diet. I am happy with my weight loss, it is not the huge numbers some people have, but I look at an average of 3 pounds a week as a good rate. I have not "cheated" since the surgery, but the rules from my team are pretty loose; hit your protein goals, hit your fluid goals, and then fill in (if you can) with fruits and vegetables.
  8. lisafrommassachusetts

    Ritz Crackers

    @catwoman7; I have consistently found your advice and comments incredibly helpful, clear and reassuring. Thank you for spending time on this forum helping all us "newbies." @BecomingAnna; I agree with everyone that you should be in touch with your team. You are really low on calories; my team has stressed protein, protein, protein and hydration. They actually warned against fasting. There are a lot of emotional "head" issues with this major change in lifestyle. I encourage you to try to get a teledoc appointment with a nutritionist, your surgeon, a PA or a psychologist asap. As to the ritz crackers, they seem like a symptom of a bigger issue, you need some help (as do we all) in learning how to schedule meal events in a healthy way.
  9. lisafrommassachusetts

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    I had my first tele-health follow up from the surgery today. I spoke with a PA for about 20 minutes; It was very helpful, although in fairness I am not having any real issues. She is happy with the amount of my weight loss so far, happy that I am walking 10,000 steps per day, was happy with my water/protein numbers. I had done a weekly report from MFP on calories, protein, etc. My average calories are just over 700, and the average protein is 67 per day, both of which she said were fine. She encouraged me to add some light weights, she said not to buy anything,, look online, and use full water bottles as weights. My program (Brigham/Womens in Boston) does not recommend counting calories, just lead with protein. On a much more somber note, most of the hospital is now devoted to treating virus patients. She was calling from her home; she has a young child. She is returning to the hospital next week, in a different capacity. She said she is not entirely sure yet where, but clearly it will be dealing with hospitalized patients. I am embarrassed to say I broke down and cried while speaking with her; while I bemoan how bored I am and that I can't see my family and friends, these medical personnel are literally risking their own health. Thank you sure rings hollow. Least I can do is figure out how to help flatten the curve. Hope you all are well! And staying safe.
  10. lisafrommassachusetts

    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    @Danny Paul; I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. These are terrifying times, and people are going through so much. You are so right when you say being kind really does make a difference. That and stay home. My thoughts are with you. Stay well.
  11. lisafrommassachusetts

    What kind of pasta are you eating?

    @sillykitty, those look delicious. I'll add this to my next Amazon order...
  12. lisafrommassachusetts

    What kind of pasta are you eating?

    @sillykitty, that is a lot of protein! How is the taste?
  13. lisafrommassachusetts

    What kind of pasta are you eating?

    I had about a 1/2 cup (cooked) of Banza Chickpea pasta for dinner yesterday; the taste was fine, and there was 11 g. of protein, but pretty high in carbs (26) and relatively caloric. I think for now I'll stick with zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. I can see using this pasta once I (if I ever do...) get to maintenance.
  14. lisafrommassachusetts

    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    I'm so sorry everything is getting de-railed for you! But it sounds like you have a lot of willpower, a great attitude, and a supportive partner. You've got this.
  15. lisafrommassachusetts

    Three Month Mark

    Wow! What impressive numbers! I'm so glad that you are doing so well. I'm not losing at anywhere near your rates, but I feel a whole lot better, too.
  16. lisafrommassachusetts

    Gaining weight 1 month post op!

    Your body reacts to rapid weight loss by filling all those empty fat cells with water. It is water weight. Keep on your plan, stay off the scale for a week or 10 days, keep drinking water. Been there, and it does go away.
  17. lisafrommassachusetts

    Wondering WHY I did it!

    Hello Grace! I hope you are weathering our quarantine as well as you possibly can. I am also losing sloooowly, but I am thrilled with losing it at all! I had my surgery on February 10th, and I weighed 248 that day. I am now just a smidge under 228; so 20 pounds in 7 weeks. I have occasionally lost 3 pounds on the first week of a diet, maybe here and there throughout a diet, but averaging nearly 3 pounds a week feels pretty good to me! I am starting to feel a lot more energy, and as the days get longer and a bit warmer, I'm looking forward to taking longer walks in the days ahead. So many people out walking about with the quarantine on, I hope they don't close the parks. Stay in touch! I enjoy reading about everyone's journey.
  18. lisafrommassachusetts

    What do you eat after 6 weeks post op!

    I have never been that thrilled with the turkey burgers I make at home, but I found a recipe and tried it last night and it was pretty good! I tweaked it a bit...but the key was you add 1/2 cup ricotta! It keeps it from getting so dry, and it is low fat and adds a bit of protein. I used diced onions (the recipe called for dried onions or onion powder, neither of which I had), a bit of crushed red pepper, and some Montreal steak seasoning. I got the pan very hot and did a quick sear on each side, then med/low for 8 minutes per side. I topped it with some thinly sliced Irish cheese and a thin wedge of avocado. My husband and son loved theirs, too. I had about 1/2 a burger, which weighed (cooked) at a smidge over 2 oz. I'm going to play around with this for Italian seasoned meatballs next.
  19. lisafrommassachusetts


    I think the quarantine may be getting to us all. @marvelgirl25 the sorry you're going through all this, and what a scary time to need medical intervention. @summerset is a very helpful teammate... remember we lose tone and nuance in this type of medium. No one wants anything but to be supportive and helpful. Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
  20. lisafrommassachusetts

    Went from greatest NSV to crushing blow in 1 hour

    Best of luck, and so, so glad it was not more serious.
  21. lisafrommassachusetts

    3 months post op

    Congratulations! And enjoy the return to coffee. I got to have it after 40 days...I am amazed at what a difference it made in my energy level....
  22. Still on all liquids, but I am thinking I'd like to get a really good bariatric cookbook for when I get on solid foods. Suggestions for ones that are good, or warnings for ones that are "don't waste your time". I am a pretty good cook.
  23. lisafrommassachusetts

    Happy Sleevaversary To Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 3/27/19

    You look terrific, strong and happy. Congratulations!
  24. lisafrommassachusetts

    My 6 month post-op surgeon visit results

    Congratulations! You look great
  25. lisafrommassachusetts

    Stalling for TWO MONTHS.

    If you had surgery 2 months ago you have lost 34 pounds. Am I missing something? Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app