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  1. Went to the hospital's clinical nutritionist today, and she told me to eat more oats and try healthy cereals. I am so glad that someone has given me "permission" to eat grain.  I have a stressful relationship with grains😬 

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    2. MsMocie


      I feel the issue with grain is that it is so undecided. Some people treat it like the devil. Others pile on grain. I am not talking about eating fine white baking flour with a spoon. But oats, one of the healthiest things that can be eaten in the world. I should be allowed to eat it - but it is a metal blockage for me were I wonder is bad or is it good for me, like really?

      I haven't eaten much bread for years, but sometimes it would be nice to just make a sandwich, easy and guilt free without having to cook something.

      I didn't think I had lost a significant of weight either the past 2 months, but it turns out I lost 11 kgs for 10 weeks 😮 She straight out said to me "the weight is just falling off you, and you need to eat more, you will benefit from grains". Never in my life has someone said to me until the past 2-3 months "eat more"😂

    3. Arabesque


      I swear I eat more now than I did most days when I was overweight - only ate one or two meals a day. Now it’s three meals & three snacks. I ate rolled oats throughout my weight loss though then a serve lasted three or four days now it’s two days. It does get so confusing: you shouldn’t eat this then oh yes you can eat that. I think moderation is the key in everything for us now. Rolled oats, a small slice of bread or crackers a couple of times a week should be ok as long as they’re nutritious multigrains. It’s not like eating a whole packet of biscuits or a full loaf of bread in one go. Add one multi/whole grain to your diet & see how you go.

    4. Krestel


      I totally agree with you Arabesque. Now that Im trying to maintain weight, I feel like Im eating tons. Thank gawd I have a food journal because when I look back on it, it says that Im not eating as much as I think Im eating. I swear this whole smaller stomach thing has affected my mind as well. Maybe they gave me a labotomy while I was asleep? But honestly it's suprising how my stomach has given me the signals that Im overeating when in reality Im not.