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  1. Let me complete my Cross Gender Paper work and will be back in touch!
  2. AJ Tylo

    What to avoid on purée?

    Go slow and very slow. I would start with the basic purees Soups and soft foods pureed - One thing i can tell you for sure many here have F#$cked up and pushed it. Let you body decide what is ready for I would start with Egg drop soup pureed and Lentil soup pureed Avoid all creamy things for the next few weeks
  3. No two are the same - for example the guys here slam the weight off Who really cares about time or per month- you are rocking it and getting healthy, Keep up the good work and congratulations.
  4. AJ Tylo

    Fears and questions

    WOW ..... First of all welcome and there are a bunch of us here that had the same issues you do! 1. Is it worth it? This is really a stupid question but i will answer it .... You need to read my history of posts because every question you have here I have answered 20 times already! You have two options, a. Stay the way you are addicted to food and on a direct path to disease that will make you miserable and you will end up dead shortly. You have a addiction like everyone on this site and it will kill you! B. Put on your big girl panties get the surgery which is only a tool and get you life back, You are huge right now and i will tell you if you use this tool properly it will save you life! NOBODY HERE REGRETS SAVING THERE LIFE AND GETTING HEALTHY! NO REGRETS 2. is life normal? There is no normal! Yes my life is better I can actually breath move and do things i never could do when i was fat, unhealthy, overweight and getting ready for the URN! 3. Support Group? F@#ck your support group. This is you decision and you have to do it, Poeple will help you and you have all the support you need right here! But WTF are you already looking for others to carry you when this is your problem, reach deep and be ice queen and get this done. Any support you get will be a benifit but you have to have the mind set to do this! Just do it! 4. Lose weight first? Depends on how you are paying. I payed cash so i did not have to lose anything just sign the papers and 7 days later was under the knife! But some insurances i have seen run you thru the ringer first. You are already reaching for excuses to not do it. Not a good sign 5. skin? Really you are worried about skin, So you have some lose skin...... Beats carrying 240 plus pounds on you heart and body that will kill you! For me as a male was not a issues. and BTW loose 300 pounds and then go in for the Mommy makeover sugery. Once again you are lookin for a out to not be healthy! 6. Hair lose? Not really a issue and it does end so no long term issue. Ok now that you know me i am a straight shooter that will tell it like it is! Do not take it personally just the facts. What i see from your post is someone who is making every excuse and reason to not get healthy. this tool will save your life bottom line and everyone here will help you do it. Read this site and look at how many people have saved there own lifes and become healthy. Including me@
  5. You guys pick ordering it Friday - Office desks Clean and simple look desk.webp Desk TWO.webp
  6. www.Slab2shingles.com Nothing to hide! DANG FLORIDA IS OFFICIALLY ON LOCK DOWN! THIS IS GOING TO SUCK. OH DEAR! Just emailed him and wanted him to sign my bill? Booty call visits are essential business! One thing about this thread is I have not been to my website since before the surgery I think, Better re-do it kinda boring.
  7. Going to do this to my kids this Friday - Going to get them all wound up about a deluxe barbecue meal
  8. @AJ Tylo lots of nice pictures of you on your website.- Dang forgot about those need to update them, Dang that was shortly after surgery and I was still huge! The video cracks me up. Have to be about 325 in that video, Shirt was a little loose a 4x FYI those were all staged Pics, I have younger inspectors now.
  9. AJ Tylo

    How slowly do I you eat??

    For the first few months I just snacked- Not into timers and small plates and weighing stuff. I took the snacking grazing method. For example my go to food was popcorn shrimp. So i would cook out about 7 oz and put them in a bowl under a heat lamp. then I would just grab a few while doing other stuff and by the time you know it they are gone. I still to this day do not sit down and eat a meal, My kids do and i stand near by but find it much easier to eat very very slowly throughout the day
  10. AJ Tylo

    Super hungry!

    Definitely a pain at that stage, Try using these little broths right before bed - It worked for me and i would leave it on the nightstand if it acted up would take a sip or two https://www.amazon.com/Swanson-Sipping-Broth-Chicken-10-75/dp/B07RYVZ7DG/ref=sr_1_23?keywords=keurig+individual+broth+cups&qid=1585653175&sr=8-23
  11. AJ Tylo

    Super hungry!

    NOPE YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY SEARCH THIS SITE FOR HEAD HUNGER! Its you head and addiction to eating! Trust me we all have been there, stop thinking about food and fix the noggin. There are a ton of posts here about that and you are right in the time line.
  12. AJ Tylo

    next step

    Carpe Diem I look at it this way - Can not change it so just ride it out!
  13. AJ Tylo

    Quarantine 15

    Re Doing my offices! And waiting to see if the Governor considers Botty calls a essential service! Just ignore food and keep busy
  14. Took me about 2 months and the first two was on some little yellow pill Also do not drink or eat a hour or so before going horizontal, that really helped me