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    VSG 10-11-16<br /><br /> Height: 5’1”<br /><br /> SW: 213.7 lbs<br /><br /> Day of surgery: 207 lbs<br /><br /> Goal Weight: 127 lbs<br /><br /> Current Weight: 159 lbs<br /><br /> Lowest weight: 144 lbs October ‘17<br /><br />
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    Spinning, motivational books, and cats 🐾
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    Weight regain...I don't know where to start.

    Hello everyone. I was wondering the same thing. I had my sleeve in 2016. I had issues with GERD from the beginning since I had heartburn from time to time before my surgery. I was 207 on day of and 147 at my lowest 11 months later, and I was skeletal! I did love being so lean yet I still had horrible acid. My surgeon had suggested I had the gastric bypass but I worried that as I aged I would waste away in my senior years. Then COVID hit. No gym, just hunkering down at home. I have gained 25 lbs during quarantine. I also had a baby in September. I’m 5’1 and hate the weight on me. And the GERD keeps me from sleeping. Would I be able to get a revision that Medicaid will cover? Also, my sleep apnea is back.

    Hunger 3 years post op, Regain

    @FluffyChix, thank you for that explanation. I never thought of that. You are so wise! I will up my water intake, minus the cranberry juice 🥤

    Hunger 3 years post op, Regain

    @Torriluv02, thank you so much for such detailed account! I’m so happy to be back on the app and taking everything in. Everyone’s response has helped me sooo much in getting focused and remembering why I had the surgery in the first place. Not an excuse, but it’s been so hard with work and family and life happening. No one knows I’ve had Bariatric surgery. I have kept it a secret because experience with my people has taught me its best this way.

    NYC Metroplus

    That doctor is out of line. She has to separate her personal feelings on recommending the best health outcome for you. With that said, definitely look into what @GreenTealael suggested. I have no knowledge this is done, as I’m the only person I know that has had WLS. Definitely also bring up your primary care doctor’s lack of cooperation into your care to your psychiatrist and how it’s affecting you. His recommendation based on how this is affecting you may trump your primary care doctor’s decision. It will be a process, just be patient. Do everything you can to favor a surgery date for you! You are your own advocate. Good luck!!

    Hunger 3 years post op, Regain

    So amazing @Rainbow_Warrior! Thank you! So at this point of our post-op journey, as long as we don’t go over 1300 calories we’re safe? I too have been going from 800-1000 this past week. The biggest no no I never truly adhered to was not drinking with my food. I’m learning so much. I don’t take vitamins or other supplements, I see everyone is on them. I honestly don’t know why we have to. I’m forever cold. I have definitely asked my primary doctor why am I ravenous all day, he thinks it’s bc of the GERD, or that I might be anxious.

    Hunger 3 years post op, Regain

    Thank you @FluffyChix 😊 It is the hardest part to reset. I am ravenous all day! I can’t drink water by itself unless it’s icy cold and I add some cranberry juice to it, not for flavor but for color 🤦🏻‍♀️, I know, I know 🤯 The reason I have gone back on this app is bc my surgeon relocated last year and her partner, I just could not get on with him. I don’t have my post-op instructional binder (long story) I did get the instructions from obesityaction.org, but there’s nothing there for someone who’s 3 years out. So I can’t wait to hear what the veterans have been upto 🤓

    Hunger 3 years post op, Regain

    @AchieveGoals, yes I do. Never had an issue with it pre-op. Some days are better than others and your diet is contingent to its severity.
  8. Same. 3 years post-op VSG, and I try to keep my fiber up. Broccoli, sweet peppers, chia seeds. I do use MCT Oil once a week in my coffee and that gets things moving. I have long suffered from constipation all my life, and like someone mentioned above, a once a week purge with Dulcolax and lots of water, sure gets things going. Good luck!

    Hair Loss [emoji45]

    Same. 3 years out and still losing hair. Lots of thinning at the hair line and temples, ugh 😔
  10. I had my gastric sleeve done in October ‘16. On the day of my surgery I was 207 lbs and by July ‘17 I was 144. I loved that weight. Initially after surgery I had no hunger. I could barely consume 200 calories a day for the first 4 months. For a long time after that, I struggled to get to 800 calories. My surgeon wanted me to increase my caloric intake bc I wasn’t eating enough. And honestly I really didn’t want to eat solids. Fast forward to Spring ‘18. I was ravenous. Still am. I’m hungry all the time. I’ve had some regain. Currently I’m 160, and I’m 5’1”. Not exactly obese but not as lean as I used to be. Based on my physiological composition 135 is ideal. This took a long time for me to accept as according to the BMI chart for someone my height, my weight should be between 97- 132 lbs. 133 lbs was my goal, but I would be happy to be back at 144lbs. Any advice? What can I do to stop the hunger pangs? I’ve begun keto, but have found the dairy keeps me looking and feeling bloated. Atkins? And can we eat as much as we want until we feel full? Or do we still have to adhere to small servings like during post-op stage 4? Also, I feel so guilty I can now eat a lot more than during my first year post-op, I feel like I don’t have the restriction, and I’m scared to come to terms with this. I definitely don’t serve myself the way I did pre-op, but I’m guessing that’s just bc I’m in fear of gaining more weight. Could I have stretched out my sleeve? Any feedback from this amazing community would be so useful! Thanks everybody :)

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