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  1. I bought my daughter that book, and she LOVE it! It is really helping her. She wanted me to post and thank you!
  2. https://amihungry.com/programs/mindful-eating-for-bariatric-surgery/get-started/
  3. SueM165

    Now when I see MO people...

    I started eating healthy a few years ago. Just discovered some food triggers on this journey! Fixed what I can, and working on the rest! I haven't shared the fact that I am having surgery with many people. I just don't want to hear all the horror stories, or be belittled for "failing" to do this on my own, and taking the "easy" way out! This past 6 months just getting TO the surgery has been no picnic! LOL And I know easy street doesn't start on 24 September! This is a life long commitment now! I know people like the above. Complain about their weight, aches, pains, medical issues, all while pounding down a Big Mac and fries, snack cakes, candy, chips, etc! My tongue bleeds now, from biting it. I am going to need some real control later on! You can't help those who don't want it!
  4. SueM165

    Non Scale Victories

    Less back pain!! I have incredible back pain, and have been trying to lose this weight, on my own, for what feels like EVER! Exercising is hard because I am 1) out of shape, 2) in constant pain and 3) sometimes don't have the energy to get dressed let alone haul my bulky behind to the left, to the right, ok, jump now! Um, no. Let's not! LOL Physical therapy just about kills me, and I hate that my stomach gets in the way! I know for a fact, getting some of this weight of the front will help my poor spine immensely! Congrats on feeling better, and... having more clothes. I have a box that has been through 5 moves that have some of my favorite things! I love knowing I will wear them again someday! My husband laughs at my refusal to ditch them every move. He ain't laughing now, boy! LOL He is as excited as I am for this surgery! We know it will be life changing for both of us (I am watching his food like a hawk these days! LOL), I can't wait to not be too tired and in too much pain to go anywhere or do anything! I can take the tired, and I can take the pain, but the 2 of them have been sucking the life out of me... literally!
  5. My best friend had the surgery in Feb. We visited in July and she literally looks half her size! I was shocked when she said she had only lost 45 pounds!!! That is only 9 pounds a MONTH, so just a bit over 2 a week. The scale is NOT the only measure! You are only 2 weeks out of surgery. I can only hope to be half as active as you 2 weeks after mine! Toss your scale out the window! Besides, if you lose it all too fast, look at the other side of that coin... your skin won't even have a hope of keeping up, and then you will have that issue to deal with!
  6. Thanks to the information here & the Baritastic app, Thanks for the insight, you are right! I have already switched to smaller silverware, and am way more mindful of chewing and eating slowly! True, I could use that money to get more protein soups from here! LOL Just put an order in, so I will have some yummy things the day before surgery, and to look forward to afterwards! I also treated myself to some Premier Protein, Pumpkin Spice flavor! YUM!
  7. My 24yo daughter was just diagnosed with BED. I probably do fall into that category, after being with her at the Drs., but when I started seeing a nutritionist at the beginning of my journey (Surgery is in 20 days!), I actually set alarms to make sure I ate at reasonable intervals. I could never choke down anything for breakfast, but she approved a protein shake replacement meal, and I have been religious with that. That cut down the binges to almost nothing! I figure out my days meal, put them in the Baritastic App (MUCH better than My Fitness Pal!), follow my alarms, and the only time I slipped up, I missed a lunch, because we were away from home longer than I thought we would be, and didn't want fast food. In hindsight, it probably would have been better grab a salad or something from a fast food joint! Growing up, I had a step-parent who used food as reward/punishment, so I know I have food issues, but being aware of them is half the battle. My daughter probably just picked up my (bad) eating habits, and after talking, she realizes that she uses take out food as "treats." So not getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants makes triggers her eating way more than she should, after trying to be "good" and restricting her eating. I will tell her about that book as well. It doesn't help she is short and round and her brothers are all tall and thin! My husband & I are both short and round; the runts of our litters! I also had a boredom snacking issue, but I started crocheting again. It is definitely a widespread problem! I don't allow my husband to eat snacks or anything just out of the bag. I make him put a portion in a dish. That way he is more mindful of what he is shoveling in, since he has to think about it & get up if he wants more. Now that my arthritis is acting up, I play Sims 4, and World of Warcraft, which take concentration. If I am focusing on something else, I don't think about eating until the alarm goes off! LOL And I don't eat at the computer. I also have severe back pain, and discovered a bad day was a trigger. If I am in a lot of pain, I want ALL the comfort food! Now, I just remind myself, the alarm hasn't gone off yet, and I am "eating to live, NOT living to eat!" So, my journey along this path is helping her, and my husband! I tell them we are all going to get healthy if it kills us! LOL I can't wait to be "not hungry." I sort of joke about the grehlin monster who is going to be evicted soon. I can finish a fantastic meal, and be seriously hungry an hour later, with stomach pains, gurgling, the whole nine yards! Even long before starting to eat healthy, I was always hungry and not satisfied for long. I was terrified of the 2-week pre-op diet! I started a week early, but have 3 protein shakes, a meal, and a celery, carrots or dill pickles as snacks. It has been kind of hard, but I just distract myself until it is time to eat again. Knowing "relief" is a few, short weeks away helps. That and knowing how much better the surgery will be if I do the right things! Glad you are doing well after yours!
  8. SueM165

    Any September Sleevers?

    I have to go for 2 weeks, with the last day being only liquids. I knew this was gonna be hard, so I decided to start early, and pare it down as I go. Right now I am at 3 protein shakes, an Atkin's Lasagna or Pizza (the only 2 I think taste pretty good!) for dinner, with carrots, celery and and dill pickles - not all at once! LOL Just in between when my brain is telling me I am STARVING! I started that on Sunday, so... 3 days in and it is getting a bit easier to not focus on my foolish brain! And lots & lots of water! I ordered some of the soups from here, so I will have them that liquid day.
  9. SueM165

    Any September Sleevers?

    I haven't had the pre-op stuff done yet, but they said it would be about 3 weeks out from surgery. Of course, we had the holiday this week I see the surgeon on Thursday this week, so will probably get my pre-op diet info then, and schedule the bloodwork and whatnot. I did the paperwork last visit, so we shall see! And same to you! Good luck, and easy healing!
  10. Has anyone every heard of this? There is a book, and workbook to use after surgery to learn "mindful eating." It looks interesting and I was wondering if anyone had ever, or is, using it. It looks interesting, but just wondering if it is worth the $40USD! Everything in it can probably be found on the internet, but I don't think I am going to have the time or energy for that, right after surgery.
  11. You know what to watch for, from other's bad experiences. The lifestyle changes aren't going to be as hard as you think! My best friend had the surgery in Feb. When I was out visiting this summer, she gave me tons of tips and tricks. I gave up all carbonated beverages, have been practicing smaller bites and eating slower. I already did 2 protein shakes a day, with one high protein/ low carb dinner, and healthy snacks here and there. 40+ years of soda addiction (in the last 3 I changed to carbonated waters), and I gave up carbonation overnight! Didn't hurt that we were in Vegas, in June! LOL You've put in the time, the waiting, and all the steps, don't let fear stop you now. Don't try to look so far ahead! One day at a time!! You are 2 months out; make some small changes here and there. You have time. As ANewStart4Me said, things that you felt you couldn't live without before, will just be nasty after surgery. My BF said the same. Maybe your surgery will help your husband! You can support each other. It might be worth it to find a local, in person support group. My surgeon actually made me go before surgery, as well as going after. Support for what you are going through, and to help you through your tough times is going to be critical!! My family is super supportive, and we have been trying new recipes that we all can eat eventually. We have found many that are really good, and good for you. I LOVE knowing I won't eat nearly as much of them after surgery, as I do now!
  12. SueM165

    Any September Sleevers?

    Another September 23rd here! PHEW! Long 7 months (psych eval took 2 MONTHS to get to my surgeon!), but so close I can't stand it! Insurance required: 6 month of dietician and weigh-in (lost a grand total of 10 pounds as I already eat pretty healthy), cardiologist, psych eval and pulmonologist. Surgeon required: endoscopy and support group meetings. Then my insurance kept me on pins & needles for 3 weeks pending approval. But it's all done but the crying', as they say! LOL More excited than nervous. The only thing that scares me is the limited pre-op diet! I've warned family that I am going to be hungry, tired and very grouchy; got my apologies in early! I'll probably try to sleep most of it away. Have to meet with the pre-op educator in about a week for finally details.
  13. SueM165

    June 2019

    Me (on the left), with my best friend, who had her surgery in Feb. 2019!