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    So today is my 1 year post-op anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to Me! (well I guess it would be more appropriate to say Happy Anniversary to me AND my sleeve...couldn't have got to this point without it).
    I started off at 235 lbs at the beginning of my 2-week pre-op liquid diet, and this morning I clocked in at 113 lbs even.  That is a total loss of 122 lbs, or over half my original size (51.9% total body weight lost, thankyouverymuch).  Most of the weight came off in the first 7 months when I reached goal.  I lost another 15 or so lbs after that while I adjusted into maintenance.  I am very happy ecstatic with where I am and have been maintaining more or less between 115 and 120 lbs for the past 4 months.  (NOTE: as I write this I am a little bit under my desired range, but I have a cold so that's ok ).
    Here are some stats.  I have kept meticulous records throughout this process, because well, I love spreadsheets, and I'm totally anal like that:

    You can see some pictures of me before surgery as well as some more recent pics in the "Albums" section/tab in my profile here at BariatricPal.  I have an shock-inducing side-by-side before and after pic in just my underwear, but I'm not willing to share that with the world, LOL.  Just trust me that you would totally go OMG.  Hahahhaha.
    I was very strict with my diet during the weight loss phase.  I kept carbs verrrrrrry low.  I exercised almost every single day.  I tracked every bite of food in MyFitnessPal.  I drank at minimum 2 litres of water a day.  I weighed myself every morning at the same time.  I took my body measurements every Wednesday.  Now, 4.5 months into maintenance, with the exception of the strict diet and low carb intake, I still do all these things.  It became habit.  A good habit.
    My restriction, while still very much there, is a lot less restricted than it was before.  I only dump mildly now if I have too much sugar (while before I would barf/diarrhea explosively and basically need to lie down or pass out, now the discomfort is limited to a racing heart and an upset tummy).  However, I still get the need-to-barf feeling and the foamies if I eat too much or too fast.  While not as slow as before, it does still take me 45 mins to an hour to eat a proper meal.
    I believe my maintenance calories is around 1900-2000 a day (anything less than that, I notice the scale moving downward...a benefit of both weighing myself and tracking my food every single day).
    I feel like a totally different person now, and yet at the same time, am the exact same person that I was pre-surgery.  I'm still me, just smaller, healthier, less irritable, more active, more CONFIDENT.  I love to run, to go out with friends and family, to try new things, to go SHOPPING.
    Life is Good.

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