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  1. Lbtnew

    Wine 2 days in a row

    Thank you for sharing. I had been feeling so guilty but you all make me feel better. I was visiting my daughter out of state who just broke off a wedding engagement and we had some mother daughter wine, I am going on a girls weekend in November and would like to have a guilt free glass or 2
  2. From my phone I would hit the box that says "quote" if you are responding specifically to 5hat given massage, type your response, then scroll down and hit the box labeled "submit reply" hope that helps
  3. Lbtnew

    Finally felt full

    Thank you, good luck to you too ! I actually do not have a list of caution foods, if you do and can share that would be great. I have read through some of the threads as to what doesn't sit well with everyone so If I were to make a list for myself I imagine the top things I would avoid would be fried foods, pasta, rice, breads and sweets. Lucky for me I am not a big fan of fried foods and sweets but being a CARBOHOLIC the pasta, rice and breads will be rough.
  4. Lbtnew

    Wine 2 days in a row

    Any problems? How much and how often have you had it and did it hinder your weight loss at all ?
  5. I take one 20mg before bed, so they gave me two 10mg pills in the hospital
  6. I do not have severe anxiety however I have a medical condition that is not user friendly to general anesthesia, I asked at my pre-surgical visit if I could take a xanax the morning of my surgery before coming to the hospital and I was told yes. I also discussed with my surgeon to have xanax put down as one of my meds so that if I needed it while in the hospital I could have it. I also take Lexapro and had no problem getting either since it was on my chart. Discuss it with both your surgeon and your nurse at pre-surgical. Good luck, breathe deep, try meditation as well.
  7. Wow good for you ! That's a great loss. I have clothes ranging from size 12 up to my current 16w and 18w so I can shop in my spare room closets however was getting a little down and bought a few fall things this week to perk me up.
  8. Lbtnew

    Finally felt full

    Yes it was a horrible feeling, actually feel queasy just thinking about it, but thanks I am good now. I start "real food" next week 10/11 and I am actually getting nervous. I am thinking about staying with my soft foods somewhat longer, I guess we just have to take baby steps. Let's compare notes after next week
  9. Surgery was 8/15 did my weekly Wednesday weigh in yesterday and I am down 33lbs since surgery. I have been walking and started exercising as well as dancing and zumba. I just wish the scale showed a bit more of a loss. I also set aside a big rubbermaid bucket to put the "too big" clothes in for donation and somehow it is still empty. I was busting out of everything before surgery and now everything is very comfortable. I will just keep plugging along and hope to fill the bucket and see the scale go down.
  10. Lbtnew

    Finally felt full

    Let's hope I'm a fast learner lol
  11. I didnt plan accordingly for my lunch at work yesterday. I generally weigh and measure everything and plan ahead from the day before. I had been craving meatballs and since I didn't pack anything I had a "side order" of meatballs in a dish, not big not small so I figured I would eat 1 to 1 1/2 and save the rest for today n tommorow. I made the mistake of being on the phone while eating and apparently ate too much. This is the first time I have felt "FULL" since surgery and I can tell you I did not like it. I felt grossly sick for about an hour afterwards. I felt as if I was going to vomit, although I didn't it was a close call and I think I may have felt better if I had but I let nature take its course and didn't force it. I had a small piece of fish and some squash for dinner which I weighed and measured and felt fine thankfully. Lesson learned for sure, I never want that feeling again
  12. Lbtnew

    Post op traveling

    Absolutely check with your doc. I asked mine about travelling 4 hours by car for a 2 night stay that was 10 days post op. At first he hesitated but when I told him it was to celebrate my daughters engagement he said ok just stop every hour or so and walk around. We made one stop going and one on the way back as I was sure to walk plenty before and after the ride as well as the stop. I packed my cooler for the weekend with my shakes, yogurt and water, I thankfully had no problems. Be well, good luck to you and thank your husband for his service.
  13. Lbtnew

    Wine 2 days in a row

    Thanks to all, that's just the reinforcement I needed. Feeling better already.
  14. Lbtnew

    Wine 2 days in a row

    Thank you for all the info, I will be mindful of this for sure. My team allowed us to have coffee even in the hospital and I questioned it on my first post up visit thinking maybe it was decaf however they said no it was regular and it was fine I look forward to my morning cup and sometimes on in the afternoon. Should I be cutting that out ?
  15. Just 6 weeks out and away on vacation. Had wine 2 nights in a row but out the kabosh on that today. I have been beating myself up about it sabotaging my weight loss. I weigh myself only once a week so I will see Wednesday how much damage I did. Just can't get it out of my head. Anyone else experience this ?