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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. I had a stall from hell that just stopped (2 months). It started about 3 months out from surgery. I take a bunch of meds very similar to yours. But they don't help in the weight loss. Some cause weight gain, wanting to eat more, etc.. blah, blah, blah, you know all of this. Its a further challenge for us then what others may have in the weight loss process. It seems harder with mental illness as the stress of "WTF did I do to cause this" start to jack hammer my brain, but it was just a stall and nothing I could do about it. I did a lot of food adjustments such as decrease calories, increased calories, I increased my exercise, riding my bike twice a day. The exercise didn't help with weight loss during the stall but I felt better as it helped with some of the stress. I would just suggest to focused on other things. The weight will start to drop off. Only thing I can say is what others told me. Hang in there, its just a stall and it will pass. Your body is losing weight and sometimes has to stop to readjust. Your not alone in this. Many of us have been there before and you should start to lose again when your body is ready. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to chat.
  2. I’ve heard of this in my DS WLS Group. Not sure about it being a stopping sign though. Just a side effect from the surgery. Let us know if you figure out if it’s a sign of some sort.
  3. Still stalled. Hating every week of it. 

    I'm in that "I must be doing something wrong, I won't lose any more weight" mode of thinking.

    Hating everything about myself dull drums. If it wasn't for the stress of work, i'd probably be more upset.

    1. Serengirl


      I am right there with you. hang in there. At least you know you're not alone but yes, it FRIGGING SUCKS. no two ways about it. Its so disheartening.

    2. Serengirl


      TBH the stress at work is probably part of the stall. Never underestimate stress on weightless.

  4. BoredCW

    DS reaction to sugar

    Check this picture out. (https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/treatment-tests-and-therapies/bpdds-weightloss-surgery) 1. The stomach is sleeved. 2. The small intestine is mostly bypassed to the larger intestine which causes less of the food you eat to be absorbed. (Malabsorption) You are forced to eat less due to the size of the stomach. What you can eat, not much is able to be used by the body. I'm not a surgeon, but I would think its possible to switch from a sleeve to a DS as you've done step 1 already. Just need to do step 2. I'm sure others will help explain things more and cover what I missed here.
  5. BoredCW

    DS reaction to sugar

    No problems. Just want to make sure that I communicated that from what I have been told and personal experience there is no dumping syndrome with DS surgery. I did an experiment after my RNY to DS revision, I ate something that would have put me down garunteed for a half hour with dumping syndrome. Didn't happen. I don't miss dumping syndrome. For me it was like an intense flu that came on hard and fast. Sweating, nausea, the works. Lasted for me about half and hour to a hour depending on what I ate and how much. Now it just hurts to eat too much and the bowl thing is something I'm re-evaluating my diet and supplements to help with. If OP is experiencing something similar to dumping syndrome, then probably should go talk to the surgeon asap.
  6. BoredCW

    DS reaction to sugar

    The Question the OP asked was "Is there a drastic reaction like this on the ds?" DS I read as Duodenal Switch and not dumping syndrome. His wife who had the RNY is describing dumping syndrome, but the DS (duodenal switch) surgery does not have such reactions. Not that I've researched, been told by my surgeon, told by my WLS group, and experienced myself. Hope this helps clear up the confusion.
  7. My BP after the surgery has been normal with the medication. The Docs are afraid to take me off of the meds for fear that it would go up again. They want to wait a few months to see if it drops some more. With my weight loss stalled, I don't think I will be getting off the BP Meds any time soon this year.
  8. BoredCW

    DS reaction to sugar

    Duodenal Switch does not get the dumping syndrome. I had a RNY in 2001, revision this last June to Duodenal Switch . I know what Dumping syndrome feels like and how it was easy to get used to. Only things I have found that the Duodenal Switch gets is the limitation of food intake and the pain that accompanies it when eating too much as well as the bowl movement issues. Hope this helps.
  9. BoredCW

    Tomorrow it happens

    Good Luck!! Its going to change your life for the good! As to what you can and can't, the surgeon should of given you a list of do's and don'ts. My day before it was strictly only liquids you could see through. Coffee was part of that too. It's like a colonoscopy, but allow for the red jello. Let us know how things go!
  10. I'm just going to need to experiment some more with different types of cheeses. String cheese I have no problem with, but is it considered soft or hard. Harder Cheese (especially those from the snack packs with small deli meat or nuts and fruit) are perfectly fine for me. Pepper Jack cheese which I used to love to no end, I can't eat now. Anything Hot has intensified since the surgery and I can't tolerate it. So weird how a surgery can change the likes and dislikes of food that should be able to be tolerated with the new surgery.
  11. I'll tell you one that is not quite WLS follow the diet related. I can't seem to eat some soft cheeses. I was told by my wls group that fresh mozzarella would be a good source of protein and easy to digest soon after the surgery. I can handle other lactose based foods without issue, but my body just said NOPE to this one. Once I put that cheese into my mouth and started to chew, I got the most intense gagging reflex I've ever had and spit it out. I never had this issue with any food before. Its sad because caprese salads are my favorite.
  12. I had the RNY in 2001. Loss 200 lbs but was still over weight. Kept the weight off for nearly a decade then gained it back. Recently I had a revision to DS. I was told by many the DS is the best for the very large to lose the weight and keep it off. So far I’ve lost 50 lbs in two and a half months. I hope this helps. I know I don’t have much info as to the revision outcome still but so far it’s been worth it.
  13. I don't have that that exact insurance, but part of the BC family. For my surgery proof of past weight loss attempts included the following: Nutritionist Notes Some sort of weight loss program/Calorie counting (I captured all my food intake with LoseIt for 6 months. I was able to make a PDF of the food diary I kept for that time.) I think they also accept weight watchers. Medical documentation of weight at that time and activities of attempts to lose weight. I requested medical records from the doctors offices that showed my weight and what I talked to the Doctor about me losing weight. Also you should ask your surgeon as to what they look for as they deal with the Ins all the time and should know what they require. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  14. BoredCW

    First day at home after discharge

    At first.. I didn't. Just do your best. When you can increase do it. But don't hurt yourself. You're probably in enough pain. Hang in there, it all gets easier and less painful.
  15. Had one recently.. Hope all goes well.