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  1. Hi I'm here for my mother and I too have the questions on what meds she is able to get off of. with the research I've done its an almost 100% guarantee that its possible that he can get off his meds some people get a lower dosage or within the week can be off completely, every case is different but I would say his chances are high
  2. I will definitely tell her, she is already on so many group chats on Facebook and I think this will definitely help her I know I have found some great info on here and I will keep an eye out for more helpful information. Thanks for all the advice
  3. I'm here getting information for my mother but she's having hers on the 21st
  4. she drinking good ones, yes thanks
  5. hi, my mom is having the surgery on the 21st and she's on her liquid diet for 11 more days. she has her protein shakes three times a day along with broth, applesauce, jello which she hates and water obviously is there anything else you guys would recommend for her to try ?
  6. Hi, I just came upon this site, I am NOT having this surgery BUT my mother is and I'm looking for ways to help her get through it she is have the surgery on the 21st of this month. She has already started her liquid diet and has 11 days left till her surgery date. I am looking for any good tips of hacks, but definitely advise. I want to do everything possible to make it easier on her, she has MANY health issues besides not being able to keep weight off. I would love if there is any information that's good to know, or if there's anything that she should know but might not. Thanks