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  1. Congrats!
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    As promised 😘

  2. Congrats!
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    Thank you for the input!
    I do a lot of cosplay (some of it being cosplay with volunteering) , and I tend to go over board when it comes to hand written scrolls , So the handmade cards is a really awesome idea. The plants is a good idea too. Though most would probably kill a fake one before the day was out. (LOL).
    The hospital I am having the WLS done at, holds a yearly gastric walk/run. Several of us have already started planning on joining in on it to Celebrate. (Team Sippn' & Strolln')
  3. Congrats!
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    Best decision you will ever make = Start reading this site and just search by a topic. As for over eating the surgery is going to limit you - so as long as you head is in the game you will be fine - You will test the waters and get sick we all have tried to push it, but you quickly will learn what and how much you can handle.
    Just remember this is a tool and you need to set the workshop up!
  4. Congrats!
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    Hello everyone! I am new here. I'm 40 years old, I've been married for almost 21 years, and I have three kids and one grandbaby. I also currently have custody of my niece. I've been on this journey towards surgery for quite some time. My insurance required six months worth of doctor's visits and then my surgeon required some tests before they would submit to my insurance. I got the call this week that my insurance has approved my surgery and it's officially scheduled for March 31st. I am a teacher so I wanted to get as close to our spring break as possible. That way I will be off the week of March 31st and then the entire next week as well. I've pretty much battled with my weight over my entire life. I've had periods where I've been thin, but I've always gained the weight back. I am at my highest weight right now, which is 323 pounds. I'm only 4'11". I'm very excited about the surgery, but also very anxious. I'm worried that I'm not fully prepared. I would love any tips you have to offer. Right now I have no pre-surgery instructions from my surgeon, but I go for a four hour appointment on March 19th so I'm sure I will get all of that then. In the meantime, I would love to hear some things from you guys, like what items did you buy before your surgery, what did you pack to take to the hospital with you, what seemed to help with managing the pain afterwards, etc. Anything you think I might need to know. How bad am I going to hate my life when I first get home???? LOL. My family is very supportive. My husband has just started a new job and doesn't have the days to take off with me, which stinks. My mother-in-law is taking off the entire week after I get home to help with my kiddos. The things I'm most scared about is over-drinking or over-eating and getting sick, knowing what to eat and drink, and just being prepared in general so I'm ready when I get home from the hospital. Anyway, that's my life story. LOL. Can't wait to hear what some of you have to say!
  5. Haha
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    I just argue with mine now. I call her Claire on good days, and Karen on the days she decides to hate everything. It's like working retail; there is always a problem and Karen is gonna MAKE A FUSS ABOUT IT.
    Claire usually just thanks me for food with happy rumblies lol.
  6. Congrats!
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    Almost a year , lost 100 Lb if only my self esteem will come back like I had it before
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    1) I am so sore from the gym yesterday and I only did the baby weights on the arm machines lol! I had five wrist reconstruction surgeries (dislocated and rotated playing hockey) in the last 18 months and was finally cleared for lifting. I will never be able to use heavy free weights or barbells because I can't risk ruining my tendon grafts and the machines are controlled. It felt good but man I'm so weak!
    2) Maybe the gym and working some muscles was what my body needed because the scale finally moved a wee bit (1 lbs or so).
    3) I miss Motrin.
    4) I miss wine.


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  8. Congrats!
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    I have let a few people aware of my upcoming WLS. There have been a handful of those few, who have been amazingly overly supportive.
    Anywhere from giving cash/gift cards with the "for smaller clothes and needed supplies", to bringing me supplies (they had WLS before and new what was going to be needed), to my husbands boss pre-giving him off the 3 days I am going to be in the hospital. To everything in between. Its been the same here at my job. The support from several fellow employees has been awesome. Asking questions, being aware, sitting down and going over everything, so they know what to expect before and after WLS , when I am back to work. Etc.
    I really want to do something for these amazing handful of people. We have been saving up , so we had extra funds ready for clothes/extras etc. (Many knew that insurance didnt cover, and was shelling out 16k for the operation. ) When I was gifted items, I always sent thank you cards with a small note of exactly what was purchased with the funds. Etc.
    But I want to do more. Like these little 10cent Thank you cards just don't seem enough for the awesome support (that is hard to find when it comes to WLS).
    I have thought about doing some fun Thank you cards, maybe with some corney WLS joke and then like a small ($25) gift card and be like "treat your self" type of thing.
    I would love to have input on what everyone thinks (and maybe some corney/pun WLS jokes) . ❤️
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    I make a pretty good spaghetti squash au gratin. I am guessing this will turn out good.
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    I'm prepared to get responses that tell me I'm out of my mind, but I am having a gastric sleeve procedure one week from now and I turned 81 years old in January 2020.
    My rationale is that while I might not have many years left on this planet, I want to look as good as I can and feel as good as I can. Summer is coming and I mind the heat dreadfully. I'm looking forward to being more comfortable come the hot weather. Yes, I have air conditioning but I do go out the door sometimes.
    I'd love to hear from people in my age bracket who had undergone this surgery. I am in the Boston, Massachusetts area, and I am told by the weight center where I am being treated that they have several people in my age group scheduled for upcoming surgery.

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    30 days post op
    Now past the 4 week mark - I really notice a difference! Feeling mostly "back to normal" and will continue to wear the compression garments another 4 weeks to total 8. I am thrilled with the results! Assessed current wardrobe today and seem to be settling nicely into XS/S tops, size 8 dress and 6/8 slacks in petites. Most interim clothing will need to be donated. Other basics go back to seamstress. Appetite, bowels and Water intake have returned to normal. Do not wish to loose anymore weight. Looking forward to moving into spring as the new stabilized me after an intense 16 months of bariatric research, planning, scheduling, gastric sleeve, nutritional and lifestyle adjustments and lastly, plastics. It's all good. So very thankful for the opportunity to have halted the obesity cycle.

  12. Congrats!
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    Just walk around the block or go to a mall if it is cold and walk the mall for a few hours! NO STOPPING at the food court -
  13. Congrats!
    Uomograsso reacted to JRT Mom in Hope for all you revisionists!   
    I'm sure you all have heard that when you get a revision that you will have more difficulty losing weight than with the first procedure. I'm here to give you hope!
    I had an eleven year old lap band slip, so I had it removed and had a RNY done. Today is my three month post-op anniversary, and I am down 40 pounds. More importantly I am only one pound heavier than the lowest weight I ever achieved after my lap band!
    So trust the process, hang in there and hopefully you will also show the naysayers that it is possible to get good results even after a revision. Please add your stories here to help encourage the people who need a revision and think it'll be a waste...thanks!

  14. Congrats!
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    Thank you! And those three months will fly by, and you'll be losing that weight before you know it!
    That would be AMAZING! This is the first time in 15 years I've been under 300, but it'd be 20 years since I was under 200! I've been a big girl for as long as I can remember. I'd be nice to feel comfortable with my weight for once!
    I got excited every time I lost twenty pounds lol, but getting under 300 just seemed so far away...
    This time last year I was 389 pounds. That was one of the things that made me look into weight loss surgery. I didn't want to reach 400 pounds. By the time I had my first doc appointment with the bariatric doc I was 385. Now I'm 298. That's a HUGE thing for me! I'm very much looking forward to my weight being smaller and smaller!
    Thank you! I wish you the best of luck as well!
    Everyone has been warning me that the weight will come off slower in the second or third month so I'm expecting that and perhaps I'll avoid my scale lol so I won't stress about it! I just was anxious to see if I was finally under 300 because I was soooo close at my doctor's appointment last week!
    I hope you're own journey is going well and I wish you the best of luck!
  15. Congrats!
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    Morning smoothie time! (After the first pic I add 1 c of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 1 scoop Genepro).

    This has become my staple and an easy way to get in Protein, fruit, and veggies (and fluid) without rushing into actual food first thing on the morning, which has always been hard for me. I hate all commerical Protein Drinks but can handle this we'll and it's yummy!  

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  16. Congrats!
    Uomograsso reacted to Miles in the UK in January 2020 Surgery Folks   
    I've been cleared to eat what I like, but I am still being good. 58lbs down since the 8th of Jan and 53lbs down since the op on the 15th of Jan. I had / have a lot to lose but I am being good. Been told I can exercise now as well today so going to get on the WattBike I have hired and start lifting some 5kg dumbells, should help with firming too, which actually is not too bad so far, belly is shrinking well. An average day for food for me looks like -
    Breakfast - shake - 25g of Protein with Vitamins and minerals & cup of Decaf tea Mid morning - either a 20g protein yogurt (low sugar) or 1/2 a 30g Phd Smart Protein Bar lunch - chicken breast cut up with a few carrots or Beans Mid afternoon - either a 20g protein yogurt (low sugar) or 1/2 a 30g Phd Smart Protein Bar dinner - 4oz steak or chicken breast or cottage pie or scrambled eggs & either low salt / sugar baked beans, refried beans, veg mix I am pushing down as much Water as possible and having my vits and supps.
    Feel good. Some discomfort if I eat too much or too quickly, but on the whole it has been good. No reflux or vomiting. A little loose out back if I eat too much dairy (possibly sugars) but otherwise good.
    Doc told me to only weigh myself once a week to help overcome any negativity of slow loss days, which I now do and is working well. Losing about 4.5lbs a week now.
    One thing I have noticed is my breath stinks, I am sure this is ketosis as I am eating mainly protein-based foods, but is this something anyone else has found. Hate it!
    Working hard to look good on a trip to the US (Pendleton Camp, San Diego and Santa Monica) and I am going on in June, need to look my best!
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    Great work! Keep after it. By this time next year or sooner you could be in one-derland. That is my goal.
  18. Congrats!
    Uomograsso reacted to NovaLuna in First big milestone!   
    I weighed myself this afternoon and almost burst into tears! I haven't been under 300 pounds since I was 17! 15 years ago! And my scale said 298.4 pounds! I was almost bouncing with how happy I was and started texting tons of family members and friends lol. They all know how big this is for me and... dang it now I'm crying... It's not even a month since I had my surgery and I'm so glad I did it! Now every ten pounds is likely to put me in tears again lol, but I'm sooooo happy!
    What was everyone else's first big milestone? Do you feel like sharing your own experience?
  19. Congrats!
    Uomograsso reacted to GrungeGrownUp in Got referral from my PCP   
    I just checked and they cover Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, and Duodenal Switch.
  20. Congrats!
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    you got this keep up the good work Water Protein and exercise
  21. Congrats!
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    just an update photos from 48 inch pants 32 inch

  22. Congrats!
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    Here is my first before and after photo . I don’t even recognize the before photo and I don’t edit or use tricks to make me look thinner in the second. Hope it provides inspiration for others

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    Welcome and good luck on your journey. Make sure to check with your insurance on what types of WLS they cover.
  24. Congrats!
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    ok so here is it in 32 inch pants for the first time since 5th or 6th grade ?

  25. Haha
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    I think as long as you don't have a fever you should be OK. But I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.