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  1. I’m doing great! Down 115.. eating a little more since I’m exercising.. biking 8-10 miles and Zumba! Down from 20 to an 8... healthy eating
  2. Just starting toning yesterday! Excited...

  3. Goldn02Grl

    Where's everyone from :)

    St. Petersburg FL Sleeved: 7/21/2019 (best day of my life!) Starting weight: 268 Now: 172
  4. Goldn02Grl

    Non Scale Victories

    Thursday, I went in y daughter’s room and found a pair of jeans that I could wear (she’s 19 and has been smaller than me!) and my friend said they were still a little baggy!! #winning
  5. I weigh myself right now about once a week.. my doc office lets me just come weigh! I’m at day 158 post op!
  6. Goldn02Grl

    Officially in Wonderland!

    Thank you!
  7. July 22, 2019 changed my life! I am 133 days out of surgery and feel A-Maz-Ing! Pre-surgery I was 268..now on my birthday, I am 197!! A1C went from 6.7 to a 5.1! I’m also off all meds (cholesterol level still higher than my doc would like!). I am down from. 20/22 pants to a 16!! So happy!
  8. Goldn02Grl

    July 2019 Sleevers

    18 weeks out -- 126 days! Pre-op - 268 Current weight - 203
  9. Goldn02Grl

    Gastric sleeve journey

    I found that adding a green smoothie to my morning routine helped me (go to bathroom too!) -- 7/22/19 -- 268 to 11/5/19 - 207. I have lost a lot of inches (didn't take them unfortunately before surgery). I am down from 20/22 to a 16. Definitely get you a few small saucer plates (the ones they sit a coffee cup on). Good luck!
  10. Goldn02Grl

    July 2019 Sleevers

    I took a picture yesterday with my new shirt (I do cardio drumming on Mondays and LOVE it!).... Start - Pic on Left July before my two week surgery liquid diet - 268 Yesterday (11/7) -- 106 days from Surgery (7/22) -- 207 Cardio Drumming - Mondays Zumba - Tuesdays Zumba or Skating (going back to train for Roller Derby and excited!) - Wednesday - AquaFit -Thursdays Zumba - Fridays REST - Saturdays Zumba or REST - Sundays I also do a green smoothie every morning and started on Herbalife products (love them and my energy is MUCH better!). I do another shake for lunch. I am excited about my journey...
  11. Goldn02Grl

    July 2019 Sleevers

    No, we all lose at different rates depending on where we start! Keep up the work.
  12. Goldn02Grl

    Where's everyone from :)

    46/St. Pete, FL..July 22 GSleeve 268 pre 258 Hospital 208 10/29/19 Good luck everyone!
  13. Goldn02Grl

    Still feel hungry

    I'm going into my 9th week (7/22). I experienced a lot of "head hunger," especially while watching tv! I have small cravings, but I just don't have access to it (don't buy anything for the house). Honestly, like BlueAngelEyes, I have to make myself eat sometimes. Just try to slow down while drinking (that's mostly for gas issues!). Just be prepared to keep up your water and protein intake (do the protein shakes as long as you can in the next few weeks. You got this!
  14. Goldn02Grl

    8 weeks post op...

    I am right there with you! Headed into my 9th week (sleeved 7/22). I am seeing inches come off more than the bloody numbers on the scale...honestly, I stopped stepping on it. I just do my water and protein like others say. I am having issues where I don't really want to eat, but make myself to stay on track with the protein. Things just taste funny!