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  1. It’s a special day here at BariatricPal, according to your profile..it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, kgranite79!

  2. Happy 34th Birthday kgranite79!

  3. Happy 33rd Birthday kgranite79!

  4. Haven't been on this site in almost 2 years, so much has happened but I am down 104lbs!!!!!

  5. kgranite79

    Tips for not drinking after eating?

    I had the worst habit of drinking while eating. My Dr told me it was ok to drink while eating but take only very small sips at a time so it would be absorbed into the food that was sitting in my pouch and wouldn't push it through into the larger stomach. This has helped the physical habit, since it still gives me the satisfaction of the motion of drinking still.
  6. My port area was sore for a while, every once in a while it would start aching again out of no where, even weeks after the surgery.
  7. Has anyone else has their port replaced more than one time? I had my surgery August 08, had my port replaced January 09, and now I think I may have yet another leak in my port and may need to have it replaced. Has this happened to anyone else, if so did your insurance cover the 2nd port replacement surgery?? Ugh I am so frustrated!!!!! How many times am I going to have to get surgery?! Everything has been great, I have lost almost 90lbs, recently gained 10lbs back due to having ZERO restriction since October. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi guys, I am having an issue with my hair thinning. Now I know that its from lack of protein (because I don't take a protein supplement or shakes like I should be) I didn't think it was a big deal, until slowly I started noticing my hair thinning. I had the surgery last august and have lost about 80lbs. I am wondering if I start making sure I am getting my 50g of protein daily, will this help my hair grow back? I know either way I need to be making that 50g of protein mark, and I am going to really try to do it. Its just something I haven't really given much thought about. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to stop it from getting worse, and how to help get my hair to grow back. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :-)
  9. kgranite79

    before and after

    almost a year since the surgery, and a port replacement 80lbs down!
  10. kgranite79

    Congrats to all the 1 years

    I remember sitting here thinking man I can't wait to be one of those people posting about their weight loss success, well here I am! August 20th will be a year, got port replaced in Jan of 09..... 79lbs down!!! WHOOO HOOO!! Congrats to everyone, keep up the good work. You should all be very very proud of yourselves!
  11. Hi I am sorry I don't check this site too much anymore. I just got your message. They had to replace my port because it was punctured during a fill. I was never at any danger. The fluid wouldn't stay in my band, it would just leak out so basically the band wasn't working at all. I went back into the hospital and they replaced just the port through the one incision, popped it out and replaced it, sewed me back up and that was it. It was very simple actually.

  12. Why did they have to report you and what does that intale? Where you ever in danger?

  13. I have noticed that gradually over the last month since my last fill I have been having heartburn after eating. I have heard that this could be a sign of my band being too tight. I did have acid reflux before the surgery but since then it has completely gone away. I could even drink orange juice (which I was NEVER able to do) without a problem at all. I am having some pbing and getting food stuck every once in a while but I know its because I am not chewing enough, I am working on that and everything seems to be great. I am losing weight again at a steady pace and things seem good other then this heartburn. My fiance thinks I need an unfill, but I don't want to get one if this could be my sweet spot. Any advice? It doesn't matter what I eat, it can be anything and it seems to be happening more and more. Thanks :-) a little history- was banded on August 20th 2008- had to have my port revised in January...this is my 1st real fill since my 2nd surgery (had them put 4cc's in during surgery) went up from 4 to 5 previously the most I had in my band before the puncture in my port was 4.5.
  14. its going well, now. I had to have my port replaced and now that I am back on track I am losing a good amount of weight again, down 52lbs. How about you?

  15. how is band life for you ?