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  1. Hello guys, I just wanted to ask if any of you experience bloating after eating meals? I’m almost 3months post gastric bypass. I’m vegetarian if that makes a difference, I don’t eat very fast and I also chew my foods finely. I always wait 30mins before and after eating to drink any liquids. It’s not intense bloat like I’m filling myself up because I don’t eat to a point where I am bursting, I just stop when I know I feel sufficiently full. Just thought would ask, thanks


    Hey guys, I’m 4 weeks post op for gastric bypass and everything I eat gives me the worst stomach pains. I’m doing my mushy foods, i was thinking of seeing my doctor soon but I just wanted to know if this is normal for any else? I know I’m going to be told it’s still quite soon but it’s at a point where the idea of eating is just putting me off if it’s going to cause pain. I do eat slowly and I stop when I am full. I’ve been feeling quite nauseous but not as often.
  3. I had my RnY surgery about a week ago from today, last night I was laying in bed and I was woken up by a random dry cough, now what worries me is being half asleep I didn’t support my tummy like I usually do and the pain was intense it was different it was like doing sit ups and stretching your body so you feel as if you pulled or strained a muscle but in this case my intestine. I don’t have pain on a regular and it only feels uncomfortable when I stretch or bend forward, the cough was pretty intense, like a shift in my body. I just wanted to know if any else has experienced this? Before I go crazy overthinking this more than I already have