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  1. stayklassie

    Eating/Bite Timer

    Hi all, a WLS coach mentioned there are some timer apps that help slow down eating and time between bites of food. I’m looking at several in the Apple App Store. Do any folks have an app they use and recommend? Thanks!
  2. stayklassie

    VSG - pouch emptying quickly

    I should clarify - up until 7 months ago my pouch didn’t empty as fast and didn’t have a desire to eat between meals. I do eat enough protein and drink quite a bit of water each day (at least 100 oz). I reached my goal weight, and have since gained 25lbs. So having the pouch empty so quickly after eating a meal concerns me.
  3. Hi all - I am post VSG surgery nearly three years. While I still feel a restriction during meals, if I wait 15-20 minutes I can continue to eat whether it’s the remaining of my meal or something else. This concerns me. Anyone dealing with this or have dealt with this? Any suggestions? Thanks! -KB
  4. stayklassie

    Over night stay at hospital. Yay or nay

    I Stayed over. I wouldnt recommend going home same day. This is major surgery! And you may need pain meds.
  5. stayklassie

    Regret and Depression

    Talk to your doctor or nurse or see if you can talk to the pre op psychologist.
  6. I was sleeved in 2019; Since surgery, I cringe at anything too sweet.
  7. stayklassie

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    I was sleeved in 2019; never experienced the hair loss.
  8. stayklassie

    One week post-op — feeling hunger

    I was told that as well, but boy, I do feel hunger! I had VSG December of 2019
  9. stayklassie

    Post VSG Regrets?

    No regrets whatsoever! Had Surgery December 2019.
  10. So one thing I’ve learned is that the dont’s vary WIDELY between each Bariatric doctor/clinic. The do’s are pretty much the same; mainly, focus on protein and water consumption. The dont’s and other instructions after surgery for me (per my doctor) includes NO ALCOHOL; no drinking from straws; no chewing gum; no carbonated drinks; no caffeine; no beef/red meat for the first year; deconstruct every meal; every meal to be low cal; no drinking liquids for 15 mins before and 30 mins after a meal; chew your food for 30 seconds before swallowing; eat your meal within 30 minutes; exercise/weights at least 3x a week. TAKE THE PRESCRIBED VITAMINS EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL - especially thiamin. Soooo - I’ve lost 140lbs - sleeved December 2019. ONE OF THE TOP BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. Wish I did it sooner. I struggle now with the type of foods I put into my body - I have a hankering for chocolate and cookies. 😩 BUT! 99% of the time it’s because I’m bored and will mindless eat. I have to reel it back in. It will always be a recurring process for me.
  11. stayklassie

    Kaiser SB

    Yes I had VSG thru Kaiser North in California. I had my appt with the surgeon two hours after my intro class. I knew I wanted to proceed so if the appt was available, why not? Good luck!!
  12. Yep, my nose starts running and/or I cough.
  13. stayklassie

    Back issues since losing weight?

    Thanks all for your replies and suggestions. I’ll give my PCP a try and see what she says.
  14. Apologies, @kikikiki I thought it was YOUR post saying you have ascitis! Wrong person. Look up ascitis - it’s not pleasant.
  15. Good afternoon! Had VSG December 2, 2019 - have since lost a total of 140 lbs. - with another 5lbs to goal weight - thankfully! In the last 5 months I’ve been experiencing ongoing back pain - especially when I’ve been on my feet a good amount throughout the day. I think my back doesn’t know how to adjust with all this weight loss? Have you noticed back pain since losing weight? If so, how are you finding relief?

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