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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Teachergal82

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    It gets better!! Hang in there!!!
  2. Teachergal82

    How do you have your coffee?

    I use Premier Protein! I prefer the caramel or the cookies and cream.
  3. My surgeon gives you one! I can’t wait to eat real food again 🤣
  4. Teachergal82

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    Dang!! It still hurts me walk to the bathroom 🤣🤣 Glad you’re rocking it!!
  5. Teachergal82

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    That’s great!!! I came home 5 lbs heavier than I went in and I lost 4 of them.
  6. Teachergal82

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    I’m on day 4! Learning how to deal with this new stomach. The only problem I have so far is dealing with pain from the incision that my stomach was pulled out of. I also made a “smoothie” earlier with whipped peanut butter, that was a big no. My stomach let me know right away. Other than that, I’m just sipping along 🤗 Hope everyone else is doing good!!!
  7. I’m with y’all, but mine is my left side. I was also worried about not pooing, but now I’ve gone three times. I’m starting to worry a little.
  8. Teachergal82

    Do you know your bougie size?

    My dr uses a 38F, I think he does that with every one.
  9. Teachergal82

    Liquid question

    I keep thinking something is wrong with me because I can drink faster. The first two days, I couldn’t. Now I can. I broke it, my sleeve is broken...🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 but seriously, should I count my blessings or be worried?
  10. Teachergal82

    5 days post op!

    I gained 5 in the hospital and have lost three of those.
  11. Teachergal82

    Sore after surgery

    The only pain have is where he pulled my stomach out. It is so sore and tender! I’m going to ask how big it was and did he pull anything else out 🤣 I also have the gas pains in my chest. Those are getting better.
  12. I just had surgery yesterday and the spot where he pulled my stomach out, HURTS!!! I feel like there are muscles ripping and flying everywhere when I try to stand up. I want to lay on my stomach so bad 😣
  13. Teachergal82

    8 hours after surgery

    So far so good. It’s hard to remember sometimes. I’m on my way home!
  14. Teachergal82

    Post op

    I’m day two as well!! And had a hernia repaired!!! The only pain I have is the spot where he pulled my stomach out. I have felt sick at all. The weirdest thing is, my stomach will start growl and feel hungry, then it stops. I’m not hungry at all right know, but I want to chug a cold bottle of water 🤣 Hope your recovery is speedy!!
  15. Teachergal82

    8 hours after surgery

    I had mine done too!!! Luckily, my pain hasn’t been bad. Hope you feel better soon!