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  1. What sorts of things cause you to be re-admitted? I'm 17 days post-op today, and I'm feeling fairly "normal", all things considered. Wounds have mostly healed up. Not feeling gas when I eat like I was. I was able to eat avocado and spicy tuna tartare for lunch and dinner yesterday with no ill effects. Apart from getting full very fast (and struggling to drink enough—I never drank much Water to start with) I am not experiencing any real issues. Are the issues you've had things that can just spring up on you? Or have you been struggling since surgery? Anything we should look out for as we go? I hear gallbladders can be dicey. Karen I hope you're feeling better soon and your CT scans are good! Hi! The first visit was because I had pain in my leg and they wanted to rule out a clot. I ended up being dehydrated and having low blood sugar. The second time I had an allergic reaction to something I wasn’t allergic to presurgeey. Epipen and ambulance ride! The third time was because they were ruling out gallbladder, ulcers, swallow issues. I’d been having severe stomach pains! Hope this helps
  2. Good luck! I’ve been in the hospital three times post surgery and have had the CT scan. Hopefully everything is okay!
  3. I had surgery July 25th. I’ve had complications with medicine and painful cramps. I am still only able to eat per Dr.’s instructions 2tbsp of food (ricotta, potatoes, etc.). However, I’ve been drinking while eating! I feel like such an idiot. I’m going to talk to my doctor next week when I see him. Have I done damage? Could I have stretched my pouch? I’m really freaking out!
  4. What does pouch fullness feel like?
  5. Question! I just started week three and I was able to eat a starkist pouch of tuna and two small crackers! I never had the full feeling. I don’t understand how I was able to eat that much!! Can you guys all eat that?
  6. To follow up, I mostly drink directly after eating...
  7. Question for you all! I have no trouble drinking the protein shakes or any water. I haven’t experienced the fullness feeling yet! I’m a bit concerned that something is wrong! Nervous to move on to week 2 Foods soon when I’m not feeling any fullness...
  8. Hi! I had my surgery July 25th. I stayed in the hospital 4 nights. I’m just soooo tired. Anybody else? Also, I have no issue drinking! I’m worried I’m drinking too much!
  9. Hi, Stayed 4 nights in the hospital (minor complications with my bladder). I got home and saw I gained 2 pounds since starting my pre-op diet last week! I had the RNY. I know there are some people the surgery doesn’t work, and I’m freaking out a tad! If it matters I started at at 305 and am now close to 308! I’m following the diet to the letter! I had a hernia repair too, as well as the removal of my nissen. Thanks!
  10. Thanks all! Yes, I was on IV. Glad to hear that it’s not a bad sign! I haven’t wanted to drink water bc I don’t want to gain weight (I am tho)!
  11. When am I going to be eat a sub sandwich? A cheeseburger? All my friends go out for most of their meals as a way to socialize....when will I be able to order something from the menu!? i know I need this surgery, and I am going to do it. Somebody please tell me I will once again be able to eat pizza, that isn’t the califlower variety!
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    My doctor is okay with wine/carbonation 7 weeks out (in moderation of course). He also doesn’t believe in addiction transfers! I’m bypass btw!
  13. Hi Y’all! I’m four days out and still in the hospital. Overall I’m doing well, but was having slight complications with my bladder so I’ve stayed to be on the safe side. Really excited to start this journey, and thankful for everybody and their support.
  14. Hi Everybody! thanks for all the input! I’m definitely ready for the surgery, last night I was just REALLY hungry and I’m the midst of an anxiety attack. I hope I never desire any of those things again, and I’m looking forward to experiencing a life of moderation! Sorry for the scare! And thanks for the well wishes!
  15. 12345shs16

    July surgery buddy

    Hi! No I only have to do a 3 day clear cleanse! The doctor said maybe lose 5 pounds, but nothing specific! What about you?
  16. 12345shs16

    July surgery buddy

    Hi! No I only have to do a 3 day clear cleanse! The doctor said maybe lose 5 pounds, but nothing specific! What about you?
  17. 12345shs16

    Pounds lost

    When did you go vegan in your weight loss progress? You look amazing
  18. 12345shs16

    July surgery buddy

    Same here!! Rny on the 25th!
  19. Hi! so I only need to get blood work and an ekg. I’m concerned because I’ve seen people talk about a myriad of tests they’ve had to get done, specifically a sleep test. I’m paying out of pocket if it matters? Did everybody here need a sleep test? What if I have sleep apnea and have no idea? Does it change the surgical procedure if you do have it? does anybody know if the blood test has to be a fasting blood test? thanks!
  20. Ah good to know. Thanks for the info
  21. Gotcha all! I’m just concerned I have sleep apnea and don’t know it! I don’t want to put myself at risk for surgery, but I also don’t want to risk preventing surgery because I can only get it done in a very specific time due to other obligations! if you have apnea, what preventative measures do they take during surgery?
  22. Title says it all! I’m going to be self pay, and need a doctor who understands nissen fundoplications. A lot of doctors don’t feel comfortable!! I live in the north east, but willing to travel. Unfortunately, Mexico isn’t an option. Thanks