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  1. Second Time Around

    Here I go again!

    I didn't develop the reflux until I had the band. I haven't had much since having it removed. We discussed it and he felt that it wouldn't be an issue.
  2. Second Time Around

    Here I go again!

    It is encouraging to hear other stories that are similar to mine. I had the lap band in 2009 and lost about 40 pounds with it. No matter what I did I just could not get below 190. The good thing was that I really stayed between 190 and 195 most of the time. I started having terrible reflux around 2016 and they wanted to remove my band. I was so scared of gaining all of my weight back that I just kept changing the date and putting off the removal. About a year went by and I just could not take the complications of my terrible reflux. I was literally sleeping sitting up every night and my body hurt everywhere from that crazy situation. I had the band removed in Sept of 2018 and by Dec I had put on 30 pounds ( with no changes to my eating habits) I decided to speak with someone about my options for sleeve or bypass. After seeing the surgeon he thought that I would be a great candidate for the sleeve and we sched surgery for Aug 12. I have put on 60 pounds since having the band out and I feel absolutely miserable. I am so excited and very nervous to take this next step. I will start my preop liquid diet one week before surgery but I have been thinking about starting a little early. For those that have already had the surgery any suggestions on pre-op diets, what helped get you through..... also was anyone able to lose any weight pre-op?