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  1. Try Premier Protein Cafe Latte! 30 g protien and same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee, I am obsessed. It was my fav of all the protein shakes pre-surgery. I order a 12 pack on Amazon but also available at Walmart. I'm 4 weeks post op myself and just had my first of these today.
  2. Yes, I am in it (surgery 2/20/20)!!!! The struggle is real. I can't believe that I'm not losing weight while consuming so few calories a day. Is it because I'm eating real food vs. liquid? Whatever the reason, it's very frustrating!
  3. Thanks@ResaRoo I'm glad I'm not alone in that! I'm going to slow way down and maybe even cut back further.
  4. 18 days post op and on puree/soft foods...I have been measuring and trying to gauge how much I can eat but rather than just feeling full when I'm full... I feel like I'm going to explode! Maybe I need to slow down in eating so I can feel full before the "almost can't keep it down" feeling. Anyone have similar experience or suggestions?
  5. niffer

    February Surgery ?

  6. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    I had gallbladder removed during vsg myself. The first day and night was AWFUL (pain and gas and nausea --> morphine, gas drops and zofran) but then it got better. I'm 7 days out and can tolerate all the water, protein shakes, soup, sf popsicles and jello that I need now. I'm still tired and sore but every day is an improvement. Hang in there.
  7. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    That's the gas! Walking, walking and more walking will help that. It will get better...
  8. 100% with a $500 copay
  9. niffer


    I burp after every sip I take! Every. Sip. I'm only 4 days post op sleeve so I'm hoping this is something that will go away. Anyone else with similar experience?
  10. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    Can we talk about burping? 4 days post op sleeve here and I burp LITERALLY every time I sip something!! Anyone else? Will it ever end????
  11. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    Surgery twins! Same boat...just trying to stay hydrated and rest.
  12. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    I am home and yes, the pain is better! I can't tolerate much more than water and frozen protein water at this point so that is sustaining me. I'm exhausted and sore and surprised at the activity happening in my stomach. It is gurgling and rolling and popping and making sounds that can be heard across the room. Crazy. Does the walking exhaust you? I can't seem to sleep for a long time but feel constantly tired too. I can't wait until this phase is over!!!!
  13. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    Hi Gang. I'm less than 24 hrs post op vsg and WOW the gas pain is real. I've been walking walking walking and they've kept me on track with pain meds but the gas is still here! They finally gave me gas drops at about 7pm last night and those definitely helped. Also, most of the day yesterday every sip of water or protien water made me throw up so I haven't really gotten much down. I'm hoping that today I have more success drinking. I just woke up and can already tell that I feel better than yesterday, thank god. I hope everyone else is hanging in there, it'll all be worth it!!
  14. niffer

    February Surgery ?

    Awesome!!! Keep up the good work! I go in tomorrow at 8am and I'm as nervous as can be.