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  1. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Love it!!! @ ms sss, I could only hear it until I downloaded it, then I was able to see the video.
  2. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Not sure if links are allowed, but here’s the link to the leggings: https://flamingo.shop/store/product/body-shaping-wide-waistband-sports-leggings?_bdt=Sports%20%26%20Activewear%20Top%20Sellers&_bdr=Collection&_bdh=sports-activewear-top-sellers&_channel=ProductCatelog
  3. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    I’m looking at the fajas that are basically shorts that go up to just under the bra line down to close to the knees-I’ve got several arm compression sleeve garments that I like, so don’t need the full body faja. I also found some leggings for later on that have a built in waist trainer!
  4. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    I’m feeling so much better yesterday & today! I was able to get outside and walk for awhile yesterday. Today we’re heading out to a faja shop for a fitting. Anyone who is on the fence, go for it! The worst of the pain and discomfort only lasts a couple days, and I’m delighted with my results.
  5. kristieshannon

    ChubRub's Plastic Surgery Thread

    I’m really feeling the fatigue too. I had my first shower today. It felt amazing, but I needed a nap afterwards!
  6. kristieshannon


    From what I learned most only will under very limited circumstances. For example, if you have chronic wounds or rashes under you belly they may pay for a panniculectomy.
  7. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    I’m really happy with how everything looks, and it’s like my thighs got some improvement from the TT.
  8. kristieshannon


    My family loves teriyaki take out, which always comes with sticky rices. I can about 2 bites of it along with my portion of meat. More than that and I’m either very uncomfortable or puking.
  9. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Post op day #2. Just had a massage & shower. Here’s my first pic!
  10. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Quick update. I’m still in quite a bit of pain, dizzy at times. I had my first post op visit today which took a lot out of me. I got a peek at everything and I’m very happy! I get to shower tomorrow, will have my husband get some pics.
  11. kristieshannon

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    Just woke up back in our AirBnB. I remember waking in the PACU yelling and crying in pain. They gave me more meds and my ride home was relatively ok. I’ve been sleeping since but just walked and drank some water. Back to bed for now. Haven’t really seen much except that my 🐱 is looking straight ahead rather than down at the floor.
  12. kristieshannon

    Let's talk eating disorders. I'll go first:

    I like your premise of flexible control. I feel like my sleeve has given me just that. At 16 months out, there is very little that I can’t eat. (I can’t eat much pork, far smaller of a portion than any other meat, and I like eggs even less now than I did before). However, my restriction is very strong so I’m limited in portion size. Not only am I limited, but I find myself completely satisfied with a small amount of whatever I chose to eat. I do follow my surgeons guidelines pretty religiously as far as getting in my 70-80 grams of protein per day, and my 100 oz of fluid, but there is a lot of room within those guidelines for choice. I’m down 131 lbs as of today and feel fantastic. I wish you well in your journey, and fully agree that the mental piece of all of this should be given far more attention.
  13. kristieshannon

    ChubRub's Plastic Surgery Thread

    My surgeon provides a set of the rechargeable Circul-8 compressions devices.
  14. kristieshannon

    💛Jan surgery countdown💛

    A get together sounds super fun! I’m in, Florida or Italy (once we’re allowed overseas travel again 😃)