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  1. Hello!

    I haven't been on this board for a few months. Just saw your post. I'm 62 and it'll be 2 yrs in Nov that I had my sleeve. It has changed my life. I'm my old self again! Just wanted to encourage you....go to your surgical team/physician/nutritionist for ANY questions or concerns. I did/have followed my surgeons recommendations closely. I'll have to update my profile, but I'm down 105 lbs. Discontined Cpap, passed sleep study, D/C BP pill, Water pill and gout rx. Can move around with friends again, not short of breath any longer. Grateful for my surgical team. Good luck. Let us know if we can help you. Take care! Gloria

  2. Hi November sleevers! Going on 3 months 2/4. It’s been like a 2nd job, but feeling a little bit better. I’ve also experienced a lot of weakness and low energy. Rest on the weekends. Through this course of bariatric it was discovered that I have a condition called Hereditary Hemochromotosis. Surgeon did liver biopsy during sleeve and I was dx with Iron overload scale of 0–4 my liver iron overload was at 3. Good news no cirrhosis. Along with dropping about 2.4 lbs per week I just started aggressive phlebotomies to pull iron off my organs. It’s been tough, but I rest on the weekends and pace self to be able to make it through the work week. I’m down almost 40 lbs. Trying to increase my calories to 700, like others I’m just not able to eat much and I’m full. When I look back at where I was in May when I went to the seminar... I’d have to say even through I’m weak, mentally I’m gaining strength. Regaining my old self. Thank you everyone on this thread and site for encouragement. It’s great to read about others, struggles, challenges and know we’re all here to lift one another up.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Unclechaz said:


    I finally started getting my energy back at around week 7. End of week 8, I met with my trainer for a relatively light workout. Must have overdone it because since then, I have been feeling so drained, like week 2.

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    Hi Unclechaz--

    This just turned on light bulb! I had a hard work out on Saturday--the last 2 Sat in fact. Perhaps this is partially the problem? Good insight. Think I'll back off on exercise until I can get more calories in. Like you can't get much more than maybe 650 a day. Take care!


  4. Hello November sleevers! 11/4/19

    I'm following Dr and RD as close as possible. My biggest struggle is weakness which has been ongoing. Im down 37 lbs and averaging 2.3 a week. Getting Protein in at 65 -75 a day along with Water. Adding small portions of food as directed. Weakness affects energy etc etc. See Dr. again 2/18. Do any of you have similar symptoms? Thanks! Gloria

  5. On November 27, 2019 at 5:28 PM, Libby63 said:

    Thanks, Ladies! I needed all these reminders to get refocused. I do want to do this for all the reasons all of you shared. I have a tendency toward black and white thinking. I will be able to cook and eat again. Thanks for taking the time and being here in my moment of crisis.

    Hi Libby63, I just had my surgery 11/4. Yesterday on Thanksgiving....I stayed home---just as self care, mentally and physically. I'm not to soft foods yet, and yes, it was tough--but as the others mentioned above, its just this year. I'll be able to enjoy foods again in the future. My goal is to restore my health and enjoy my 3 little granddaughters for the next hopefully 20+ years. My weight problem started when I was late 30's, working night shift as RN and then developed depression. Medications added 30 lbs immediately, and working off shifts escalated weight gain. Through the years, shifts in medications, divorce etc etc and I can't believe it happened to me--the weight gain. I did a lot of research on bariatric/metabolic surgery and the positive changes it will bring. I made the decision in June 2019 and went ahead with strong mind. No regrets. You're right, it's not easy. Being 250 lbs and 5/4" wasn't easy and I didn't want to live that way any longer. I felt myself retreating and isolating from social gathers. Working all week, and isolating on the weekends. My mother died at age 48 of ovarian ca. I don't want my health to deteriorate any more to not be able to travel to my daughters home and play a major role in her life and her family. Obesity is a pile on disease...the co-morbidities pile on and underlying it all is the disease of obesity. I wish you the very best in your decision. You can do it, and the health changes it will bring will be worth it. God Bless!


  6. Hi @jack Wood, I started by educating myself on bariatric / metabolic surgery. If you're on twitter, start following bariatric surgeons and bariatric advocates on twitter. They post a lot of recent research and information that's excellent. There are so many new theories and data on obesity. Check out @Jeanine M Sherman/iamabariatricpatient and Dr. Neil Floch MD to begin with. Take care!


  7. 6 hours ago, Unclechaz said:

    Tomorrow is 3 weeks since I was sleeved. This weekend has been miserable. I feel like I have mono (which I had 20 years ago). I have zero energy and feel very sluggish. I just want to go back to sleep. I am getting in my liquids and at least 60 grams of Protein. I started taking Vitamins last week. I am eating 350-500 calories a day. My urine is pretty clear so I don't think it is dehydration. I felt strong urges for carbs to get some strength.
    I had a pretty busy and stressful week at work and I think I may have overdone it. I also started eating non-pureed salmon and chicken on Friday. I just started taking Iron on Friday night (40 mg).
    Not sure if this is just my body telling me to take it easier or something more serious. Any thoughts welcomed.

    Exactly the same thing I'm thinking this evening! I'm 3 wks post op tomorrow. Slept all afternoon today, only left my home once over the weekend. Getting Water and approx 60 of Protein in as well and similar calorie count. Not much appetite, but eat probably every couple of hours. I'm just guessing? that its the shock to the system and mix up of metabolism? Thanks for the above feedback from others further post surgery. It's encouraging!

  8. 14 hours ago, InterceptorNYC said:

    Hi Gloria, how are you doing with getting in your daily Protein intake?

    Hi InterceptorNYC---initial first days (2-5) post-op my surgeon wanted me to focus on Water and then Protein. Post-op day 4 his nurse called to check in. I told her I was getting my 64 oz of water in--but not much more than 40 protein. She said to focus on water and if I could get 40 protein and advance it through the next few days not to worry. Keep in mind this is my Doc recommendation....others might be different. I was also taught that protein is a dehydrator like etoh. I wasn't aware of this! Thus the need for water. When Dr. was teaching me pre-op he used the empire state building as an analogy. The antennas at the top are the most important=water, next is the initial tower=protein, next is viewer landing=fiber, (benefiber etc) everything below i.e.: applesauce, yogurt etc etc ="sewer food". lol! It's been a great analogy for me to focus on. Post-op in the hospital I had a bottle of Isopure clear Protein Drink, it was grape flavored, zero carb. Comes in a clear 20 oz bottle and 40 gm protein. It was something different to mix it up a bit instead of shake after shake. I've also like the powdered Unjury with Fairlife milk. Not too sweet. Sorry to be so long winded! Just sharing whats worked/trial and error. See my surgeon this coming Tuesday and get to move forward in diet.

  9. InterceptorNYC--I guess it's seek and find what works to get through these 2 weeks and get yourself a "system" everyday. I've had good luck with Unjury. Must order from their direct website. I ordered some ready to serve shakes, powders-- vanilla and chocolate and Protein chicken broth, along with unflavored protein to put in foods in the future when I have more options. No shipping with the quantity I ordered. I don't find it as sweet as Premier. I'm 10 days out and can't wait to change it up a bit. See my surgeon on Tuesday for 2 week check up.

  10. On November 11, 2019 at 8:02 AM, Diane-L said:

    Hi everyone. I’m 4 days post op, home from hospital and venturing into this new world with a mixture of apprehension and excitement.

    If anyone is wondering why I’ve chosen to join in the chat with people so far from home I honestly don’t have any one particular reason I lurked around a few sites and felt drawn to here primarily because it has a nice feeling; one of mutual respect, and a big dollop of honesty.

    I feel like I’m in a bit of a surreal world right now as I mourn the loss of my best friend, food, and Celebrate the demise of my mortal enemy, food. Maybe demise isn’t the best terminology to use as I still face its ever present place in my life. For now I’m taking each day as it comes, and as it’s very early days I’m prepared not to take my emotional thoughts too seriously, assuming my judgement is fairly impaired at this time. If truth be told I hover between being “fine” and being pretty tearful. So far no regrets however, so I see that as a positive.

    I was wondering how quickly I could start to take on some light to moderate exercise. I’d quite like to go for a gentle swim but not sure when would be appropriate. I don’t want to expose myself to infection, or find myself totally exhausted by the walk to my local swimming pool (about half a mile).

    My second question is on people’s experiences of how long they needed to take off work. I’m automatically signed off for two weeks, but wondering if the realty is different.

    Anyway hello again from me. Apologies in advance if any of my questions appear on the naive side 😊

    Welcome! and thank you for your brutal honesty regarding relationship with food. I'm 9 days post-op and feel the same way. Taking one day at a time. This is a great site, lots of knowledge and encouragement. I find it incredibly helpful. Spent 14 days in your spectacular country 3 years ago. Hope to be able to do it again sometime in the future. The Highlands, Isle of Skye, Orkney, Edinbourgh---fabulous! Take care! Gloria

  11. I'm one week out tomorrow. The week has gone fast! My surgery was quick and nothing unexpected so far. Over night 1 night. I'm following my surgeons instructions to the T. Getting my Water down everyday so far and building on my Protein. Stay focused on you....I can't believe surgery is behind me. Looking forward to new chapter in life. Best of luck tomorrow. Check in and let us know how you're doing!


  12. 13 hours ago, karlee0206 said:

    Hey All!

    I know that topic has come up a lot and I’ve tried searching but I was wondering what unflavored high Protein Powder you guys are using that has low calories. I’m just a week out of my sleeve surgery and I want to make sure I’m getting lots of my Protein. I’m not liking the pre-made drinks or some HMR stuff that I have, so I’m hoping you guys know. I heard GENEPRO has high Protein but had some lawsuits and might not be that actual high so looking for other options, maybe Isopure?


    I really like Unjury. Not too sweet. Order on line at unjury.com Best of luck!

  13. 2 hours ago, kia h said:

    Ready to go home now I feel good no pain I only have 4 incisions those don’t hurt also I’m doing really good I feel like but I don’t wanna brag and make something go wrong I have lost almost 30 pounds starting from oct 19 to surgery day which is good for me my dr said.....leaving hospital photos




    @kia h SO Happy for you! Will pray today for a smooth trip home and a good couple of 1st days. Give us some daily updates if you feel like it. Also let us know any recommendations!

  14. 22 hours ago, november11 said:

    I wonder how @kia h @ChangingSeasons @kennabeccaand @apppfgd doing guys???? they went in this morning I guess they resting. hehe! who's s next ? Ohhhh I see it's @mckrag14 @Shoppindiva02 @gwoodgm and @Unclechaz he got specific with his and said @12 o clock pm lol.. You guys READY????

    Thanks for the shout out @november11! I start my liquid 2 day diet today. I'm on the bench for Monday 11/4 at 1:40 PM. Trying to decide what to do with my free time today. I have a lot of it. Maybe a good movie? I'll keep in touch. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayer. It means the world to me. We're all here to lift one another up.

  15. On October 19, 2019 at 10:21 PM, almosttogoal said:

    My surgery is in 1 month: 1 am a self-pay LOOP DS (Sadi-S) candidate in Mexico.

    I'm paranoid that I'll get there and my surgery will be canceled the day before due to some rare/hidden health issue.

    For reference, I had a slipped lap band about 5 years ago and a gastric sleeve 4 years ago. So, this is my THIRD surgery.

    I currently don't have any concerning symptoms, except for a very large sleeve.

    I don't have any current barium swallow x-rays, so I will be getting them the day before surgery. It is on that day (the day before) that I will find out if the surgery will proceed. This is what I'm so nervous about.

    I'm curious about reasons anyone else was deemed unfit to undergo surgery!

    I developed bronchitis and anesthesia cancelled me. Rescheduled for 2 weeks...which is Monday! Good luck to you!

  16. Maybe they pulled it for auditing? Like above posters...hang tight. I think insurance companies continually audit physicians, pharmacies etc. Let us know how it goes. If problems I believe your HR dept can get involved as administrators of your plan. It was all approved beforehand with documented conditions for medical necessity.

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