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  1. Krimsonbutterflies

    Life Taken Away

    My son was murdered this week, he died yesterday morning and took his last breath at 5: 46 AM. I'm devastated and trying to understand why this is happening to us, me. I will be taking a break from BP, postponing my surgery next week, because I have to prepare to lay my only child to rest. He was my biggest supporter of this surgery, so I'll be back because he was going to be there with me and believed in this. My heart is hurting and forever broken.
  2. Krimsonbutterflies

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    Hey, I'm Kaiser West LA with Dr. Um next week Friday, 1/31. Are you excited?
  3. Krimsonbutterflies


    Hey everyone... I'm nervous and full of anxiety. Had my final pre-op appointment Friday 01/17 @ Kaiser. Surgery is Friday 01/31 @ 10:19 AM , check in is @8:15 AM. 1 day liquid diet, but my nerves aren't supporting much of an appetite. I'm emotional, antsy and tired. I want to cry (from excitement, but not sure). I'm just feeling a bunch of emotions and feelings. This is my weekly check in.
  4. Sorry, I was venting...I guess we need a thread for it, lol.🤣
  5. It is such a personal experience and very personal business. I have been living a very healthy life and eating less, drinking my protein shakes and etc. In my office we have maybe 6 wls employees, 2 in my immediate work area that tells everyone all of their business and displays all of their equally bad dietary habits. All of that to say, my coworkers have even more to say because they interact with those 2 and have first hand knowledge of what the process looks like. As much as those 2 get on my nerves, it annoys me to hear people say, "they took the easy way out!" or "you're not losing weight the lazy way like them!!!" I always have to stop those people from spreading false information and for not understanding that isn't easy. To add insult to injury, it's generally another obese person speaking ill of another obese person. Enough of my rant, that just takes me there with anyone. If it were easy, we wouldn't be plagued with an alarming rate of obesity. Getting back to my point, I've observed my Assistant monitoring my trash and asking me if I've been eating, (wth), staff yelling out she can't eat like us (because I decline), oh you think your cute in your clothes, why are you dressing up everyday, you can't possibly wear that size with all of that rump back there (and took her hand and tapped me on my butt), your getting thin ( I'm not even sleeved yet) being out sick for a few days is good for you--because you've slimmed down and the last one...your slimming down, you can at least say thank you (I didn't ask for a compliment, but thanks) ....This is all just coming from my immediate work area and a small group of women. I will not share my wls with these gossipy mean hens. They are going to speculate and talk crap about me either way, so have it. I have so many other things to contend with in life. I love myself, I'm at peace with my decision and I don't have space in my realm for BS. This is just the people who I work with, I haven't even shared the beliefs from some of my friends, family and guy friends and their negative views regarding wls. I have one life, one chance and I choose me.💜 How does everyone deal with the chaos or the reactions when people first see you who don't know you've had wls?
  6. Krimsonbutterflies

    I haven't told anyone about my surgery

    I'm revisiting this thread and I'm just getting my mental ready for surgery on the 31st. I relate to so many responses on this thread and I'm quoting you, because I may be slightly ashamed as well. I do like to have control over my narrative. The ppl are going to talk about me anyways, so I may as well live to my fullest potential. Also, I find that some of my friends and family and colleagues are very negative in regards to wls. This is unfortunate for them. I will not be the poster child to reform them either, sorry. This is a very personal long overdue decision for me. I do have a support system, thankfully. Its very small and select.
  7. Krimsonbutterflies

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    I had to review my documents last and I will not be able to have anything close to what you are allowed until 2/16/20. There's the clear liquids from 2/1-2/4 , full liquids 2/5-2/15, Puree 2/16 - 2/29, Soft transitioning to solid 3/1 - 3/6 - phase I. Soft transitioning to solid foods phaseII 3/7 - the next 7 to 12 weeks. This is from my documents and was reviewed on Friday with the Bariatric case manager. She reiterated how important it is to adhere to each stage and not skip a stage. This is absolutely doable, because I'm committed to making sure I don't injure my sleeve or think that I know more than my Bariatric team. I have accepted that we are all on extremely different programs with extremely different Bariatric Dr. & surgeons. With that being said, I may be a little bit jealous that you are skipping pureed and that you liquid phase is short...😫😔😒 Its not a one size fits all, let the games commence...
  8. Krimsonbutterflies

    Oh, Just Another Plastics Story

    What brand silicone tape do you use,? Thank you.💜
  9. Krimsonbutterflies


  10. Krimsonbutterflies

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    First, I hope you feel better and the lightheaded feeling is due to your recovery. I mentioned the sleeve, because I know some ppl may be getting the Rny and have a different dietary plan. I plan on making the Ricotta Bake, I can find the recipe online I'm sure. I also plan on having my version of refried beans and ground Turkey bake, a new creation pictures to come.
  11. Krimsonbutterflies

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    Yummmmmmm...... I'm slacking in this area, I thought I'd have a freezer full of meals by now. This weekend coming up, I'll whip up a few things and label them. You are knocking it out of the ball park, great job. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Krimsonbutterflies

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    What kind of meals are you people preparing and freezing in advance? I need ideas. Not that it matters, I'm getting the sleeve.
  13. Krimsonbutterflies


    I'm also having surgery soon and this major. This entire site is mostly full of encouragement, Greenteal said, think positive about your future and you should. Generate positive energy and thoughts. Of course its not unusual to be nervous, consult with your medical team about what your fears are and talk to your support system and come back here. Pray & meditate.
  14. Krimsonbutterflies

    Anyone else super food sensitive?

    What is your medical team advising you to do?