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    Hello! I’m Simone. 24 From NYC! @CurlyGirl_GetsFit On IG! So Follow Me 💕
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  1. curlygirlgetsfit

    Gained Weight Right After Surgery

    Thank you! I appreciate it. Being that it was my first surgery & first time having an IV, I didn’t know about the weight gain, nor was I informed about it so it took me by surprise lol.
  2. curlygirlgetsfit

    Gained Weight Right After Surgery

    Thank you! No I don’t follow that method lol just my username based off my hair texture lol. Best of luck on yours as well ☺️
  3. curlygirlgetsfit

    Gained Weight Right After Surgery

    Thank you ☺️
  4. curlygirlgetsfit

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Congrats 🎉. That surgeons work is amazing 🙌🏾👏🏾. I’m going to be looking into a breast lift 1-2 years from now. Just recently had surgery last Wednesday.
  5. Tmrrw makes 1 week postop for me. I gained 4.2lbs while being in the hospital for surgery. I’m down those extra pounds & 2.6lbs on top of that. I know that the extra weight came from IV & probably also Water retention. I woke up out of anesthesia burping & the following day, started to pass gas. I was finally able to poop this morning with the help of milk of magnesia. I’m able to get down 2 Protein Shakes a day, crystal light & other fluids. Can’t wait til I see the true weight come off. I’m big on taking measurements & celebrating NSVs, but it was a shocker to see the weight gain after surgery. You can keep up with my journey on IG @CurlyGirl_GetsFit
  6. curlygirlgetsfit

    Finally Sleeved

    Thank you! I thought it was going to be a hard recovery for me, but it took me by surprise when I woke up from the anesthesia burping right away lol. I honestly got lucky cuz I know majority of people go through it badly
  7. curlygirlgetsfit

    Finally Sleeved

    Thank you 💕💕
  8. curlygirlgetsfit

    Finally Sleeved

    I am. Clear liquids + my protein shakes
  9. curlygirlgetsfit

    Finally Sleeved

    Surgery went well on the 21st. I was about 97% gas pain free. It seems like I didn’t even have surgery. The main incision site hurts so much. I’m able to do a lot of things on my own. I guess I got lucky w| my recovery process as I can do a lot by myself than most ppl who just had the surgery. If you guys have IG, please follow me! @CurlyGirl_GetsFit ☺️
  10. curlygirlgetsfit


    Today is my SURGERY DAY! 12:30pm is my surgery time. Just here in the waiting room ‘til the call me back. Nervous but excited!
  11. curlygirlgetsfit

    • August 2019 •

    Niceee!! I have mine on Tuesday!
  12. curlygirlgetsfit

    • August 2019 •

    Woot!! Congrats!
  13. curlygirlgetsfit

    Fear of having surgery??

    Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m feel much better about the situation currently!
  14. curlygirlgetsfit

    Fear of having surgery??

    I guess I was just making myself think it is worse than it actually is.
  15. curlygirlgetsfit

    Fear of having surgery??

    I trust them. I just don’t like being in control (while falling asleep lol)