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    I am on the Autism spectrum. I have lived most of my life with Chronic illness, immunodeficiency and many medical conditions. It all started with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I ended up on the RNY journey due to this and metabolic disorders.
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  1. It’s a long story over the course of my life, living with lifelong chronic illness and disability. I have myalgic Encephalomyelitis since age 9 at least which causes post exertional malaise. Exertion is exhausting And exacerbates symptoms, exercise is physically damaging. It led to developing many medical conditions including fibromyalgia. Metabolic disorders. I cannot exercise and my metabolism is slower than a sloth. I fought my weight since childhood too. I went to strict low carb and calorie counting fighting sugar addiction but over time it wasn’t enough, I could never get to a healthy weight, I’d always be stuck but I felt I had to accept that I’d be a higher weight 134lb highest 215lb. Lowest on my own briefly 124lb. But my weight got out of control again. I had feelings my gallbladder wa# making it worse but no doctor listened. My weight got to 208lb and I desperately fought for bariatric surgery. Finally I got to Cleveland Clinic where they listened to how for so long i ate low carb low calories and it stopped helping me. And I had gastric bypass surgery April 29th 2019 along with gallbladder surgery which turned out to be chronic inflammation. it did take a toll on M.E. but I couldn’t carry the burden of the weight either. I literally lost a small person in weight ... not a cure but easier to carry yourself without the burden. having the ability to keep moving helps fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Catch 22 with me since it hurts M.E. But I will never regret having the tool of gastric bypass surgery. I hope you find success and relief on your journey.
  2. Darktowerdream

    PS Cost

    I went with Hospital BC in Tijuana Mexico, they are affiliated with BariatricPal and the only U.S, owned Hospital there. I had belt lipectomy with butterfly lift, medial thigh lift and breast augmentation. Everything was included, transportation to and from the airport, 7 night hospital stay, meals 24, hour care, pre op testing, Faja (x2) compression stockings, etc. $14,350 this also included my companion. I paid $366.40 for two people to fly round trip via Delta airlines. I did have one unexpected expense around $700 but that was all. My surgery was very long. I’m in the process of recovery since I had it June 15th. My surgeon is awesome 👏 I highly recommend them. They have 24 hour valet, nurse and doctor. Even when a nurse could not speak much English I felt they communicated well, and when they needed it the valet translates. I felt safe and knew my Dr. did a good surgery and the staff took care of me despite it being a challenging time due to COVID-19. https://hospitalbc.com
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    Main incision point weapy after shower

    Keep it clean and dry, try using a blow dryer on cool to dry it after you shower, put on something that allows air flow. Allow some time exposed to air to monitor it, moist humid air of a bandit can make it worse. If it doesn’t improve check with your surgeon. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
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    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    Thanks @ChubRub, still adapting the best I can. Things are going alright just a kink in things and I had to stop wearing Faja a few days to work through. Most of my incisions from my belt lipectomy look good though as with the augmentation are ok. Doc told me to take the medical tape off from the Belt lipectomy, ouch my hairy monkey backside 🤣 I cannot seem to get rid of the tape residue. The kink is with my medial thigh lift but I don’t think I can discuss it here. Though my surgeon is awesome and helping me even if from a distance. It’s just exhausting self care but story of my life. pm if anyone wants to know. but I’m taking good vitamins, extra collagen, turmeric for inflammation, antioxidants, and my usual vitamins also. Swelling in my legs went down a lot and I’m glad for that at least. I think I have got at least one health benefit from this so far. But will find out with time ... dealing with this current issue has me a tad exhausted. Aren’t I always? But I know my surgeon is there to help. I’m actually angry with my primary care doctor and the doctor that did the double balloon enteroscopy before I left for Mexico. But I’m not comfortable discussing it publicly. anyway. Because of my lifelong chronic illness and disability whenever I have surgery I need to get a feel for what my new normal is and adapt to that. Edit: it’s crazy that the Covid hot spot started where I was born NY and actually hit Hard close to where I used to live. (Not in the city though) now Florida seeing a massive spike. I don’t care for a lot about Florida , the only thing I love is the birds and wildlife here.
  5. Darktowerdream

    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    I meant to ask. I still can. I think on my own scale my weight before I left was 102.2 and yes there’s the Faja, drain, stockings to account for. I’m so exhausted from just small things I can’t think. I had a lot of swelling in my knees and feet in particular that thankfully has finally gotten better. Some issues with a stress point incision. I have one drain on my right hip. I don’t have the pictures, my surgeon does. But he is going to share them as part of the BariatricPal Hospital BC. I will find out when and where they share the photos. They edit them to maintain privacy. Most people don’t give permission but I chose to do so to support the Hospital which was founded by the same person that created these forums and the BariatricPal store. I find it interesting that some surgeons put patients in a binder immediately after surgery, or even Faja. I was wrapped in gauze, surgical tape etc. two days after surgery the outer bandaging was removed and everything checked and I got showered before the Faja was put on. (My brain is fuzzy on details) the thigh lift is the hardest so far to manage but I desperately needed it. I see some people’s before pictures and I think .... are you serious that’s normal compared to what mine was. the drain doesn’t bother me I know how to manage it. I’ve basically been doing the nursing doctoring whatever myself which I’ve done in my many surgeries in the past. (The difference though is my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis has grown worse over time. Life takes its toll as do all the other medical conditions.) Any questions and I will answer if I can. Not much else for me to do. Between Covid-19 and the heat/high humidity in Florida I have to avoid ... and my M.E. I’m fully homebound. I’m trying to remember to walk around but can’t do it outside. I want to even do laundry myself. Even if I could the machines are outside down a catwalk in a shared laundry room.
  6. I like mixing oikos triple zero yogurt with PEScience protein powder and putting it in the freezer 30 minutes, mix it again (freeze more if you want it more ice cream like) and this gets you a nice amount of protein for low calories. I use half scoop but you could use one scoop and thin it with a little milk (I like using unsweetened ripple milk some use fair life) I like using either peanut butter banana yogurt or banana yogurt an peanut butter cookie protein powder. I use a little sola low carb granola. Skinny girl jelly and sugar free land o lakes whipped cream. The way I make it it’s 35 grams protein. 1oikos triple zero + 1 scoop would = 220 calories, 39 grams protein also Remember calculate your base protein 0.36 grams protein per 1lb body weight. Minimum. Unless you are exercising heavily that’s fine. I had gotten this interesting article about drinking water https://www.realsimple.com/health/drinking-too-much-water Also I’ve read fair life skim milk helps you stay hydrated with the added benefit of protein ... Link for PEScience http://rwrd.io/c6uus2e
  7. Darktowerdream

    Struggling with head games

    @Starflower i am the same. I fought my carb and sugar addiction for so long and even that didn’t prove enough until I had gastric bypass surgery. So I am terrified of falling backwards. I was in hospital for surgery and they kept wanting to serve me carbs laden foods! I had a small bowl of oatmeal when I had no choice and it was the only soft food I could stomach. But for me I feel carbs fuel my metabolic disorders and the addiction as well. You need to listen to yourself. Nutrition doesn’t need to come from traditional carbs. ive allowed myself a little low carb granola on my yogurt, a manzano banana, sometimes a pear. There’s ways to get nutrition and not lose more weight without adding carbs. I can’t add much you got great answers but I do understand how you feel.
  8. Darktowerdream

    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    I’m new to the lingo but I assumed phase two Faja meant something to help with swelling but easier to get off and on and wear under clothes normally, not a bigger size. I know you tighten the Faja to waist train as comfortable to help fluid placement. If the swelling continues to be a problem Know it can take a year but try to avoid salty foods that’s going to be an issue for me because the salt helps orthostatic intolerance. At some point have a discussion with your surgeon. this is an example of a phase two Faja https://www.amazon.com/Sonryse-Compression-Garment-Stage-Surgery/dp/B07RY3Q2LM let’s see ... I just did a quick measuring with my Faja on when I read your message so probably not exact. But my underbust area has been small for years. I lost bone density over the past years. Even prior to wls. underbust should = exact bra band size or rounded up to what’s available or for comfort but fits snug at the loosest hook. Yes I’m 5’ and I think the hospital scale said 101.2 lb before surgery. Although I stepped on the scale this morning at 107.6. I wear size 8 sneaker size 8 Chaco sandal but size 6-6.5 in Birkenstock’s (Not the suede ones the washable cheaper ones) Florida I mostly can’t wear pants ... Thank you💛 I’ve never seen myself cute or pretty a lot of this surgery was about function and having horrid 90 year old lady thighs and butt flaps and ok yes the boobs is partly cosmetic but who wants mostly empty skin? I had never reached this weight in my adult life. I’d always been the mildly obese short kid. Then the obese adult when I lost on my own my body fought me ... sorry 😐 I had a rough night I can’t get the sleeping position right. And need to try to change positions. Gotta try to shower today.
  9. Darktowerdream

    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    @ms.sss sizing is key, sounds like you need a phase 2 Faja. I like that they chose is high quality medical grade brand. I only know Spanx bras but I would say this would be thicker and much higher quality and better for reducing swelling. I want to start out saying that I have serious sensory issues but I actually don’t mind the Faja. The material is excellent. im Not sure exact measurements but in the Faja (my doctor has me on the loosest hook to start) I measure 25” waist and I think 34” hip. I actually have waist definition I’d lost. I am wearing a size XS. Right now the fit is just right. Some people wear Faja for longer than might be prescribed. Also some people might wear a size looser Faja to bed if they continue wearing them. So if you move to a step two Faja (sizing down ... which hopefully I’m remembering correctly) then you keep the hold Faja and try wearing it to bed. now my only issue with my Faja is I have a single drain coming from my hip and I don’t know where to run the drain tube, it’s so awkward to have it run down through the crotch area but I’m not sure though the middle In between hooks would impede flow. i havent navigated clothes beyond what I wore on the plane home which was loose cargo pants and a light sweatshirt. It was awkward. I’m thinking if I should just wear dresses? Or compression leggings ... (exercise bottoms) I wore my nightgown all day which I never do .... just because it was convenient. i better get some sleep now. If I forgot to answer anything let me know and I’m glad I could answer questions 🙃 side note. my post surgery bra is the same brand. i can attach pictures. I think they measured my bust as 33” but my underbust is 26” I’m not sure what size I will be though.
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    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    I’m here. Tad crazy. Left Tijuana 2:30am to cross the border to the San Diego airport and had a layover in Atlanta when we arrived in Florida the sun was setting. Got home is was so late ... I didn’t sleep at all before we departed aside from passing out briefly from my last massage at 1pm and a shower. ❤️ Thank you. The flight was a challenge. I’m resting a bit so I’ll try to make this quick. Thank goodness the bathroom stalls had doors with no gaps. It was a challenge to pee and empty my drain and record output for the doctor. I had a light shopping bag with a few necessities and borrowed my mom’s walker to get around the airport if I needed to walk a little. Honestly my knees were already crazy swollen. And my piggy feet. But the flight wasn’t helping so I tried to move when I could. In Atlanta I made the mistake of walking a little too far. Had a bathroom Issue but made sure to keep my incisions dry. had help with a wheelchair For most of it except waiting for the plane if I needed the restroom or wanted to look at a shop. There is no real food traveling because of Covid so much is closed. well not to post tmi but we got home and all of a sudden I had to rush (Which I can’t) into my bedroom shut the door (my bathroom is in there) and figure out how to get the Faja off at least down fast enough 🤣 lets just say ten days worth of something finally said ok I’m gettin outa here ... Ready or not. I could see the difference right away. What a relief. My right leg is still more swollen than my left but that’s always been a size difference. My left leg incision was dripping fluids last night so I changed the gauze. Made sure everything was dry and pulled up the Faja the best I could, threw on my nightgown and accidentally went to bed without emptying the drain first. Kind of fell into a weird sleep where I’m thinking things that make no sense so I’m asleep but not enough. Woke up and 1:30am maybe and realized the thing was full and I was in a weird position on the bed and got up to fix things ... its hard trying to get into routine at home and not clash with my mom over things. I set up my bed with prop up pillows the best I could. Oh fudge I’m probably writing tmi. I have my own challenges with my chronic illness and disability. I try to set simple routine. I planned my meals for the week and will add basic medical notes. I ordered some things from amazon a shower seat, gauze, paper tape, wound care spray, some pads to protect the bed in case any incision leaks ... gauze wash cloths for the shower for the sensitive areas. ordered protein bars I buy Built Bars I love them a lot of flavors are 110 calories (mint brownie is soooo good) but right now they have 50% off everything and then even more of limited flavors. Use my link you get $10 extra off. http://i.refs.cc/cz4s4C3c?smile_ref=eyJzbWlsZV9zb3VyY2UiOiJzbWlsZV91aSIsInNtaWxlX21lZGl1bSI6IiIsInNtaWxlX2NhbXBhaWduIjoicmVmZXJyYWxfcHJvZ3JhbSIsInNtaWxlX2N1c3RvbWVyX2lkIjo0MTA4MjMzMDd9 of course now I’m totally broke, literally. ah well. where was I havent weighed myself yet ... Not brave enough and still swollen. edit: I think my incisions are doing surprisingly well. My surgeon thought so too at my last visit before leaving. Of course is main concern is that 2-3 week mark. I think I’m standing a little straighter. Albeit now I’m trying to sort out my new normal. Separating my chronic issues from my recovery. And trying not to push too hard.
  11. Darktowerdream

    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    If anyone is interested, this is the Faja I got Two . I wish the legs were a tad longer and had way to open separate from the top ... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078SZ23JJ/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_5?smid=AMAE8K0LRQPCN&psc=1 It’s only just over Sox hours away from leaving for the airport at 2:45am. Time to get ready. Take a walk. Sleep early if I can. I had my last lymphatic massage at 1pm and a shower and passed out exhausted for a bit. I’m sorry for posting updates on your thread @ChubRub i tried to think what I needed and ordered a few things with Amazon prime shipping. I probably will need to figure things out as I go once I’m back home. wishing I could afford a zero gravity recliner for my bedroom ... that isn’t even remotely possible. I drained my resources dry financially and physically. Be well everyone 💜
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    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    I want to check in on a few posts. The massage therapist might be here any moment. But I met with my surgeon Dr.Ampudia and he did say that although 3-6 months is usually the amount of time for swelling to go down it can be as much as a year. I’m having a tough time personally with the leakage from the left leg incision, which is normal but tiring to monitor and keep dry, and messy. I’ll have to work on energy management as best I can. The self care is going to likely eat up every ounce I have (or don’t) but if you see my before and after especially my thighs you’d likely feel the same and pay the same price. Not even the monetary price, the physical price. Of course I know it’s hard to understand the energy costs since most people can rest when they are tired and then they are ok. (I hope that doesn’t sound bad? I’m terrible with words) what was I saying? he took the Faja off in his office, the paper tape and Gauzes checked the incisions and replaced everything except on my thighs because he wants to monitor them. Just particular circumstances which I can explain in private message if anyone wants to know he is extra cautious. But so far everything looks good it’s two to three weeks down the line and keep vigilant. he actually recommended kinetic tape vs paper tape to get tensions off the incisions. I am going to look into that before I start the silicone tape. im researching lumphatic massage equipment which is confusing massage gun or manual? I know I can’t afford a massage therapist at home and I’m researching special oils I saw geranium oil. But also on amazon ginger and Ylang Ylang massage oil for lymphatic massage. I guess you can also use pure ginger oil. Lymphatic Massage oil https://www.amazon.com/M3-Naturals-Therapeutic-Essential-Relaxation/dp/B07SG5H8KF/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?crid=3JTVTM3ANCCQG&dchild=1&keywords=lymphatic+drainage+ginger+oil&qid=1592518861&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&sprefix=Lymphatic+%2Caps%2C-1&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyNkNPQVlSTThBUUYxJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMzc1Njk2MkIwWkxFVEtWUFBMWSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUExMDE4NjgwM1JaTElFUzRaRk9DWCZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU= I’m going to need to be very careful living in hot sunny humid Florida. But since tbh I’m homebound much of the time I will avoid the sun. I just miss the birds so much, as to how to deal with things while I’m on the mend and hating giving up what little control of my life. Sigh. Anyway I had some incision from surgery I didn’t pay attention when we moved to Florida but I think it did fade some or maybe I’m not really that overly concerned over a few scars since I’ve already got some. I’m not big on tan, my feet have the shape of my thong sandal imprinted permanent 🤣 my mom she got dark tan from swimming so much. I don’t think she understands the need to be careful. I have a hard time with sun protection creams and allergies. They need a scar tape for sun protection ... @ChubRub lucky I never was young and hot. @GreenTealael so glad to hear that 💕💜 sorry I’m doing one post, my brain is exhausted. I live with my mom in a Boca but am so opposite to everyone that lives there. I live on $803 month disability l think some 90 year olds have more rich active lifestyles 🤣 for some reason my chronic illness and disability aged my body beyond its actual age ... ok I’m done ✅ utterly wiped. Ttys. Tomorrow is my last full day here then the torture of probably leaving somewhere like 2-3am Sunday to get to San Diego airport, into Atlanta Georgia for a layover then palm beach airport. And lost three hours time along the way ... 💤 and I can never sleep on a plane. And will I be leaky ... sigh ... but I still would recommend highly Hospital BC here in Tijuana to anyone seeking sleeve, bypass or plastics ...
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    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    @GreenTealael I was trying to find your post that you had update surgeries and couldn’t find it. I wanted to say you look absolutely fabulous. How have you been doing these days? it’s a pain but I’ve sorted out the #1 squat and aim situation. I can sit just take a funny position. I suppose it came to my temporary benefit I have a bit of a weird issue in that things don’t go the right direction. The other has always been a bit ummm ... complicated for me. Need to get a squatty potty type stool but taller than the norm. im drained just from a “run” to the toilet to “pish” 🤣 referencing Outlander... Sorry that I will ever off on a tangent ... one benefit we have Netflix on the tv and have been binge watching Outlander. When I’m able. I had read the first book a long time ago. Only stopped because I developed a weird allergy to my favorite of things. Books and paper ... people think I’m nuts when I mention things I’m allergic to. At least there were audio books. I jut never got around to finish reading the series. It’s good but the End of the first season is Brutal. I love Scotland and have always wanted to visit and also now see the Scottish Osprey. @ms.sss I did mean to ask how you are these days on your journey of healing up from surgery. I’m wiped I better stop tiring myself before there’s something I need to do. I’m a bit upset there’s some leaking in a incision, They say it’s normal but soiled the Faja. I will worry every moment if I’m doing things wrong.
  14. Darktowerdream

    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    I think we mentally need to let go of the hardest moments. Which is probably why my memory of majorly of my life tends to be like Swiss cheese, more holes than cheese. I had hysterectomy and did have the hunched walk awhile but you forget details. For the life of me I couldn’t remember if I used a walker. Also it was an smaller open incision at the front and a lot of internal stitches. I need to learn to navigate the use of Faja. That will be the hardest part with my daily energy limits, I usually figure it out. Sort of. hardest was having foot and tendon surgeries and being non weight bearing for months. For each side. hop a long 😂 it can be hard not to push when you want your independence. For me it will be simple things. Thank you @ms.sss for the advice. I made mistakes too and sometimes it’s not our fault or in our control. I hope I can manage the bm issue. Especially wearing Faja I don’t want to soil it, they should make them with a removable flap or bigger opening ... for that sort of thing. I probably am still a little out of it. And probably will be until I am home. Then again I’m ever normal 🤣 I made the mistake thinking I could open the Faja from the legs down, wishful thinking. The leg portion pulls UP. They should have had a way to open from the legs down for bathroom issues. yes my surgeon Dr.Ampudia is very proud of his work. He is an excellent surgeon. And also took excellent care knowing my health challenges during the entire processing. I don’t know what I would have done had I not found BariatricPal and through this site the Hospital BC. I will admit part of me doesn’t feel deserving of it. And I haven’t totally wrapped my head around the changes or the comments from staff how good it looks. I don’t have a lifestyle that I flaunt myself. But this was for me personally. I can’t remember what I’ve said or not. But I only have one drain in place. I guess time will tell if I get to have it out before I go home. I should be used to tiring quickly but I think it’s something you can never truly adapt to even a lifetime of. BBS. And thank you.
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    Obsessing about Plastic Surgery!!

    I couldn’t manage much Tuesday. Today was exhausting. I think I feel slightly more human. And now that I can take my own medication and am maneuvering myself a little better, hopefully that helps me sleep tonight. I need some sleep. I think the jet lag got to me. The time difference. I had three procedures together, it’s quite a lot. But the only way I could do this. Keep an eye on Hospital BC. Part of me is nervous. You won’t see my face of course. But I think my before and after pictures will bee there. When I’m home I will have to post on a new post. Thank you @ChubRub though, it meant a lot knowing you and @ms.sss asked about me. https://hospitalbc.com