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  1. CheerfulLoser

    Pediatric Multivitamins

    My dietitian recommends Flintstones Complete. I take one per day. I also take calcium citrate daily. I do a monthly Vitamin B injection. Super easy and straightforward.
  2. CheerfulLoser

    Taking bigger sips without pain?

    I’ve found that I’m able to drink water more efficiently if it’s slightly warm. Consider trying whether different temperatures make a difference when drinking?
  3. CheerfulLoser

    Eating schedule

    I’m roughly the same, but breakfast might be a bit earlier if I’m hungry. 🙂
  4. CheerfulLoser

    I'm Freezing

    Team “always freezing” here. I have a mattress warmer on my side of the bed. I only drink warm-to-hot water. Microwavable hand warmers for walking the dog. And I have a lovely assortment of long Johns. It’s a way of life at this point.
  5. CheerfulLoser

    True One a Day Vitamin

    For multivitamin, I do a Flintstones complete with breakfast. One and done. For calcium citrate, I do a chewable— it’s so tasty, I consider it a “treat.” They are the barimelt berry flavor.
  6. CheerfulLoser

    Regain 2 years out

    I’m not as far out as many of you, but I stalled on weight loss for a long, long time (roughly 6 mo). I’ve found that if I plan meals in advance and just don’t touch sugar, I do so much better in overall daily calories. If I can reduce the number of choices I make around food, it’s just easier. Maybe Dr V is right? I’d just make sure that whatever food parameters you use, they are foods you enjoy (so you can stick with it)!
  7. CheerfulLoser

    Nausea on the pre-op liquid diet?

    I found Orgain to be a decent option. I also found that I really had to dilute the protein powder. I would make a shake with 2 c of water, 6 ice cubes, and 1 serving of protein powder. If I didn’t dilute the shakes, I’d feel nauseous...
  8. CheerfulLoser

    The dreaded stalls.... Help

    I had surgery 12/20/19, and just was stalled for four months. I’ve been going crazy! Thankfully I tweaked my exercise and diet enough to get the scale moving again. Sometimes I also think that our bodies just need a moment to process the trauma and changes they’ve been through. Stalls are still as annoying as anything, though.
  9. CheerfulLoser

    Not losing anything!

    I “gained” seven pounds of fluid on the day of surgery, as they pumped me full of IV fluids so that I was less likely to be dehydrated the few days following. It took about a week to work through my system and then for my body to start healing from the shock of surgery. Depending on how far you are from surgery, it could be water retention or your body being in shock from surgery. If that’s the case, maybe give yourself some time and grace to begin recovering... If it has been much longer, more info would help us to help you.
  10. CheerfulLoser

    Non Dairy Protein

    For me, phase 1 was basically shakes. There are tons of vegan shake options, if you look on either this site or amazon.com. I really like Orgain, Ripple, VegaSport, OWYN, and Topbit brands, but folks’ tastebuds vary. If your program permits yogurts in phase !, there are tons on nondairy yogurts, just keep an eye out for sugar levels.
  11. CheerfulLoser

    Hands and Feet are like ICE

    I have the same issue. My hands and feet get painfully cold multiple times a day, even if I’m in a warm room with warm socks and slippers on. I keep a flannel bag of rice that I heat up in the microwave and use it to warm my hands and feet. Things like socks and mittens just do not work. For walking the dog, I have microwaveable hand warmers — and I know how far to walk based on my hand warmth...
  12. I took leave of my senses and bought a bag of egg white protein powder. I have no idea what to do with it, and can’t bring myself to add it into smoothies. Do you use egg white protein powder? If so, please share your recipes or ideas! Thanks!
  13. CheerfulLoser

    Struggling :/

    This is simple, but my dietitian recommended a Flintstones complete multivitamin chewable and calcium chews. The Flintstones are very inexpensive.
  14. CheerfulLoser

    Protein Intake Help lactose allergy

    There is a universe of vegan protein powders available online. Hop onto amazon or the bariatricpal shopping site and try out a few! Everyone’s tastes vary, but I also like the Orgain options.
  15. CheerfulLoser

    Dry, brittle hair

    Thanks for all the thoughts—I think I’m going to take a few weeks and just play around with all the suggestions so far. I ordered some Argan oil, a few deep conditioners, etc. if all else fails, I made an appointment with my hairstylist and will get a pixie. 🙂